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Trying Too Hard on page A1: An SF Bay Area paper highlights a Calculating (mother &) Killer on Father’s Day

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Yeah, Contra Costa Times has gotten a lot of mileage out of Melissa Huckaby, on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day both.  If you have a real bad female, drag her photographically out for an object lesson.

I’ve followed this case, and without pronouncing on the validity of the charges, I HAVE noticed just TOO many anomalies and weird stuff surrounding the finding of Sandra Cantu’s killer.

In the same county, a good long time let Jaycee Dugard suffer in an Antioch backyard, with the Berkeley cop that found her coming not from this county, but from neighboring Alameda County.  And the cop that noticed Jaycee’s two daughters were acting strangely and DID something about it was female.

Let me explain, in the short time I have to post today:

Here’s Contra Costa Times Lead story in the Sunday Print magazine:

(this source is AP, and is posted several places on-line, one of which I have picked here):

Girl’s Murderer: Cold, Calculating

Melissa Huckaby stuck to claim of innocence as evidence mounted

(AP) – Sunday school teacher Melissa Huckaby placed the lifeless body of 8-year-old Sandra Cantu into a suitcase with a care that investigators say indicated a “calm, calculating mind at work.” This and other macabre pieces of information were revealed in more than 1,800 pages released yesterday, shedding new light on Huckaby, a depressed woman with a penchant for cutting herself, in the murder of her daughter’s playmate last year.

What kind of people are cutting themselves?  Maybe check http://www.acestudy.org again.  This is possibly a symptom of “Adverse Childhood Events” including possible sexual abuse or domestic violence.  That’s no excuse for taking it out on innocents, but being female she is cold and calculating and great press for this time of year.

I’m maybe going to take some more heat for bringing this up, but here were some comments I’d shared back in July 2009, when the relatives began fighting over custody of her daughter ….These comments are my simply questioning details that caught my attention:

I’m not sure Huckaby’s own relatives are so innocent in the matter.  Also, there’s a gag order, even her own defense attorney  had trouble getting to look at the evidence (the little gir’s body), proclamations were issued by the prosecutor before the report was in, etc.  Finally, I just got busy with life

Something NEVER smelled right about the Huckaby conviction. Her ex husband had DV against him, yet gets full custody. I am wondering whether the abuse (if not murder) related to her (Huckaby’s) older relatives. Church of God connection (if I recall it right) in the Lawless family. Perhaps the girl is better off with her father than grandparents, but they jumped on this too fast. An eager (YOUNG) newspaper reporter in this area (Tracy, was it?) tipped off police somehow.There is a lead that was not followed up on — a beige truck seen by a nearby resident near the irrigation ditch.

For all the murderers and family annihilators that do NOT get the death penalties, this one just seems odd.

(above comments were in response to THIS story:

Melissa Huckaby’s ex granted custody of daughter – By Mike Martinez
San Joaquin Herald

After a contentious exchange of court filings, full custody of Melissa Huckaby’s 5-year-old daughter was granted to the child’s father, John Huckaby, 25, following a hearing Monday in Orange County Superior Court.

And here’s some more, which was posted around April 2009 about, statistically, how “odd” this was:

For 8-year-olds, overwhelmingly abductors are
male. In homicide cases, they are overwhelmingly
male. Our assumption in these kinds of cases is
you’re looking for a man,” said Ernie Allen, president
of the National Center for Missing and Exploited
Children. “A lot of the typical profiles that you use in
these cases may not apply here. This may be
something else.”

The why, how, and even where of Sandra’s killing
remain hidden from view, although prosecutors
revealed Monday that they are considering rape and
molestation charges against Huckaby, the 28-year-
old Sunday school teacher arrested early Saturday
on suspicion of murder. Sandra often played with
Huckaby’s 5-year-old daughter.
Little reliable research exists on women who
molest children, and none that specifically identifies
women who molest girls, experts say. A decade-old
federally funded study reported that about one in
every 50 sex offenders overall is a woman. Another
study suggests that women commit 1 percent to 3
percent of all violent sex offenses against children.
“You’re speaking about a phenomenon that’s an
anomaly. You have very little data because they’re so
infrequent,” said L.C. Miccio-Fonseca, a San Diego
clinical psychologist and researcher who focuses on
sexually abusive people. “This is a relatively young
woman. This woman’s history, what she’s been into
“… we don’t know anything.”
Also rare, for children Sandra’s age, is murder.
According to the youth homicide report, the murder
rate for children ages 6 to 11 — fewer than one in
100,000 — is the lowest of any segment of the Full coverage: If the discovery of 8-year-old Sandra Cantu’s body
in a suitcase last week and the weekend arrest of
neighbor Melissa Huckaby seemed doubly stunning,
there is good reason, experts in child killings say.
 Not only are children Sandra’s age among the least
likely murder victims, but their killers are rarely
women, research shows. Women are responsible for
43 percent of homicides of children 12 and
younger, but three-quarters of their victims are
younger than 6 and most often are infants,
according to a 2001 federal Department of Justice

I wrote, at the time, “The press has pulled out all the stops on this one.  Something does not smell right to me.
I’ll also look for the article that tells something about this young woman. “


MEANWHILE, IN SAN FRANCISCO PROPER, JAXON VAN DER BEKEN HAS HIS USUAL DETAILED REPORTING.  THESE LYING POLICE WERE NOT ‘COLD & CALCULATING” BUT RATHER “Tainted,” indicating that the routine character is honest, and they were passively (the word “tainted” is passive, right?) polluted by something in their environment.

But Melissa Huckaby (DV victim) was NOT.  SHE was cold and calculating.  Well, women can be. 

It just caught my attention, though.  Because some police DO lie…  PEOPLE lie. 

SFPD / What to do with tainted officers?

Jun 20, 2010 This story is exclusive to the Sunday Chronicle and will not appear on SFGate.com until 4:00 AM on Tuesday, June 22.
http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/c/a/2010/06/20/…12 hours ago

Well, guess on-line readers will have to wait til Father’s Day has finished for THIS year to read about it.  It’s talking about those caught lying, but plea-bargained or otherwise not fully disciplined.  To me, LYING is a prime character indicator, and should be treated sternly.
(Of course, this may put some professions out of a business…)
That’s all I have time for today, back later…
I have a gut feeling that Melissa Huckaby may be a lynching, needed more for society than for Sandra Cantu’s parents….  But, I have been known to be wrong….

Written by Let's Get Honest|She Looks It Up

June 20, 2010 at 3:32 pm

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