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Trickle-down Theory of Domestic Violence Coalitions is “all wet” for actual victims…

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As you may know, I’ve spent a lot of time around databases and looking up “Categories of Federal Domestic Spending” (CFDA’s) from the famous Health and Human Services department of the majestic U.S. Government.  Therefore, I’m well-aware of how many of the DV program grants are labeled “Discretionary” or lump in actual money to shelters with “capacity-building” or “technical assistance,” etc.  All in all it’s quite fascinating.

Recently, enough mothers have apparently gotten through to someone from on high (i.e., our prayers/letters worked?), that there are some serious problems within the domestic violence and custody fields.  This would seem obvious to newspaper readers, but is not to conferencers, thinking about the next curriculum, toolkit, or training seminar to market to categories of people who may, or may not, be entirely coachable.

For example, the words Violence against WOMEN would seem to indicate a problem with a gender basis.  Similarly the “Fatherhood initiatives” would, I’d just have to say, indeed entail a bit of gender focus.   However, undaunted, there are yet more conferencers ready to undo both of these, and say (in a sunny spot, of course, and likely at a nice hotel), “What’s Gender Got to Do With It?”  (AFCC conference end of january, 2011).

I understand that the NCADV (National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, which means a lot of people that are “against” domestic violence and think it is very bad…) and DVLEAP (see “Joan Meier,”) another professional well known in these fields (search my blog) have received another government grant to address the custody problem.

I wonder sometimes how many of these professionals (as, when it was a true grassroots, and not top-down operation) actually have experienced what they are professing?  I know many have, but it doesn’t seem the majority of the leadership does.
Meanwhile, here’s yet another newspaper in midAmerica saying there’s a crisis of actual money reaching the shelter.  More on the Community Crisis Center in Elgin, later — I’m on the way back from the Battered Mother’s Custody Conference (which IS gender-specific), and reflecting on what the heck it was actually about, and why the percentage of presenters who were actually the “target clientele” to those who were working in the field was a little skewed.  The heirarchy thing is a little disturbing..




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January 10, 2011 at 8:23 am

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