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Law 101: “Black is White Law Dictionary” and “Secret Canons of Judicial Conduct” (from “Caught.net”)

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People are overwhelmed with information about father’s rights, domestic violence, psychological theory and statistics.  One thing to remember is that statistics are paid for and interpreted by (fill in the blank).  Statistics describe a “state” of affairs — but may or may not accurately describe the cause of events, or of the state of affairs.

The state of affairs in the legal system is that — it is owned — and not by the public — they simply pay for its operations.

If the Courts are a Mighty River that has Overflown its banks — and fish are floundering and being caught in it– the narratives are not about what’s in the river, but many time’s, who’s on the shore, and what’s the bait?

For example, in a river, there may be fish, and on the banks (or wading in it), there may be flyfishers, great sport.

Also, there are times the river is just too cluttered with debris, algae, it gets stagnant.  not good for salmon swimming upstream, right?  Well, this field is too cluttered with INFORMATION, not well processed.  With rigid points of view — or a generic, vague points of view, and no operational plans.

Suppose Richard Gardner’s theory doesn’t hold water?  (which it doesn’t).  What should I do to avoid losing custody when being challenged by someone with a history of abuse or criminality?  Buy a book?  how much reading before what I read actually affects a court case — my own?

Well, #1, get the outline (shouldn’t take half a year to do so, any more):


Typically, I will refer the basic site “Johnnypumphandle.com” about three to four times a week — although I don’t know how active it is, and many links no longer active.  WHY?  Because it has basic analysis pretty close, and enough case histories to show some blueprint.  It also addressses the role of nonprofits in the courts.  Fairly good outline, don’t you think? (you family law veterans out there).

Well, that site links to “caught.net” where I’ve been before.

By the time you get through there, you should realize that Fraud, Money Laundering, and sometimes Racketeering are significant issues.  That there are things called corporation front groups.  That one oif the first places to look going into a court case is at your personal judge’s 700 Disclosure — and then chec it out — by figuring out the money flow in your local county’s vendor payments, grants applications, grants distributions, and so forth.

Judges doing business with someone / some business entity in the case — have to recuse themselves, or any resulting order.  Call ’em on it!

Also, any nonprofit advocacy group that doesn’t tell you this — regularly — drop ’em! (and find out who’s funding THEM!  

Now here is some comic relief — but like most comedy, hits a lot of truth, right on target:

OK, from CAUGHT.net


Welcome to caught.net’s

Tongue in cheek but pathetically true!

Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved –  Email

and, related:

Welcome to caught.net’s

Tongue in cheek but pathetically true!

Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved

For example:

“Legal Analysis or Legal Reasoning:1. thinking usually independent of and unaffected by objective reality  2. the process of using legal terms to alter, create or deny reality  3. process used to maintain or assist the status quo, power structure and the resourceful and effective 4. a thought process commonly raised to the level of stupidity while maintaining the appearance of brilliance  5. sometimes called inverted intelligence.”


Truth:1. whatever experts say for pay  2. whatever the Judiciary decides through the use of Legal Analysis.Unenlightened:1. litigants unknowledgeable regarding our position and power.”

The real fun comes from the hyperlinks.

From the same site’s founders, a few pointers – the frame of reference is “recovery” as if from a sickness.

Actually, it’s the judicial, social (etc.) systems that are “sick” (corrupt) — like environmental toxins of our basic institutions, as I see it. However, recognizing that this is NOT all one’s imagination — and that whatever life brings, you WILL find some way (including humor, gleefully putting sand in the machinery of whoever has been railroading you (and others) in the system, etc. — or whatever — to survive and live. (For one — what’s the alternative?)

I do not seriously entertain cleaning up the entire system for all history.  However, wouldn’t it be great to clean up your own area, and teach others how to do the same?  What a legacy!  Because time is short (we get older….), another lesson I’m learning is  who to dissociate with, according to what diseased or simply useless, but soul-poisoning rhetoric they carry.  Just like it’s not good to befriend gangsters (well, at least I think not!) — it’s also important not to hang out with inactive complainers, and compliant complacent parroting people.

FYI, these come both in the traditional format of devotees of certain organizations AND in the leaders (professionals) of the organizations themselves.  Professionalism is great — it just tends to tunnel vision, that’s my problem.  It’s more like farming than hunter/gatherer way of thinking, which requires a lot of adaptability, attention to detail and a clear eye on the horizon, changing weather — AND the ability to relocate.

Anyhow, Caught.net and the pro se way founder writes:

I never received justice in any substantive way.  Oh, there was a thing here or there that gave me small smidgens of justice.  But some points need to be made here:

  • Part of my recovery was accepting I would not see the justice I expected and deserved according to our Constitution.
  • Part of my recovery was realizing that this country has, in many ways, written off our Constitution and rights of redress.
  • Part of my recovery was accepting that corrupt, lying, thieving, completely callous people remain in positions of power without correction.
  • Part of my recovery was realizing that my wrongdoers would absolutely dread having to litigate anything with me again because I gave them a serious run for their money.
  • Part of my recovery was realizing I cost my wrongdoers a LOT of money – much more than they thought they would ever spend given the fight I gave them.
  • Part of my recovery is knowing that hundreds of people a day are using this site for various reasons and are helped or informed by it.
  • Part of my recovery was deciding I was going to find a way to live and achieve some degree of enjoyment out of life despite my knowledge of the unbelievable corruption of the American system that I have knowledge of.
  • Part of my recovery was accepting I can be legally right and be rejected by a corrupt system

I would call those simple survival awarenesses.

Detox, occasionally.  If you can’t change something radical today, time out and have a good mock session — Black is White Law & Secret Judicial Canons.

And remember, keep all this “stuff” in perspective! Physical & Mental/emotional…  Stay flexible…

(George Carlin / YouTube)

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April 30, 2011 at 2:56 pm

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