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Reconsidering “Fatherhood” when Dad & new wife torture a 10 yr old…

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For those who didn’t get Latin as part of their catechism or haven ‘t thought about this recently, the word “PARENS” means “obeying,” last I heard.

These two characters — IF accused properly — took it to an extreme.

Public indignation aside, that a father & stepmother (“a.k.a. “parents” — biological mother is MIA currently) could cage, abuse, and almost starve what appears to be about a 5th grade boy, and the school not notice his distress or thinness (or was he stoic), I wish to remind us that the United States itself is the world’s largest jailer, per capita.  Without exception, and has been known to imprison and torture others in the name of Homeland Security, etc. 

We also cage and warehouse animals, who also live miserable lives before being slaughtered in many cases, and even a good deal of the food we eat has been shrinkwrapped and pre-processed (like news stories), with nutrients deleted, and chemicals added, and then Organic stuff higher-priced than non-organic. 

So if a white male who may feel disenfranchised in some manner engages in the same behavior, and gets a female to help him, is it really that outrageous?  This is the new “normal,” only a little more extreme.

Parents accused of holding son prisoner in home

Reading the entire article below, reported facts are: a newly-remarried FATHER and his new wife imprisoned and tortured a 10 year old boy.  

His former (male) roommate now being interviewed,  Mr. “Fulks,” claims he was aware of the previous abuse by father BEFORE he remarried, but like the current public school the boy was enrolled in, didn’t intervene, or (it seems) report.

The boy, who was found sleeping in the master bathroom sink cabinet, told investigators he had been living in the locked bedroom with limited provisions since December, according to an arrest report.

Sheriff Bill Cameron said detectives were able to verify that the boy attended a local elementary school through May. School officials could not be reached for comment (link to this, 2nd link below):

Perhaps Folks like FULKS should be prosecuted.  On the other hand, if they called CPS, what would happen?

Our society doesn’t like mother who will actually FIGHT to protect their children’s safety.  We get thrown in jail if we attempt to solve the situation by LEAVING, if that leaving is declared illegal somewhere.  Judges are not negligent to reach overseas in the effort to put kids back with their fathers.

Here’s one what obviously WAS put back with his father.  The news article doesn’t even bother to mention notification of the BIOLOGICAL mother, who (if she’s still alive), her son, that she gave birth to, was being tortured.

The inability of human beings to act above the level of animals is PROBABLY a factor of the society we’ve built, and the false religions along with this.

ONE of these religions (and what religions DO, FYI, is shed blood, and sacrifice humans.  Some are more overt about it than others, say ancient Aztecs, but it’s all there for easy viewing if one takes a look). ….ONE of these religions is the religion of Fatherhood.

Another thing some religions do worldwide is impoverish others, while building some of the world’s most amazing architecture, music, literature, and in general, splendid (royalty-quality) eduring monuments to what humanity can do. 

THIS kid’s life was impoverished.  He was for DAMN sure innocent, and he was NOT homeschooled, either.  DID anyone in the school NOTICE anything?  Report anything?  DO anything?

This suffering is invisible out in the open, but we have just turned our backs on it, not knowing what to do.  Perhaps this superstructure needs to be re-metabolized into smaller units, in which people will UNDERSTAND they are accountable to each other on an individual level, and will suffer, on an individual level, if they permit other adults to abuse children, or with them, women.

FYI, the Civil Rights model of nonviolent disobedience (economic strikes, walkouts, sit-ins, and so forth) HELPED, I believe, and is a good model for what women might continue to do.  We’d (I’m obviously a woman) better do this before a world is created in which, from birth, we have no un monitored contact with ANY infants we have created, while those who structured this world, including the associated women, hire slaves and wetnurses and tutors and such so that THEIR offspring might grow up, also isolated, but privileged, and not realize what their society is doing to the rest  of the world.

In order to do this, a lot of church-boycotting might need to happen.  AND, folks, we need not just more WOMEN in Congress, but more WOMEN who are not overprivileged or (sorry, Mrs. Lockyer-Davis, but your example comes to mind) 3rd wives of rich white successful men.  We COULD make a significant difference.

Parents accused of holding son prisoner in home

Posted: Jun 21, 2010 5:46 AM CDT Updated: June 21, 2010 06:46 AM EDT PORT CHARLOTTE:

The parents of a 10-year-old boy who was reported missing in Charlotte County Saturday are facing child abuse charges after deputies say the child was tortured and held prisoner in his bedroom for six months.

Thomas Anthony Boone, 38, and Kimberly Sue Boone, 39, both of 754 Seabold Ave., Port Charlotte, are each charged with three counts of Aggravated Child Abuse, according to the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office. Authorities began looking for the boy around 11 a.m. Saturday after Thomas called the Sherrif’s Office to report the child missing. After a five-hour search involving deputies, K9 units and a Sheriff’s Office helicopter, a Crime Scene technician found the child sleeping inside a cabinet under a master bathroom sink, according to a Sheriff’s Office report. The boy told investigators he came out of his room looking for food and then hid from his parents. Deputies said he appeared scared, malnourished and tired. According to the report, authorities found deplorable conditions inside his bedroom. “It was bare with no rug on the floor, no toys in the room, no clothing or lights. The only thing in the room was a box spring and mattress that smelled of urine,” the report said. Detectives said there were several areas on the floor where they could see human feces and puddles of urine. “The door handle to the boys room was reversed, and the lock was facing into the hallway; a latch to secure the door was on the hallway side of the door,” the report said. The boy told detectives since December 2009 he had been locked in his room most of the time, and was only allowed a small drink of water and peanut butter sandwiches. “[The boy] was only allowed to come out when he went to school or the family went away,” the report said. “The child was locked in his bedroom and due to this, urinated and defecated on the floor in his room and bed. The child was made to sleep in the urine soaked bed and as a punishment had his face rubbed in the urine and feces.”

The boy also said he was very afraid of his step mother, Kimberly, who married his father last year, according to the report.

Dan Fulks used to live with Thomas Boone. He says he was nearly sick when he heard the allegations against his former roommate. “I think it’s disgusting that some one would do that to their kid,” said Fulks. Fulks said when they all lived together in Cape Coral, Boone rarely fed his son or allowed him out of his room. Fulks also said the boy was never allowed to roam freely around the house or play outside.


Once found, the child was taken to Peace River Regional Medical Center and released after getting a shower and food. Deputies said he then met with detectives, the CCSO Forensic Child Interviewer, and representatives of the Department of Children & Families. After the interview DCF took the boy into custody, the report said. Thomas and Kimberly Boone were arrested and taken to the Charlotte County Jail. Both posted $15,000 bonds and were released. __._,_.___


2nd article:

Boy will remain in custody of state as home is sought


Published: Wednesday, June 23, 2010 at 1:00 a.m.
Last Modified: Wednesday, June 23, 2010 at 12:47 a.m.


Published: Wednesday, June 23, 2010 at 1:00 a.m.
Last Modified: Wednesday, June 23, 2010 at 12:47 a.m.

PUNTA GORDA – The 10-year-old boy who was reportedly locked in his bedroom and forced to sleep in his own bodily waste will remain in protective custody, a judge ordered Tuesday.


This woman, unwisely, took up with Mr. Boone and has been married to him less than a year ago.  Like his former roommate FULKS (and the not too observant school officials who couldn’t be reached yet), she appears to be both perpetrator and enabler. 

But why is HER picture on the top?  (hmm???)

Judge Peter Bell granted a petition allowing the Department of Children and Families to maintain oversight of the child until a suitable home is found.

The boy’s father, Thomas Anthony Boone, sat silently in the courtroom as his attorney accepted the order and waived his client’s right to a trial on the matter.

Boone, 38, and his wife, Kimberly Sue Boone, 39, were charged Sunday with three counts of aggravated child abuse after an investigation concluded the Port Charlotte couple “willfully abused, tortured” and “caged” the boy inside his room.

Authorities said they uncovered the “deplorable” living conditions Saturday while searching for the boy, who had been reported missing after he slipped out of his room and hid from his parents.

A one- year old marriage does not a “PARENT” make.  This woman was a stepmom.

Detectives searched the home in the 700 block of Seabold Avenue and found that the child’s bedroom had no furniture aside from a soiled box spring mattress. The bare concrete floor was also covered in urine and feces, the Sheriff’s Office reported.

The boy, who was found sleeping in the master bathroom sink cabinet, told investigators he had been living in the locked bedroom with limited provisions since December, according to an arrest report.

Sheriff Bill Cameron said detectives were able to verify that the boy attended a local elementary school through May. School officials could not be reached for comment.

A DCF spokeswoman said the agency had investigated an abuse complaint at the home earlier this year, but she would not discuss the case, citing confidentiality laws.

The agency will recommend placing the boy with his grandmother, as investigators were unable to locate the biological mother.

QUESTION:  WHICH grandmother — HIS mother, or HERS?  We need to take some serious looks at whether a mother who raised someone who ends up torturing his own son is a fit mother, or grandmother.  Sorry, folks, but these reporters need to tell us.

Are future efforts to LOCATE the biological mother intended?  Does Mr. Boone, released on bond, have any concept of where she was?  Because SOMEHOW, he got custody of this child (WHEN?).     Is she alive?  Does her wish to know about the welfare of her son count?  Is she a “Ms. Boone” or did she ever marry the father? 

Thomas and Kimberly Boone, who also attended Tuesday’s hearing, were released from the Charlotte County jail on $15,000 bail. Per court order, neither can not have contact with the boy. They declined comment Tuesday.

A review hearing is set for Thursday morning.

 Well, being the decent, law-abiding citizens they have to date proved to be, I’m sure they won’t try to contact the boy. 

DCFS will surely help them, and a foster care home will be better.  You can guarantee it, right? 

Here’s a MOTHER & STEPFATHER CASE (2002, Indiana)

Parents Accused Of Locking Boy In Room With Cat Feces

Mother Denies Neglect

UPDATED: 10:20 am PDT October 2, 2002

(And the stepdad didn’t?  His interview doesn’t show).

They were called “parents’ and got $3,000 bond….

Here’s another one, this time Father:

Court Documents: Fort Wayne Dad Locks Son In Feces-Covered Basement For Months

By Laura Donaldson

Story Published: Apr 7, 2010 at 1:43 PM EDT

Story Updated: Apr 9, 2010 at 4:10 PM EDT

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Indiana’s NewsCenter) – A Fort Wayne man is behind bars after police say he locked his son in a feces-covered basement while vacationing in Florida.

Court documents show 38-year-old Eric Urbano locked his emotionally challenged son in the basement of a home in the 1400 block of Spy Run Avenue from October to March.

Police responded to a call about a fight on March 6th, and followed what neighbors say is a 10-year old boy home and found him living alone in horrendous conditions.

According to court documents, the boy told police his father locks him in the basement every night. He says he would also be locked up if he ate too much. The boy says he would sometimes escape to use the bathroom at a local fast food restaurant and try to get food there.

“We’ve never seen anything like this in this area,” Department of Child Services Communications Director Ann Houseworth said.

Court documents reveal that the boy was sleeping on an air mattress surrounded by feces. But the boy says once his mattress popped he slept on the deflated plastic and bundled his jacket for a pillow.

Court documents show the boy’s mother, who lives in Arizona, told police her son has Tourette’s Syndrome, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and Bi-Polar disorder. She says she hasn’t spoken with her son in six months.

“Hasn’t spoken with her son in six months” could be for a variety of reasons, none of which the reporters dug out in this story. 

Neighbors say they were happy to see the family move into the neighborhood in October, but are shocked to learn the disturbing details.

“Last time we saw he was playing outside with his dogs in October,” a neighbor who didn’t want to be identified said. “And he seemed happy then. No bruises or anything like that. There were no warning signs. That’s horrible. That kind of sickens me that we didn’t see anything.”

Another neighbor said he returned one of Urbano’s five dogs to the house a few months ago. He says he was very friendly at the time.

“The guy was so oh thank you, oh thank you, for finding my dog,” Jeffery Schweyer said. “He was so nice that day. That’s why I can’t believe all this is happening, because he was so polite.”

Court documents show the boy told his teacher about his living conditions. The teacher then reportedly notified the Department of Child Services. But no word when this happened or what DCS did about the situation. . . .

WELL< at least the “Department of Child and Family Services” will rescue these poor children, so we don’t have to worry about what’s going on “behind closed doors” in our neighborhoods any more….

Boy in Chains Escapes from California Couple

He Had Been Missing Since 2007 from a Foster Home

Published December 02, 2008 by:

Gary Davis

MercuryNews.com is carrying a story about a boy who has escaped from an apparent captive situation. The article, ” Tracy couple arrested after teen with chain on foot says he escaped torture,” reports that the

// <![CDATA[
// //


 16-year-old boy has been missing from a foster home since 2007. He was apparently picked up by the Tracy, California, couple.

Neither the boy nor the couple’s names have been released.

The teenager entered a gymnasium wearing only flesh-colored boxer shorts and he was carrying a chain that was padlocked to his ankle, according to the Mercury News.

He had the earmarks of abuse. He had burns and cuts on his back and he was emaciated. Also he was covered with soot, blood, urine and feces.

Another report from ABC7 says the boy is 17. It further updates the story by giving the couple’s names and ages.

When the boy entered the gym he exclaimed “Hide me, hide me, they’re coming to get me!” Staff members gave him water and a banana which he downed quickly.

The Tracy couple has been identified as Michael Schumacher, 34 and his wife Kelly Schumacher, 30.

A neighbor across the street indicated that the boy was always doing chores and was always dirty. The Schumacher’s indicated they were caring for him as a favor to a friend.

The neighbor, Mike Portillo, indicated that his daughters played with daughters of the Schumacher’s and they told him the boy slept in the laundry room on a towel. The girls also told them Mrs. Schumacher once made him eat a dead fly.

This problem started when the boy ran away from the foster home by his own admission.

{{And WHY might he have run away from a foster home??}}

So far the Schumacher’s have been taken into custody; the teenager has been sent to the hospital and the Schumacher’s daughters are in a foster home.


Google the Pierre Larsen case in Wisconsin.  He caught his foster Dad’s hidden camera in the bathroom, reported it, was ignored, ran away a few times.  Finally FOSTER Dad was caught….

In another case I almost posted yesterday, a man who ended up killing (himself also) had gotten a restraining order after placing a gun to the mother’s head unless she agreed to reconcile. I’m GOING to post, because that one (in Texas) was another avoidable catastrophe.  I didn’t post, because considering these things make me, too, want to gag, like Mr. Fulks, above.

Also provoking the “gag” reaction, news like this below — that the wheels of the engine of society are going to, like the giant lawnmower that it has become, continue chewing up things in its path, until, God knows how many generations in the future (hopefully before the Doomsday scenario that the world’s major monotheistic religions seem to believe is the natural conclusion of the human race) we will get this “fatherhood” thing right.


Anyone interested in stopping this, and reverting to a more humane lifestyle?  You will have to re-examine the school system, work system, and nonprofit status of religious organziations, as well as probably the MONETARY system.  We are talking, life without slaves.  You willing to change that, those who haven’t taken up a side on this yet?

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June 23, 2010 at 11:14 am

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  1. loved, loved, loved-hated this post. you’ve got it nailed down. that takes a really big hammer.

    i appreciate your efforts here so much. thank you.

    {{You are welcome. Be aware they are rough drafts at basically all times…Fact-checking is your option, I do what I can to provide links. See also some of the links on my blogroll, not that all are current.}}


    June 23, 2010 at 9:33 pm

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