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SFWeekly Article on California Courts: 585 comments and still counting

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MARCH is coming in like a lion.  Let’s hope it goes out like a lamb?



WHO is the SFWEEKLY, anyhow?

SF Weekly

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SF Weekly
SF Weekly front page.jpg
Type Alternative weekly
Format Tabloid
Owner Village Voice Media
Publisher Josh Fromson
Editor Tom Walsh
Founded mid-1980s
Language English
Headquarters 185 Berry
Lobby 4, Suite 3800
San FranciscoCalifornia94107
Circulation 85,046 [1]
Official website www.sfweekly.com

SF Weekly is a free alternative weekly newspaper in San FranciscoCalifornia. The newspaper, distributed throughout the San Francisco Bay Area every Wednesday, is published by Village Voice Media, a 16-paper alt weekly newspaper chain that also includes the New York City Village Voice and the Los Angeles, California LA Weekly. Founded locally in the mid 1980s and bought by Village Voice Media (then New Times Media) in 1995, SF Weekly has garnered notable national journalism awards and enjoys mixed reviews by the Bay Area community. The paper sponsors the annual SF Weekly Music Awards, also known as the “Wammies”.

SF Weekly is politically independent, and encourages its writers to form and support educated opinions about the topics upon which they report. Contrarianism and questioning of political dogma is openly encouraged. The paper combines columns critical of both the left and right, emphasizing investigative reportage, long-form, narrative feature writing, and comprehensive arts and entertainment coverage.

The paper trains anywhere from 1-5 up and coming reporters per academic quarter, but interns must receive academic credit for their work.



Bay Guardian Company, Inc. v SF Weekly, et al.

The San Francisco Bay Guardian, another free alternative weekly newspaper distributed every Wednesday in the SF Bay Area, sued the SF Weekly in civil court, alleging that it tried to put the Bay Guardian out of business by selling ads below cost. TheGuardian won the suit in March, 2008, and was granted a $6.2 million in damages, a figure that swelled to $21 million with antitrust penalties and interest by June 2010. After the verdict, the Guardian obtained court orders allowing it to seize and sell the Weeklys two delivery trucks and collect half of the Weeklys ad revenue.[6]


Association of Alternative Newsweeklies
  • 2002: Investigative Reporting: (Above 54,000) 1st Place: “Fallout” by Lisa Davis and John Mecklin, SF Weekly
  • 2004: Investigative Reporting: (Above 50,000) 1st Place (tie): “Death, Maiming, Money, and Muni” by Peter Byrne, SF Weekly
  • 2004: News Story: (Above 50,000) 1st Place: Lisa Davis, SF Weekly
National Society of Newspaper Columnists
  • 2009: Humor: 1st Place: Katy St. Clair, Bouncer


Come on down…585 Comments and counting

The Article is about as hodge podge as the tags to it, below, and guaranteed to draw the firepower from the various holes, chat-groups and emotional reservoirs of whoever’s been burnt in the courts.


Add to that a few (not too many, I’d say) professionals, sounding real professional, and giving their point of view.  There was another article (I think from the same source, though different article) in “The Sun” a while back, that brought out the same venom, folk wisdom, case histories, profiling of men profiling of women, and there are even a few ongoing conversations — some of them rise to that level, others don’t — on there.




With tags like that, we know many parties are going to start “seeing red.”



“Pamplona officials identified the man as Daniel Jimeno Romero, 27, from the Madrid suburbs of Alcala de Henares. He was on vacation with his parents and girlfriend, who identified him. He is seen in this picture, wearing a brown and white striped shirt, in an earlier section of the run.”


I put in photos, not images, because while some of the commentary is high-spirited and almost comical (and quite a few made fools of themselves) –– the situation is not.


If you are on this blog from interest in the family law situation, crisis — or the economic crisis – check it out.  Not too often to many parties come out of their corners and converge in one ring, as opposed to sparring separately. It’s informative!


Glenn Sacks posted an alert to deluge the reporter (who is male) to complain about the article.


It appears Fathers and Families called a press alert about unfavorable article (I tend to think this was built into the article) on the courts.  So far, I haven’t heard anyone saying he or she was a judge weigh in– I think they are in another world, generally speaking.


Glenn Sacks (F&F nonprofit, branches in Boston, Sacramento, and Los Angeles) is an authority on almost everything including that a young woman, Jennifer Collins, who spent time in the Netherlands with her mother and brother, as a fugitive, as an alternate to being beat up by her father — or, she was imagining that all and just lying because her mother brainwashed her into it, depending on your authority.  That’s a” hot topic, because the film, “Crisis in the Courts” and the recent Battered Mother’s Custody Conference (there have been 8 so far, I’ve blogged it recently) and highlighted the Collins case.

Minnesota is the home of “the Duluth model” against domestic violence, which recommends (and pushes) supervised visitation with the abuser.  As “abuse” has also been expanded to include “parental alienation” I suppose, now (regularly) mothers are getting slapped with this, so they can thus go to the hospital, give birth, raise children, separate and become single mothers, with certain economic consequences, be hauled back or go BACK to court (with certain economic consequences — or benefits, if you’re in the court case as a professional ) and then experience some more trauma when a judge orders them into supervised visitation — and then pay the supervised visitation centers to see their kids, until money runs out.  This wasn’t mentioned in the article (that I noticed) and naturally, none of the many fathers on the comments list complaining about being thrown out mention it, either.


Either way, I’m not placing bets on Sacks v. Collins, as there is no umpire.  But as for accuracy, I’d go with the daughter — she was there at the time, he wasn’t.  Don’t miss that dialogue.


I posted some information on there, links to funding, and awareness of other organizations when certain professionals were portraying themselves as neutral when they aren’t…Just figure people oughtter know something about who’s posting.  I’ve been psychoanalyzed by fathers a few time (I hate men, etc…) and last I checked, one of the guys still maintaining there’s a war on fatherhood declared that there are no millions going to mens’ groups.  That’s “ripe….”


Oh yes — and some people actually had practical suggestions, chief among which was that some of the fathers’ groups investigate the funding in the courts themselves, perhaps they don’t have to be forced (extorted?) into unfair child support payments and either pay up, or in order to direct some federal program funding to program managers with overlapping (conflict of interest) court roles, or we’ll abate your arrears — or eliminate it — but you participate in this frivolous litigation to keep US in work.

Which apparently is what is happening, in which case I’d say, give an honest guy a break.





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March 6, 2011 at 10:27 am

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