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Ways and Means to Preserve Fatherhood — Reply Today!

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The last post was leading into this one, as I mentioned “Fatherhood” and then posted a reply to a review of the latest book by a woman who fled Islam to the Netherlands, then to the United States, and who I’ve mentioned on my blog before (Ayaan Hirsi Ali).  I have not gone through anything like — well in quality — her life experience, but am going through similar re-evaluation (ongoing) of my allegiance to the monotheistic religion I have all my life felt represented the truth, beauty, and transcendence I knew as a child in Nature, and as an adolescent in art, and which I felt personally coherent in attributing to “God.”

TODAY — pros and cons, submit your “testimony” in print.  Is the pie in the sky going to stop the constant drainage of blood, sorrow, rape, kidnapping, degradation of humanity, bitterness, and other features of the supposed “human condition” beginning in sin til redeemed by bloodshed or repentance to acknowledging one’s sin, one way or another?? 

Here’s the FEDERAL discussion of “FATHERHOOD” — again, find a woman present in the witnesses or panelists, if you can:
June 17, 2010

Hearing to Review Responsible Fatherhood Programs
B-318 Rayburn House Office Building – beginning at 10:00 AM
 (June 17th, 2010)


The hearing will [did] focus on the effectiveness of Responsible Fatherhood Programs in improving the relationship between non-custodial parents and their children, as well as their ability to provide financial support.  \

{{again, “noncustodial parents” are increasingly WOMEN, but is code for “FATHERs.”}}

Provide a submission HERE

Find a female on the Panelists, either Panel 1 or Panel 2. 

Remember, this is an off-shoot of 1994 & 1995 (Clinton era, folks!), 1998 & 1999 male offence that children wake up in homes without fathers in them.  Particularly African-American children, what else is new. 

I cannot blog completely (time, and personal issues), but commend to us today, more “fathers” that got their kids back. 

THIS one (Father tries to sell baby for $25, is beaten by inmates, etc.) shows a man with a domestic violence background (not to mention drug, not to mention, his 6 yr old removed from his home.  No problem, he finds another woman through a drug deal, impregnates HER (age difference, 18 years) and they BOTh try to sell their offspring.  Notably, the 6 yr old who was removed was the son of his ex-wife, against whom he committed domestic violence.  SOMEHOW, though that child (after jail for DV?) ended up in HIS household, or his Mommy & Daddy’s.. 

Man accused of trying to sell baby beaten in jail

Jun 28, 2010 Inmates beat dad in baby-for-sale case (AP) – Jail officials in California say a father accused of trying to sell his baby for $25
http://www.wane.com/…/man-accused-of-trying-to-sell-baby-beaten-in-jail-ob10-jgr_34582168 hours ago


Even inmates get outraged at THAT>
Here’s another enraged stepfather, Schlager.  This one, good luck disentangling father, stepfather, stepdaughter — and where’s BIOLOGICAL MOM?

Gunman had criminal past

Jun 22, 2010 Article:Gunman had criminal past:/c/a/2010/06/22/BA2C1E3A7H. Police said Schlager had an extensive

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June 28, 2010 at 2:05 pm

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