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Reallocating Children for Profit — Then, and Now

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My heart is weary with awareness of the RICO, fraud, lying, and slick promises that at one time was probably a decent U.S. Government. Perhaps… I may need to back out of blogging for a while — do your own homework. That’s the only kind you’ll believe anyhow, right

I also am a mother missing my daughters, and too aware of the risks of re-claiming them. The dialogue among the professionals “fixing” the (supposed — as opposed to actual) problems has become, essentially, the problem.    Notice, I didn’t say “dialogues” — (plural).
This doesn’t necessarily mean that sincere workers are going to have fangs and drool.

Please forgive this post. If it doesn’t look right tomorrow, I may retract it.   HOWEVER, we just have an Australian mother that fled, was caught in part with help from Interpol, associations of firemen, and a dramatic bicycle ride — AND a family court taking a side in the matter, thus training people to report anyone that looks or behaves remotely “inappropriate” (as determined by the status quo).  Independence — particularly in women — IS being bred out of the majority of the world’s population. Some of the most culpable in this are Scandinavian/European, I think.

The professionals want us to learn to identify dangerous abusers, child molesters, etc. (oh yes, and any other “bigot.”)

None of these, hear tell, includes people on the grants circuit, the social service institutes  funded by foundations, or grants, or . . ..  in Congress, the courts, or law enforcement.  In fact we have a sense, somehow, that being a “civil servant” indicates “innately virtuous.”  It doesn’t.   Neither are we taught to suspect that anyone on the public payroll is a psychopath (or criminal).  Unless a few are caught, tarred & feathered on TV, so as to imply these were the eccentrics, and not the routine who got careless, or someone who stepped on the wrong toes at the wrong time.

Above all, the responsibility of the average citizen is to NOT trust his or her own judgment about right or wrong as compared with any printed standard (say, U.S.Code, State Codes, etc.) and act on that integrity.  All hell could break loose if thought broke loose.  THINKING — or thinking one can think (or has permission to) is a clear sign of mental illness, and being at risk to harming onesself or someone else [as opposed to, say, competition with the status quo].

The Internet is a great place to look up terms like “Thought Police” oro “Prison Planet.”  I’ll go with the former, from a Brit relocated to America.  He (or she?) doesn’t miss the sense of being spied on…. (you mean it’s WORSE there??)

Faster computer processors than mine may miss the “google–analytics” noticing and tracking what i read, searched, and clicked through to…as an indicator of what I thought, and might be later SOLD.  Or, TOLD.  ALWAYS remember that primary applications in the world as we know it now, are military in application, however else they are sold.


There are many things I miss about England since I moved to America three years ago. I miss the English food, the English countryside and my English friends.

But there is one thing that I do not miss about England. I do not miss the sense of constantly being watched. I do not miss that gnawing suspicion that my private life is in fact public.

The year before I moved to America, an official report compiled on behalf of the then information commissioner Richard Thomas, revealed that the British people were more spied upon by their political leaders than any other population in the free world.

The surveillance experts and academics who compiled the report pointed out that through the growing network of databases, surveillance systems and security cameras, the average Brit now has his movements tracked, habits profiled and photograph taken up to 300 times a day. Since then, it has only gotten worse, with 2009 being the worst year for civil liberty since the days of the Viking invasions, as this compendium of stories indicates.

And that was before news hit that Britain’s Labour government created a staggering 4,300 new crimes since taking power. (I have mentioned some of the more silly of these rules HERE.)

Living in England was becoming rather like living in the Soviet Union under communism, with lawmakers cultivating what Guardian columnist Henry Porter described as “a we-know-where-you-live edge to the message, a sense that this government is dividing the nation into suspects and informers.” I just read in the news today that the British government is considering offering bribes to people for spying on their neighbors.

I can say from personal experience that Mr. Porter’s words ring true. The year before I moved to America, a social worker visited us to investigate because there had been an anonymous complaint about our parenting. The complaint, we were told, was that our children were not dressed warmly enough when playing outside. [All metabolisms are the same theory…]  Social services also had to investigate us because an anonymous informant reported that our children were being too noisy when playing outside.  [I knew of a case in America, a single father, where his children were too QUIET.  He was smart, and didn’t lose his children…]

So, use some judgment, be circumspect when strangers are propounding WHOM to be afraid of and WHOM to trust.  I have come to understand there is usually an inverse relationship to the urgency of the hunt and the reality fo the danger.  Especially when women with small children are being hunted down and turned in.

The fact is, the most dangerous time for a woman leaving abuse is when she approaches a family law courtroom.  It may look safer than staying home, taking ongoing violence and abuse you at least know where it’s coming from.   This world is not a nice place for “vulnerable.”  It’s a “marketplace” for vulnerables in society.

Otherwise, apart from this net, she might actually get free, with kids. And yes, I DO know women can be violent and abusive — but man of these include second partners, i.e., he is “playing” them against each other. Overall, women’s contributions (i.e., giving birth, nursing, AND being smart enough to run businesses too) have to be artificially handicapped. A mother defending a child can be a formidable force, and this is known. Just look at the animal kingdom, for example, Bears, or Elephants.

OK —

When you think of “sold into slavery,” do you think of a particular skin color?

Well think again. I am, quite honestly, very disturbed by things I wish I didn’t see, well-organized too.

Elected officials have definitely sold us down the river for profit, and this hurts children the most, I’d have to say.

The woman in Wisconsin (Wacko in Wisconsin) committed the “crime” of being bankrupted in a divorce and leaving the state for safety. Powerful and connected individuals worked on her daughter, got a foot in the door, and got the girl. I still don’t know where that mother is. BOY does that hit close to home.

Groups in Australia, UK, and America (and elsewhere) are fighting each other, when what they should be fighting is totalitarian society. In the process of staving off intrusive CPS, you MEN need to fork it over and allow mothers to say NO to being beaten in the home, or we will NOT stand beside you against anything.

You people (USA) who fork over your taxes, we who are dependent on “social services” (which mortgage our young and our souls to others) (and don’t come through anyhow) — YOU need to start audits, demand accountability, request FOIA, and stop expecting the district attorneys and police to stop crime — and the schools to educate your children too, folks. Take some responsibility, so those of us who HAVE, can get away with the sin of independence.

I really do believe that our country has not yet taken into account that it didn’t stop slavery, just repeatedly shifted it around. I came to this conclusion by investigating the organizations (and agencies) that have p_ _ _ _ ed me off by simply draining years of my life I would otherwise have spent productively in my own communities and obeying their laws. Some of which are detailed in “What Decade Were These Stories.”

So, how about “What Century?”

More later — maybe. Visit “http://thesociologycenter.com/slavetrade.html” and upload (or download) some of the documentation. Compare with “Are You An Acceptable Person” by Charles Pragnell.

The author (website person) appears to be from ARKANSAS. Wait til you see the post at the end…


Historian reveals tragedy of Swiss child trade

Marco Leuenberger was inspired by his father's childhood as a 'Verdingkind'
Image Caption: Marco Leuenberger was inspired by his father’s childhood as a ‘Verdingkind’ (swissinfo)

Slave labour, beatings, sexual abuse, fear and isolation were the norm for thousands of “Verdingkinder”, or “discarded children”, who were given away or sold as cheap labour until the 1950s.

Historian Marco Leuenberger told swissinfo that the time has come for reappraisal of this dark episode.

Leuenberger was ten years old when his father first told him of his childhood as a discarded child. Also aged ten, his father had to endure the daily grind of getting up at 5am and working until late into the night.

Inspired by his father and thousands of children like him, Leuenberger in 1991 embarked on a huge research project to explore this dark chapter in Switzerland’s history.

The discarded children were usually orphans, illegitimate or came from the poorest families and they were either given away or sold to farmers.

“Most of these children were used as cheap labour, exploited physically or even sexually abused,” Leuenberger concludes in his study.

Leuenberger and other historians are calling for a nationwide research project to be carried out into the trade in “Verdingkinder”, while many of these former child labourers are still alive.

swissinfo: Were children given away or sold throughout Switzerland?

Marco Leuenberger: Yes, especially in German-speaking Switzerland in the Protestant cantons, though also in Catholic areas. It also happened in [French-speaking] canton Vaud. It is also known that children from [Italian-speaking] canton Ticino were sent to work as chimney sweeps in northern Italy.

swissinfo: How many of these ‘Verdingkinder’ were there?

M.L.: For years, the trade involved more than 10,000 children [every year]. But it’s very difficult to come up with an estimate because there is no evidence available prior to 1820. There were also lots of children who were traded without the knowledge of the local authorities.

swissinfo: How did Swiss authorities manage this child trade?

M.L.: Poor families were forced to register with their local authority every year. It was then decided whether all the family members were [adequately] provided for. Authorities in the 19th century had the right to separate the poorest families.

There were no criteria that [farmers] had to fulfil to receive a “Verdingkind”. They only had to prove that they needed more cheap workers.

swissinfo: Why did the authorities turn a blind eye to the abuses committed against these children?

M.L.: There was a different perspective at the time. Today we speak about children’s rights and children’s right to education. But those kinds of considerations didn’t figure in the 1800s. Lots of children had to work. Poverty was a huge problem at the time.

And even though there were critics of the system even back then, these were voices in the wilderness.

swissinfo: Did these children suffer physically from the work they had to do?

M.L.: That was often the case. They were often given too little to eat [which stunted their growth].

There were also emotional scars. Lots of these discarded children couldn’t cope with adult life. Statistics show that many of them turned to crime.

swissinfo: And these children were also often sexually abused?

M.L.: I found dozens of cases of sexual abuse in court files, most of which never became public. The problem was usually solved by moving the child to another place.

The people who committed these acts were sometimes fined, but never imprisoned.

swissinfo: Did some rejected children complain or rebel?

M.L.: Some tried to, but they usually didn’t find anyone willing to listen.

swissinfo: Children were auctioned off in some places as late as the 1930s. How were these auctions allowed to happen in “free” Switzerland?

M.L.: It’s not possible to explain that. And an explanation wasn’t required at the time



    The recently disclosed Swiss child slave trade (Verdingkinder Scandal) that operated behind a facade of family welfare and child protection from about 1850 to 1950 is identical to the current child slave trade that has developed in the United States child protection system. The Swiss and United States child slave trade systems have the following social processes in common:

    • Poor required to register with the Government. (US Public Assistance, Welfare, Medicaid, Medicare and numerous other special programs.)
    • Once registered with the Government, Parents were subjected to ongoing monitoring to determine if “the best interest of the child” was served by removing the child from the home and placing the child in the Verdingkinder system.
    • Children who aged out of the system were not intellectually and emotionally prepared for adult life, especially marital relationships.
    • Decisions about the “best interest of the child” were made by Government employees using subjective criteria.
    • Children auctioned off or distributed under government sanction. (US Child Protection Agencies post pictures of children held for adoption on the internet and foster parents are enticed with additional household income generated by foster children.)
    • Children physically abused, starved, and malnourished by State and foster custodians.
    • Children sexually abused by State and foster custodians.
    • Children murdered by State and foster custodians.
    • Children economically exploited. (In the Swiss system by the middlemen, farmers and businesses using the child labor; In the US system by State employees who wrongfully seize children for federal funds to meet the agency payroll, by psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers filing fraudulent insurance claims and crime victim therapy service provider claims for nonexistent or fictitious child crime victims, and by attorneys, prosecutors, child abuse investigators, juvenile court judges, and civil court judges who exploit false child abuse allegation to sustain their income, power or prestige.)
    • Criminal activity was concealed with the absence of records, falsified records and incomplete records.
    • Government agencies paid fees and subsidies to State and foster custodians who physically abused, murdered, sexually abused and economically exploited children.
    • Law enforcement agencies ignored or covered up criminal acts against children by State and foster custodians.
    • When prosecutions did occur for crimes against Verdingkinder, the punishment was minor compared to the crime.
    • The operation intended to benefit poor families and children became an organized criminal enterprise economically, physically, and sexually exploiting children.
    • Government officials and media not directly involved in the criminal activity refused to believe that a child slave trade could have developed in a civilized nation like Switzerland.
    • The economic exploitation of children in the Swiss system did not end until a cheaper means of farm production than child slave labor was found.
    • The Swiss child slave trade also expanded and operated outside of Government control. (The private purchasing and sale of children in the US is conducted by private child brokers and child adoption attorneys.)
      “No one could help me escape” By Kim Wilsher (Filed: 14/03/2004)
      “Historian reveals tragedy of Swiss child trade,” February 29, 2004.


To promote Governance with Respect Ethics Accountability and Transparency (GREAT)


Corruption Information by Individual States in USA.

AR: Arkansas

FORMER STATE SENATOR GETS 46 MONTHS IN JAIL FOR FRAUD Mike Todd, former Dem. state senator, was sentenced to a term of 46 months after being convicted of money laundering and mail fraud in which he illegally profited from a state program meant to aid children in custody disputes. He was amongst ten people indicted in the scandal in 1999 and pleaded for a lesser sentence, though the sentence was the minimum under federal guidelines. In another case, Nick Wilson, former state senator, was sentenced to 70 months for bilking state programs of nearly $2 million. (AOL News (AP), Mar. 24, 2001, summary by Marg Reynolds).

Former state senator, Mike Todd, was convicted of money laundering and mail fraud and faces up to 30 years in prison and $2.5 million in fines. Former senator, Steve Bell, was found innocent of the same charges. Former state senator, Nick Wilson, was convicted of tax evasion and is presently serving a 70-month sentence. Todd and Bell, together with six others who struck plea deals, intended to divide $3 million in grants. Todd and Bell were accused of pilfering a program providing legal assistance to children in custody cases. (AP, Nov. 16, 2000, summary by Marg Reynolds).

SECOND EX-ARKANSAS SENATOR CONVICTED OF CORRUPTION. Former state Sen. Mike Todd of Arkansas was found guilty of money laundering and mail fraud for a scheme to illegally profit from a state program created to help children in custody disputes. He faces up to 30 years in prison and $2.5 million in fines. Todd’s co-defendant, former Sen. Steve Bell, was found by the jury to be innocent of the same charges. (Associated Press, 16 Nov 2000, summary by Debbie Uy).

AR: Arkansas: ten people including two state senators, etc. indicted on racketeering, mail fraud and money laundering charges.

(NYT, April 28, 1999, p. A18).

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Last Update on June 28, 2003

(THESE apparently were just a few that got caught….)

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September 21, 2010 at 8:23 pm

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  1. I think I can say I know what you are going through. I found this blog today when doing more endless research trying to find answers about what is happening in the courts here in Collin County, TX. I started a forum and a blog earlier this summer in an effort to find others.

    We have come to many of the same conclusions you have. Your blog has filled in a few blanks for me. Thank you.

    Don’t get down. I am a father of 4 beautiful children that have been ripped from my life. I have never thought it was because I was a man. I’ve watched it happen to a woman whom I love dearly. She has lost her daughter.

    Please contact me through my blog if you can. We have formed a small but determined group here in Collin County (Plano/Frisco/McKinney). We are not taking this like loyal subjects. And we sure as hell aren’t going to let it happen without a fight.

    Hang in there.

    Patrick Henry

    September 22, 2010 at 11:11 pm

  2. You can reach me at collin.county.injustice@gmail.com

    Patrick Henry

    September 23, 2010 at 6:01 pm

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