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Society’s Reasons to hunt down, strangle, flog and/or shoot/stone mothers:

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Let’s remember, sometimes female judges, psychiatrists, reporters and relatives participate in the hunt:

(#3: Taliban shoot pregnant widow, police report said:

The Taliban publicly flogged and then executed a pregnant Afghan widow by shooting her three times in the head for alleged adultery, police said

Bibi Sanubar, 35, was kept in captivity for three days before she was shot dead in a public trial on Sunday by a local Taliban commander in the Qadis district of the rural western province Badghis.

The Taliban accused Sanubar of having an “illicit affair” that left her pregnant. She was first punished with 200 lashes in public before being shot, deputy provincial police chief Ghulam Mohammad Sayeedi told AFP on Monday.

“She was shot in the head in public while she was still pregnant,” Sayeedi said.

The execution is a grim reminder of the Taliban’s harsh six-year rule from 1996 to 2001 in Afghanistan. The radical Islamists staged public stonings or lashings of those found to have committed adultery or sex outside marriage.

(#2: An Afghan man strangled a mother with her veil, she was becoming “too Australian”

AN Afghan man strangled his wife with her veil after complaining she was “becoming Australian”, a jury has heard.

Mother of five Marzieh Rahimi, who was said to be trying to escape a violent arranged marriage, was killed in front of her baby and toddler.

Soltan Ahmad Azizi, 45, has pleaded not guilty to her murder at their Hampton Park home in November 2007.

The Supreme Court heard yesterday that Ms Rahimi, 33, had told social workers her husband had branded her a slave with no rights.

Prosecutor Peter Rose, SC, told the jury Ms Rahimi had complained her husband punched her and said her only purpose was to have babies and raise children.

Ms Rahimi, who spoke little English and communicated through an interpreter, had told a family violence officer and a health worker that she wanted to leave the marriage, but that she felt powerless, unsupported and fearful

n his opening address, Mr Rose told jurors that when Mr Azizi learned she’d talked to outsiders he told her she was shaming him and must stop.”I’ll kill you because I can’t carry the shame,” he allegedly said when she spoke of separation or divorce.

The jury heard that about a week before his wife’s death, Mr Azizi complained to his sister-in-law that she was “becoming Australian and had changed her religion”.

The cousins wed in an arranged marriage and came to Australia as refugees in 2005. Their eldest children were aged 11, nine and six.

Mr Azizi told police he didn’t plan to kill Ms Rahimi. He said he punched her, then “choked her with her veil”; he then rang 000, telling the operator, “I killed my wife … come see. You come. My kids are only little.”

Police found Ms Rahimi on the floor with her baby, three months, and toddler, 22 months, nearby.

“I’m ready for the handcuffs,” he allegedly told them.

Defence lawyer Stratton Langslow urged the jury to consider whether Ms Rahimi’s claims of domestic violence were prompted by post-natal depression

[HE ADMITTED killing his wife, but did he MEAN to? is the defense, apparently]

#1A. Melinda Stratton, MBA — she was “paranoid

Missing Australian boy Andrew Thompson found after three years

missing son

HAPPIER TIMES: Ken Thompson with his wife Melina and son Andrew.**

Picture: Supplied Source: Supplied

**This is not a picture of two parents with THEIR son (note: she didn’t change her last name, so I didn’t say “Mr. & Mrs. Thompson and their…”). This is not a picture of a son, Andrew with HIS parents Ken Thompson and Melina/Melinda Stratton. This a picture of a man, and HIS (2nd) wife and HIS son. Her role is to give birth, smile, and have a photo caption giving ownership of her to him.

AN Australian boy who went missing almost three years ago has been found in Northern Europe, bringing an end to his father’s desperate search. [And to his mother’s desperate attempt to not be found]

Andrew Thompson was abducted in 2008 by his mother Melinda Stratton after she was diagnosed with a mental disorder. [next article shows a different CAUSAL relationship..]

Ms Stratton began showing the first signs of mental illness in 2006 according to Mr Thompson.

The symptoms were subtle at first, but they progressed, manifesting themselves in paranoia and false beliefs about various people, including Mr Thompson.

“I didn’t realise it at the time, but it started slowly and just escalated, it was terrible,” Mr Thompson said previously.

By December 2007, his wife had been diagnosed by one of Australia’s leading psychiatrists as having a paranoia disorder, and left their family home on January 1.

Under what circumstances? (such as a custody battle, and the father or his attorney, probably called that leading psychiatrist (WHO? Do we get to know? No hyperlink?) in. Or she was showing signs of discontent. Or, there were allegations of . . … …).

By the way, having false beliefs about various people could easily be applied by any religious (or political, or cultural, for that matter) group to members of another. To settle THOSE matters of false belief, however, psychiatrists in this context are not really authorized.

I’ve been at this a while, and pick up on news language. Also, FYI, women and men tend to think differently, have different perspectives and sometimes notice different things. Paranoia MAY be in the eye of the beholder, but if a leading psychiatrist said so — and of course this psychiatrist has no gender bias, and there is no conflict of interest, etc. — then paranoid she must be. About WHAT nothing specific: “false beliefs about various people, including Mr. Thompson.” OK, we’ll have to take that one on faith– this article is after all about him: his search, his emotions, his relief, his account (plus one quote from a friend) and his son, found again.

The drama of his quitting his job and bicycling through Europe is told in this article:

He has cycled through over half a dozen countries in his desperate mission to find his missing son.

A family Friend, Robin Bowles,** told the Sydney Morning Herald, “Ken’s ecstatic, emotional, relieved, overjoyed and still in a total state of shock,” Ms Bowles said.

In such cases, family friends tend to have to take sides. I’d say Robin Bowles was more like Mr. Thompson’s friend. Ms. Stratton’s emotional state was not recounted. Well, she’s paranoid, so her emotional state is not newsworthy.

“It is no secret there were fears for both Melinda’s and Andrew’s safety and the longer time went on, the fear grew deeper within Ken that maybe he’d never see his son again. He wants to see him. He can’t wait a moment longer.”

I can understand that fear. I know it, too.

And of course escalating fears that your wife is mentally ill, to the point of calling in a leading psychiatrist to diagnose one’s wife, doesn’t qualify as paranoia on the part of the husband. Was she cutting herself? Was she threatening suicide? Threatening anything? Neglecting a child? Showing up at work disheveled, or not at all? What, exactly were those symptoms?

Not mentioned in this story — it’ll show up in the next — there WAS a debate of custody, and family court was involved, or about to be. INTERESTING OMISSIONS for such a dramatic rescue.

Mr Thomson has spent every day of the last three and a half months cycling through Europe, looking for his son in a heroic search effort.

WELL, his tenacity, his publicity and cycling (and the fact that the Interpol system helped him) paid off, and he has his son, now. Now, the other side of the story. Well, the part of it that the papers were allowed to print:

#1B. Melinda Stratton — she was “defiant

Defiant: mother tells why she took her son and ran

Note: this 2009 story carries several links to the found boy. The one above carries no links to why she ran, from her account.

“Melinda Stratton is a woman on the run. In April last year (2008), she fled Australia with her four-year-old son, Andrew, to avoid a custody hearing in Family Court.

Maybe she was paranoid about the nice Family Court..

Ms Stratton – a professional woman from Sydney’s northern suburbs, who has an MBA, speaks French and German, and has lived and worked abroad – has so far managed to dodge the authorities, but yesterday emerged from seclusion to tell her side of the story.

A 10-page letter – the first contact between Ms Stratton and anyone outside her immediate family since last April – was provided to The Australian with no identifying marks. …

Ms Stratton says she had no choice other than to flee Australia, because she had lost faith in the Family Court.

She says the balance of the court – once firmly in favour of granting custody to mothers – had tipped dramatically towards fathers. The Howard government’s regime of “shared parenting” had given power to fathers at the expense of mothers.

I have lost all faith in any form of justice coming out of Australia,” Ms Stratton says.

By remaining silent, however, I ensure that they (the Family Court) can continue to treat other mothers and children this way.

I spent $30,000 on court proceedings. I have been told I will receive harsh penalties as ‘punishment’ for leaving from the Family Court.

“I am in my 40s. My son is only four. His welfare and future are my priority.

“The decision to break all contact with my family and friends, leave my job and our home was not taken lightly.

“I also understand that the Family Court could take my son away from me and give Ken full custody of him, again as punishment.

OK, let’s review the chaotic, surreal, disordered, selfish, thinking of a paranoid mother, who chose to get a 10-page letter to The Australian, and managed to do so without any identifying marks.

She appears to be educated, and was likely working — having spent already $30,000 on court hearings. (That’s a lot in any country). She is concerned for his son’s welfare, but ALSO for other mothers and children being mistreated by the same system. She has ordered her priorities and exhibited empathy for strangers. She, too, (not just her husband) left her job — and home — and family and friends, something he didn’t sacrifice in this.). She also understands the consequences of disobeying a court order, and once she left, knows that failing to STAY gone will mean full custody to the Dad as punishment. . . . . . She also relates a historical shift in the courts to a shift in government. That sounds like someone that’s aware of her surroundings, on several levels, reasons, weighs, and chooses. She has not specified WHAT about her son’s welfare she is concerned about, nor can she:

Ms Stratton has made more serious allegations against Mr Thompson but The Australian is constrained by law from publishing them. She made the allegations in December 2007, left the family home in January last year, and the country in April.

Well, the truth or falsehood of those allegations sure seems to be keey in the case. If true, she fled to prevent harm. If false, she’s paranoid and should be hunted down and locked up. You be the judge. Of course, you don’t have all the facts. Oh well…

You know, different degrees suggest different character traits or strengths. Sounds to me, being an MBA, she assessed the dynamics of the situation, made a strategic decision (although an illegal one) and acted swiftly. That’s a leadership quality. I’m not advocating felony behavior, but she just related her thinking. It does not sound like she is attempting to dodge child support or other criminal accusations against her, other than a belated being diagnosed paranoid by a man she was planning to leave. Judging by the ages, she probably was on her first, not second marriage; he was on his second marriage. Maybe there’s a reason , similar, between both divorces, though of course I wasn’t there. No mention of other children…

The battle between Ms Stratton and Mr Thompson for access to Andrew is complex and bitter.

?? Sounds fairly typical. She alleges something serious and relating to her son’s welfare. He retaliates “you’re paranoid” and gets a leading Australian psychiatrist to diagnose her. That’s as old as Freud. Or Dr. Phyllis Chesler’s “Women and Madness.” A very long time ago, slaves running away was diagnosed as a mental disorder, too. What’s complex is, it went international, and apparently she had enough resources to move fast.

She says he suffers from depression and anxiety. He says he suffered from “mild anxiety” when his first marriage ended 20 years ago.

Well, he’s a fireman, right? That can be challenging. Serious depression is one among several homicide indicators. Bitter is normal in contested divorces. Complex, well, how complex is that?

“It was nothing more than mild anxiety,” he says.

“It was a very difficult time, but it was also a very long time ago.”

I don’t see his age listed, but would say, a bit older, unless he had a VERY short marriage 20 yearsa ago. Also not shown is how long these two were married.

When he launched his campaign to find Andrew, Mr Thompson said that his former wife had a “mental condition”. On his blogs, he says she is “paranoid” and that she may harm Andrew rather than return him to Sydney.

Sorry, buddy, I don’t think the statistc bear out on that one. Dads are the more deadly in this context, than biomoms. Show me the headlines if they aren’t:

When did they divorce? The 2010 shows a happy family photo of all 4 and doesn’t mention “former.”

Ms Stratton says she has “no mental problems whatsoever”.

Mr Thompson strenuously denies his wife’s claims, saying she “made all kinds of allegations … the psychologists have said there is no reason to even investigate them.

WHICH psychologists is key. . IF abuse happened, long-term consequences can be severe:

What are the possible long-term effects of child sexual abuse?

If child sexual abuse is not effectively treated, long-term symptoms may persist into adulthood. These may include:

  • PTSD and/or anxiety
  • Sexual anxiety and disorders
  • Poor body image and low self-esteem
  • The use of unhealthy behaviors, such as alcohol abuse, drug abuse, self-mutilation, or bingeing and purging, to help mask painful emotions related to the abuse

If you were abused as a child and suffer from any of these symptoms, it may help you to get help from a mental-health professional who has expertise in working with people who have been sexually abused.

AND, from a *.uk site, “The Royal College of Psychiatrists,” talking about, if it’s by a close caretaker, how it can be hard to detect:</spa

It can be hard to detect long-standing abuse by an adult the child is close to. It is often very difficult for the child to tell anyone about it, as the abuser may have threatened to hurt them if they tell anybody. A child may not say anything because they think it is their fault, that no one will believe them or that they will be teased or punished. The child may even love the abusing adult, they want the abuse to stop, but they don’t want the adult to go to prison or for the family to break up.
TO A 3-year old, this is the new “normal.” It’s the first time through life…
If you suspect that a child is being abused, you may be able to help them to talk about it. Your local Social Services Child Protection Adviser will be able to offer more detailed advice.

Where can I get help?

First and foremost, the child must be protected from further abuse. Social Services will need to be involved to find out:
  • what has happened
  • if it is likely to happen again
  • what steps are needed to protect the child
How the courts like to handle this: Feed your local supervised visitation center employee.
How Moms like to handle this: “No way, Jose!” But they can’t….
The psychologists, whoever they were (which we can’t find out) dismissed her concerns. Well, she’s a woman. Even after CPS many times validates concerns, Family Courts ignore them, basically. “NEXT Case…..”

Ms Stratton says the court psychologist is biased against mothers. She points to papers presented by Family Court practitioners in which they say that mothers can make up allegations of abuse and that children can be manipulated by their mothers to say they have been abused.

The identity of the psychologist is protected by the Family Law Act (1975).

Well, guess we’ll never know, at least for a while:

HERE’s a Supportive U.S. post (2009, before she was caught) from RandiJames.com, citing a press release from an Australian site:

Melinda Stratton and other Mothers on the Run

I fully support the following from Anonymums:

Press Release

RE: Melinda Stratton and other Mothers on the Run

As a spokesperson for Anonymums, we understand that the Family Court does not investigate child protection matters and during the proceedings if there is no history of child protection involvement, there are no investigations that are likely to ensure the protection of children involved in proceedings. The matters of Arthur Freeman, Robert Farquharson and Jayson Dalton are just a handful of reported cases that reveals the amounting negligence that the Family Court has in regards to children’s rights. The laws particularly the Shared parenting bill based on United States joint custody laws, prioritize parent’s rights above children’s rights. Children don’t have a say and are often punished by the court if they speak out against child abuse often portrayed as “alienated children”. We are aware that these measures are in violation of human rights and until the court adequately provides protection for child abuse victims and domestic violence victims, we fully support the plights of protective mothers who are often alone in gathering the evidence and ignored by the court. We believe Melinda Stratton based on her extraordinary lengths, the statements that support Melinda’s mothering concerns towards her child that despite the law that is against a higher law(human rights), she is doing the best she can for the child. We believe that the system is incorrect and abusive towards both the mother and the child by barring her from vital services to provide for the child(Article 14) and hunting her down like an animal. It is the system itself that is at fault for failing to protect children and women in the first place regardless of the institution or reason. There are more protections for murderers and pedophiles than there are for these children. We recommend that instead of Melinda coming forward to be jailed and barred from seeing her child that the system endeavors to investigate further into these allegations instead of laying the sole burden upon the mother. We recommend that the order that seeks her out be withdrawn until the system can adequately provide proper protections for Children. Until this takes place, we support the mother in obtaining alternative safety measures.

Related Posts :

asylum for domestic violence survivors

AND here, clocking in are: a South Australian Child Protection Expert (Freda Briggs) and input from the National Council on Children Post Separation (Charles Pragnell), in:

“Found, but will he be a little boy lost in the court system?”

Finding a lost boy should be an occasion for joy, but this was not necessarily the result that anyone wanted: not Ken Thompson, not his estranged wife Melinda, and certainly not their six-year-old boy Andrew. Since Melinda Stratton disappeared 2½ years ago and [father Ken] Thompson began a campaign to find her, the South Australian child protection expert Professor Freda Briggs has spoken to both parents about Andrew’s abduction, and how it might end.

Thompson, a former NSW deputy fire chief who has spent the entire time searching for his son, had assured her he did not want a climax involving foreign police, child protection officers and sudden, possibly violent, intervention.

As for Stratton, ”she rang me from Frankfurt and didn’t know anything about the Hague Convention and my advice to her was ‘come back because if you are caught the effect on your child will be devastating’,” Briggs said. ”But she obviously ignored me.

Melinda did not have to call this woman, but she was seeking information. She was already in a lose/lose situation: Lose her child or (if allegations were reasonable, or even true) deal with supervised visitation — for HER, if that, and probably not for free — until her son grows up. She had already crossed the Rubicon, and left a lot behind. IF the “serious allegations against” her former husband included violence against HER (not indicated, but it is clearr we don’t know what they were) this woman also might have understood a severe physical risk to her, or her son, in any intervention, or exchange scenario. Her calling Freda Briggs in professional capacity indicates seeking an alternate solution. Ms (or Dr.) Briggs works in child protective arena, meaning, this may have been a factor in their case already

In the past 48 hours, since a Dutch school principal noticed Andrew’s expired passport and reported it to police, Briggs has watched as the case unravelled in the dreaded fashion, with all parties powerless to prevent it.

{{??? In any scenario whatsoever, including things so severe as floods, earthquakes, or oil spills, there is power, and an opposing power somewhere historically, and in the present moment. RARELY are “all parties” powerless, and almost never “equally” powerless. }}

Andrew’s mother is now arrested and he is with foster carers who may not even speak his language. ”If it follows the usual pattern, he will be sent back here accompanied by strangers without a stopover. Previous children [in this situation] have reportedly cried all the way home. He will probably be placed in foster care here until the judge makes a decision about where he will live,” Briggs said.

The other article indicates Dad was on the way to reclaim — or at least SEE — his son.
(this next part is actually quotation/block indent not working):

Briggs believes that Andrew may never have been abducted if the Family Court did not have a history of declaring mothers to be ”mad or bad” when they made serious allegations against fathers.

It happens, she says, ”to the extent that solicitors now advise mothers not to mention abuse in the court because of the risk they will [lose contact] or at best have occasional contact that is supervised’‘.

Sounds like they took a cue from the US courts:

Charles Pragnell, from the National Council for Children Post Separation, said the Family Court lacks the expertise to investigate serious allegations.

”In our experience with many hundreds of similar cases, psychiatrists and psychologists merely label the mother as borderline personality disorder without conducting a professional assessment as they are required to do under their professional standards of practice,” he said.

Being IN this field and speaking out about fellow-professionals takes courage. He says, they lack expertise and may be right. I can’t speak for other countries, but if you kow this blog, I say, they lack the MOTIVATION to do so, in part because a series of grants called Access/Visitation aimed at fathers gives them a nice motivation to make MORE time with the Dads. We believe, based on an anecdotal AND policy, that the family courts not only do, but are designed, to make sure that child abusers and molesters do NOT lose contact with their target children. The mental health professionals come in to validate this policy, because this field is a LOT more nebulous than criminal law, and has fewer protections, and less “due process” requirements.

It is absolutely certain that if Melinda and Andrew are forced to return to Australia they will not receive justice in the Family Courts which operate according to the provisions of the Family Law Act 2006, which Family Courts interpret as giving inalienable paramountcy to the rights of fathers and little regard is given to the needs, wishes, and rights of children.”

That was a MAN speaking, not a woman…

Coral Slattery, of the Family Law Reform Association, said Australian and international laws do too little to prevent children being whisked away, which amounts to a severe form of child abuse.

The Hague Convention is little comfort for those who do not know where their child is, she said. Even if found in a Hague Convention country, abducters go before foreign courts first, which can refuse to send a child back to their ”habitual residence” or can do so only after years and thousands of dollars in legal and travel costs.

Let’s Get Honest commentary on the condition of this post:

3 is a Taliban situation, 2 is an Afghan in Australia situation, and #1 is how Aussie/Europeans like to persecute women perceived as uppity, immoral, or protesting something.

They represent, in order, #3 Taliban – Sharia, and no government intervention acknowledging. CONFLICT between this mentality, and #2 a Western Culture that starts to at least SAY, violence against women is wrong, and stop beating on your wife.

And #1 is how Caucasians do it. They can’t in this culture come out and admit, they basically side with examples 1 & 2, but can’t pull it off. In this culture, one engages “mental health professionals” and labels, which then allows the hunt down, incarcerate, and separate child from mother.

Examples 3 & 2 came to my attention from the same on-line press that reported the Thompson/Stratton case. I wish to cover them, but have already lost significant work on this post, through my own dysfunctional CPU and internet access, which results from my own having been stuck in this system for so long, affecting obviously income and resources.

For example, an organization at the bottom, NCCPS is fascinating (and my first awareness of it). I posted its list of experts and an excerpt from an article. At the top, I also had more commentary.

ALL of this was lost on the attempt to safe the wordpress document towards the end of my day (no internet at home). Formatting errors (multiple quotes) remain.

Other losses of research happened on a recent Arizona/Bahrain post, and to be honest, some day the processor works, other days it does not.

I AM posting this information, in moral support of Ms. Stratton because, based on the one (only) positive article about her, placed in the proper context of family courts overall, globally — I believe she is telling the truth.

Moreover, the religious domination from Islam is being imitated within fundamentalist/evangelical “dominionist” type Christianity in the U.S. I have personally experienced this, and know a LOT about how it behaves in practice, versus theory.

The sharia stoning DOES replicate the same standards (although not so vicious in execution, I think) in Old Testament Bible, i.e., Israel in the wilderness. A feminist book has referred to these mentalities as “nomad priest/warrior” tribes, as opposed to the more peaceful (?) agricultural ones.
The author indeed has a point.

In the New Testament, John 4, an account of Jesus Christ actually saving a woman (allegedly!) “caught” in the act of adultery, again — no male participant present and accounted for; it may even have been one of the accusers. She may have been raped, or set up, we don’t know. Jesus was caught “between a rock and a hard place” like many court professionals are today, if they are ethical — if He protested the law, he came out against what he declared himself to be the fulfilment of. If He didn’t say SOMETHING, the woman would die.

The answer was, “He that is without sin, let him cast the first stone,” and by this method, the situation was diffused.

The Westernized “family courts” TODAY are a version of the individual-discretion religious courts of these countries where religion and politics mix, if they are indeed distinguishable. I have experience with both, years of it, and no longer participate in “church” circles — they are morally erosive for women, MOST of them, and blow-off human rights issues. Helping homeless or poor, often created by these issues no longer counts for me. One reason I can say it no longer counts is I’ve done my homework on the grants and organizations (see this blog, and be assured that’s not the whole content of research), enough to get a PRETTY good sense of how they operate, the basic premises, and many of the interrelationships.

Concerned readers should look up the organization listed at the bottom, “National Council for Children Post Separation” and read the site. Much as I love to provide links and excerpts myself, using Google, hitting “Search” and reading are not exactly highly technical skills, and I suspect many readers have faster computers than I do. I simply continue the habit, and try to retain what I’ve read, comparing it with anecdotal, networked, but most of all, experienced reality in these systems (religion, courts, local culture).

GET OVER the “I don’t know — she says that, he says that” and take a position on the issue — or lose (US citizens!) what remains of your civil rights, and liberties, if those indeed existed in the past half-century or so.

And when international marriages (and economy) are involved, we have to DEAL with the issue of Sharia law influencing Christian Theocracy (cf. “Tea Party”) claiming to represent the “founding fathers” when it doesn’t. Which I know because, again, I’ve done some homework. There are different strands within “Christianity” as there are within Islam. I cannot speak for Judaism as experientially; but I do know that the offshoot/now mainstream religions perceive themselves as heroes and protecting the “good” values of past centuries, failing to distinguish the impact on their own lives, and husbands, wives, children, relatives, friends, and colleagues.

Written by Let's Get Honest|She Looks It Up

September 10, 2010 at 12:04 pm

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  1. Melinda has been in prison unjustifiably for a total of over 8 months now and has scarcely seen her son over that long period in the life of a 6-year-old. Both the Australian and Dutch governments bear the blame for supporting a dubious father who had a high position before mysteriously resigning from it instead of taking compassionate leave to hunt down his wife and child. This case will end up as one of the greatest scandals in Australian legal history. Melinda’s arguments were heard neither by the Dutch court or the Australian Family Court. Justice and the rule of law are apparently non-existent in both the Netherlands and Australia. A child should not be returned to the country it was abducted from if its life is at risk as a result. Now, the victims are suffering while the (possible) perpetrator remains free.


    May 22, 2011 at 4:51 pm

    • Well, I think the post makes clear where I stand on this.

      And I heard Japan signed the Hague agreement.

      Sounds like you have a hot lead in the mysterious resignation (rather than taking a lead). I cannot do this follow up right now (and am more informed about US systems). I hope you follow up on it. I am one person, and no one’s hero. I splat information and ideas onto this post, and hope they land somewhere and germinate.

      I pray, and I’ll pray for Melinda… and that this insanity stops, but it’s not going to stop voluntarily, I”ll bet….


      May 22, 2011 at 5:41 pm

      • Sadly, the insanity hasn’t stopped and it’s now Feb 2012. The father continues to post comments re the case (and others) on the net, still harping on his obsession re “mentally ill” mothers who are anything other than insane in reality. The Australian Family Court judges presiding over Melinda’s case do not examine her evidence but appear in court with preconceived judgements based only on the notion that she must be punished. People in other countries cannot believe that the Australian Family Courts operate in this biased manner.

        Jelena Savacevic

        February 7, 2012 at 5:37 am

  2. i am so sorry for what Melinda has gone through, and I continue to blog and put pieces together about how justice is being undermined in multiple countries.

    The organizations AFCC and CRC are international, and do not hold national allegiances to the respective constitutions. Family Courts PER SE are basically legitimizing fraudulent “mental health’ norms (including marital norms) based — if you examine them — on quasi-rellgious (or overtly religious) beliefs. These are hostile to women, but of course the cry is, they are hostile to men. There is no solution WITHIN these courts that would produce a fair or protective outcome and was never intended to be.

    it’s like a 5th column? within any country and should be drawn and quartered, that’s metaphorically speaking. Women are half the world’s population, and no one can breed without us — but we are also human beings, and when we figure this out, and perhaps identify who is setting up the Good Cop/Bad Cop situation within the family law dynamic, we might be able to pull the plugs on it. At least that’s part of my personal vision.

    I know who I am, and what I have done in life, and although I never fled with my kids, I was wrong to expect a fair shot at justice in my liberal, progressive (so-called) state of California, USA. Changes have escalated & accelerated in the past two decades (since 1990s) over hear.

    I hope we can work together to expose the origins and foundations of this AFCC/CRC combo and how — at least in the US — it feeds off “welfare reform” by expanding welfare state over anyone unfortunate enough to come near its jaws by virtue of not staying married, or have married (or had children with) an abuser or molester, which then precipitates a need to separate for safety.

    The apparatus doesn’t take kindly to women showing initiative to defend themselves, “come to us” is the message. However, when they do obediently or innocently come to the legal system (or law enforcement) for help — they are screwed.

    Melinda acted on her instinct, and fled — and it’s not her fault that the decks were stacked against her. I feel so bad for whoever turned the kid in, was it in the Netherlands? I also remember that Ayaan Hirsi Ali had to flee her country of refuge I think she’s now here ….

    Thanks for update, and continue to if you hear more. Take care.


    February 7, 2012 at 10:27 am

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