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East Bay Roundup 6/12/2010 — Death by Dumbbell, Murder-Suicide, Married Father caught in sex sting, and Ex-Boyfriend imprisons his girl…

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Yeah, I need to work on these titles…..

I was struck recently — especially in light of upcoming “Father’s Day” — of how the crime page of a Bay Area News Group paper reports crimes committed by men, and how the police handled them. 

In reading order, they are, and with their given headlines:

  • Pittsburg ~ Mechanic tied up, Robbed (3 men tied up a mechanic at a motorcycle shop and robbed him).
  • Antioch ~ Couple Identified in Murder-Suicide (note — Antioch was where the Garrido couple, living in his mother’s home, falsely imprisoned, raped, impregnated, and used the services of a kidnapped 11 year old, Jaycee Dugard.  It’s a major scandal that hasn’t finished playing out yet, I believe).

Victims in Antioch murder-suicide identified

Robert Salonga, Contra Costa Times, Posted: 06/11/2010 08:14:21 AM PDT.

— The Contra Costa Coroner’s Office has released the names of the husband and wife who died in an apparent murder-suicide early Thursday morning.Police believe that Robert Ellingson, 45, shot and killed his wife, 45-year-old Linda Ellingson, then shot himself. The couple was found in the master bedroom of their home in the 1700 block of Mt. Hamilton Drive.

Their two children, a 13-year-old son and 9-year-old daughter, were not at home at the time of the shootings. Linda Ellingson’s death marked the city’s sixth homicide of the year.

. . .

Police got a call about 4:20 a.m. Thursday from someone saying that Robert Ellingson had called him and said he had shot his wife and was going to kill himself. Shortly after, police got a call from Robert Ellingson himself saying the same thing.

Investigators now believe that Ellingson shot himself shortly after the phone call. But when they went to the home in response to a resident’s report of hearing gunfire, it was uncertain whether there was still a threat.

Over the next several hours, police cordoned off the neighborhood and a SWAT team was summoned. [[THEY WERE ALREADY DEAD]].  Two nearby elementary schools were briefly locked down. Friends and relatives of the Ellingsons gathered at the scene and were interviewed by police for information about them.

At 11 a.m., police entered the home and found the deceased couple. Investigators said that they had been experiencing marital and financial difficulties prior to their deaths.

[[CORRECTION:  Before he shot her…This title is more accurate]]

Antioch man kills wife, self

June 12, 2010|By Henry K. Lee, Chronicle Staff Writer 

[[another article reveals the woman was a freelance court reporter.]]

Here’s another one that came up, but this “Antioch” was apparently in Tennessee.  This one sounded predictable and avoidable, and children witnessed it.  TAKE A LOOK — because in MARCH, he’d already threatened to kill her (with gun to head) if she left the marriage, which apparently then resulted in a piece of paper saying, “sir, don’t!” and after violating THAT (a real danger sign, in the context….), he was arrested and then out on $31,000 bail.  GUESS the Jail was full?

  • Danville ~ Drug, Weapons Bust:  (This involved one 22 yr old woman, but they were after a “Brandon Gunn” age 20 on probation, so the whole home got booked.  Of note:  They were accumulating both drugs,, firearms, AND 2 bulletproof vests.  In other words, in accoutrements, they were challenging what police bring into a situation.  The count was “being a felon in possession of a bulletproof vest”.  There was a 32 yr old man, a 30 yr old man, a 20 yr old man and a 22 yr old woman involved.  Note:  Danville IS rich, basically white yuppie suburbia, good school system, although it’s had its problems around drug usage…)
  • Walnut Creek ~ Arrest Accompanies Swat Response:  (Here, an apparently single woman, and no kids mentioned, went to the police dept. at 11pm to report that she’d been sexually assaulted and held against her will by her ex-boyfriend, a 26 yr old resident.  They interviewed her overnight, got a search warrant, and showed up 7am Friday with the SWAT time, and several personnel, closing off the area, because it was thought he might have a weapon.  In this case, within 3 hours they contacted the man, and he surrendered peacefully within 20 minutes and was arrested & scheduled for booking into jail.  Which goes to show you the young man knew better than to challenge that amount of paraphernalia — although he did feel entitled to sexual services against her will from a female.  There were no kids at stake in this matter, and it didn’t, that I know of, make the TV news. 

I also want to point out that the POLICE know not to take chances with such situations against violent young men.  But they expect MOTHERS to handle ex-abusers repeatedly, without bulletproof vests, weaponry (and CERTAINLY without permission to use weapons for self defense) the fathers of their children who present much greater risk when challenged.  We have to mediate with them, have exchanges of our children often without supervision or safety, and in general “work it out” ourselves.  This woman was able to go on down to the police dept. and present her case.  We can’t always do that, with kids, and without cars….

  • PLEASANTON — mAN SENTENCED IN ONLINE Sex Sting  (the only point I wish to make here is that this father’s children were NOT waking up in a “fatherless home” and presumably even though their father was seeking sex with a minor (and committing adultery, if he’d gotten it, as well as crimes) the real threat to our society is female-headed homes, as to our values and the values of our children…)  Thankfully, this 44 yr old married man was caught and convicted.

And, the article that prompted this:

“Dumbell Death goes to jury”

  • Jury gets case against Hercules man charged with killing wife

    Jun 11, 2010 MARTINEZ — A Contra Costa jury is deliberating whether a Hercules man who beat his wife to death with a 5-pound dumbbell last year should be
  • My friends, her mistake?  She insulted his manhood.  Is there any activity a woman CAN take which does NOT insult certain people’s manhood?

  • Dumbbell attack teacher Peter Harvey cleared of attempted murder

    Peter Harvey, 50, battered the 14-year-old student with a dumbbell while pupil with a dumbbell walked free yesterday when a ‘common sense’ jury acquitted him in minutes. ….. Teacher fell to her death from bridge after drink binge
  • Teacher who attacked pupil with dumbbell should never have been

    Apr 30, 2010 Well, the jury in this case did. Whether they should have or not. …. of your own or anothers safety – does go well beyond what I think is reasonable. …. OJ should be on death row, isn’t, and thus cheated justice.
  • As usual, it pulls up another.  I am out of time, hence commentary later.


    She insulted his manhood, and was killed for it.  She had sexual infidelity — less acceptable for women, apparently…

    There’s a lot to learn in these two incidents (teacher & husband, dumbell attacks).

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