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Ways and Means to Preserve Fatherhood — Reply Today!

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The last post was leading into this one, as I mentioned “Fatherhood” and then posted a reply to a review of the latest book by a woman who fled Islam to the Netherlands, then to the United States, and who I’ve mentioned on my blog before (Ayaan Hirsi Ali).  I have not gone through anything like — well in quality — her life experience, but am going through similar re-evaluation (ongoing) of my allegiance to the monotheistic religion I have all my life felt represented the truth, beauty, and transcendence I knew as a child in Nature, and as an adolescent in art, and which I felt personally coherent in attributing to “God.”

TODAY — pros and cons, submit your “testimony” in print.  Is the pie in the sky going to stop the constant drainage of blood, sorrow, rape, kidnapping, degradation of humanity, bitterness, and other features of the supposed “human condition” beginning in sin til redeemed by bloodshed or repentance to acknowledging one’s sin, one way or another?? 

Here’s the FEDERAL discussion of “FATHERHOOD” — again, find a woman present in the witnesses or panelists, if you can:
June 17, 2010

Hearing to Review Responsible Fatherhood Programs
B-318 Rayburn House Office Building – beginning at 10:00 AM
 (June 17th, 2010)


The hearing will [did] focus on the effectiveness of Responsible Fatherhood Programs in improving the relationship between non-custodial parents and their children, as well as their ability to provide financial support.  \

{{again, “noncustodial parents” are increasingly WOMEN, but is code for “FATHERs.”}}

Provide a submission HERE

Find a female on the Panelists, either Panel 1 or Panel 2. 

Remember, this is an off-shoot of 1994 & 1995 (Clinton era, folks!), 1998 & 1999 male offence that children wake up in homes without fathers in them.  Particularly African-American children, what else is new. 

I cannot blog completely (time, and personal issues), but commend to us today, more “fathers” that got their kids back. 

THIS one (Father tries to sell baby for $25, is beaten by inmates, etc.) shows a man with a domestic violence background (not to mention drug, not to mention, his 6 yr old removed from his home.  No problem, he finds another woman through a drug deal, impregnates HER (age difference, 18 years) and they BOTh try to sell their offspring.  Notably, the 6 yr old who was removed was the son of his ex-wife, against whom he committed domestic violence.  SOMEHOW, though that child (after jail for DV?) ended up in HIS household, or his Mommy & Daddy’s.. 

Man accused of trying to sell baby beaten in jail

Jun 28, 2010 Inmates beat dad in baby-for-sale case (AP) – Jail officials in California say a father accused of trying to sell his baby for $25
http://www.wane.com/…/man-accused-of-trying-to-sell-baby-beaten-in-jail-ob10-jgr_34582168 hours ago


Even inmates get outraged at THAT>
Here’s another enraged stepfather, Schlager.  This one, good luck disentangling father, stepfather, stepdaughter — and where’s BIOLOGICAL MOM?

Gunman had criminal past

Jun 22, 2010 Article:Gunman had criminal past:/c/a/2010/06/22/BA2C1E3A7H. Police said Schlager had an extensive

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June 28, 2010 at 2:05 pm

Before God was a Man . . . (pre-Islamic India)

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Like all my blogs, “just noticing” here.  When one has processed so many years of irrational destruction of life, and waste of time — and reads about this also continuing to happen, while processing the carnage of yet another “Father’s Day” and so forth — well, the human mind needs metaphors and evolving symbols to handle the information.

Unless of course, it ain’t hit YOU yet, and the “if I don’t see it I’m not responsible” or the “what I can’t fix I won’t lose sleep over it” mantra applies, still. 

Some things are transformative, one’s gyroscope needs to be re-set.  Domestic violence is one of these.  Divorce, for the best of us, generally speaking.  Family trying to shove skeletons back in the closet to preserve a (facade) of normalcy.   By the way, that basically is my take on the family law system, these days.  I re-read a kind male friend’s comments on one of my (years ago) court transcripts of a 20-minute hearing in which I had a PTSD “event” requiring water to be brought.  The transcript was earmarked with repeated comments (from my male friend) about my PTSD.  And precious few comments about what had happened.

Re-reading it (a few years later), I realized that what my mother’s feminine instinct had noticed – AND ADDRESSED ALOUD IN COURT — was the court’s attempt to hide behind its own “rules” in trying to keep the lid on the garbage can (refusing to address any previously very bad decision), while I was myself addressing — though highly distressed — matters of fact and law and violations of law, court order, and rules of court.  For me to do this at the time, when ANOTHER woman had within the past month been gunned down (trying to divorce) in the same city, showed significant stamina.

Within about a year, the issues I’d sensed, but didn’t have the documentation on, I later got the documentation on, some of which I hope to illustrate in a 2nd post today, and which this blog talks about — the money trail, and the “paraprofessionals” and the turning of what is supposed to be a LEGAL system into a pop-dispensary of psychobabble (and business source for the peddlars).  Among the psychobabble is this word:


I assert that we no longer have (if we ever did) separation of church in state in the United States. 


Book Cover - Varadarajan Ali Nomad: From Islam to America, A Personal Journey Through the Clash of Civilizations. By Ayaan Hirsi Ali. 277 pages. Free Press. $27. Women, as the historian Bernard Lewis once told me (probably echoing a desert proverb), “are half the population, and mothers of the other half.” Educated mothers, he said, make a great difference to a society, and the Muslim world’s great drawback is that its women are benighted. Hirsi Ali’s mother was one such woman. Uneducated—and as unenlightened as it was possible to be, on earth, in the 1970s—she hit Hirsi Ali when she first got her period, a sickening blow that was part of an ongoing pattern of violence and misogyny that holds sway not merely in every Somali family, but, in the author’s contention, in almost every Muslim family in the world.

After all, she writes, male domination and female subjugation are Quranically prescribed, and who is Man to challenge the immutable Word of God—especially when God’s arrangements ensure perpetual male domination? This punitive patriarchy is not confined to Muslims in their own lands; it thrives, she points out, in the West, in the lands to which Muslims immigrate, but whose “degenerate” and “sinful” societies they abhor.

In a blistering passage, written with the forthright elegance that characterizes the book, Hirsi Ali asserts that “the subjection of women within Islam is the biggest obstacle to the integration and progress of Muslim communities in the West.

It is a subjection committed by the closest kin in the most intimate place, the home, and it is sanctioned by the greatest figure in the imagination of Muslims: Allah himself.” It is easy to see why Hirsi Ali has bodyguards, and round-the-clock protection. She would be dead if she did not.


Religion, rather than turning the other cheek (as Jesus admonished) instead, slapping the other cheek and backstabbing the critics, as Ayaan Hirsi Ali has experienced.  Here’s a comment to the review, below, responding to another comment by “Chittagong.”  The speaker is ”



Anyway. Women had high place in Indian society prior to advent of Islam in India. Supreme Godhead is of feminine gender in Hinduism. Many women saints referred to in the high Hindu scripture of the Vedas, Upanishads. Indian women were pushed under Purdah (in most of North India) after advent of Muslim invaders who targetted the women. Sati (burning at husband’s pyre) which was stopped for 1000s of years came back as Juhar as Muslim invaders started targeting Hindu women on Rajasthan. Even a liberal Indian as Tagore accepted that Purdah came to India with Muslims and caused women degradation in the middle ages Even Islamic sources prove situation of women were better in India prior to advent of Islam. Chittagaon should read the commentary of Ibn Battuta , the Moroccan Muslim Traveler who travelled many places including Chittagaon,in Bangladesh now. In 14th century, Ibn Battuta saw Women working with men in eastern India. Many places, he saw women ruling small kingdoms, working as security guards, running business. With growth of Islam in all these areas, women were pushed inside and became object of sexual pleasure.

We can very well say, women’s rights have become inversely proportional to Islamization. Today, you cant find any bangladeshi women (mostly Muslim) working side by side with men folks that was seen even few decades back. Muslim women who used to conduct economic activities are now put inside purdah.

If you look at western india, women of eastern pakistan (mostly Sikh/Hindus) enjoy much greater rights than women in the west Punjab (Pakistan, mostly Muslim). But few centuries back, all of them were Hindus and enjoyed same rights. Richard Eaton analyzed some of these issues well in his book -The Rise of Islam and the Bengal Frontier, 1204-1760. We can very well say, womens rights depend also on culture they follow.

What bigger example of Muhamad’s own wife. She was a successful business woman prior to she became Muslim. This shows in pre Islamic Arab societies, women enjoyed some rights. But slowly they lost those after islamization took root.

Western women in Non-Islamic cultures are becoming affected by this, also.  Women who got college educations and were somehow (pre-breeding) immune to some of the things that feminism helped us with, have made the mistake of turning to the church for spirituality to add to their educations, failing to realize what was coming forth.

Women whose marriages, though in (or even NOT in) one of these 3 religions, were NOT abusive somehow, lacked the vocabulary to describe the shock, trauma, outrage, fear, and literal danger that the marriages represented.   Rather than address the problem (and possibly have to repudiate aspects of their own culture, or take a stand against, perhaps a male spouse), they preserve their own, and let the others be drained away into oblivion.

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June 28, 2010 at 1:38 pm

Reconsidering “Fatherhood” when Dad & new wife torture a 10 yr old…

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For those who didn’t get Latin as part of their catechism or haven ‘t thought about this recently, the word “PARENS” means “obeying,” last I heard.

These two characters — IF accused properly — took it to an extreme.

Public indignation aside, that a father & stepmother (“a.k.a. “parents” — biological mother is MIA currently) could cage, abuse, and almost starve what appears to be about a 5th grade boy, and the school not notice his distress or thinness (or was he stoic), I wish to remind us that the United States itself is the world’s largest jailer, per capita.  Without exception, and has been known to imprison and torture others in the name of Homeland Security, etc. 

We also cage and warehouse animals, who also live miserable lives before being slaughtered in many cases, and even a good deal of the food we eat has been shrinkwrapped and pre-processed (like news stories), with nutrients deleted, and chemicals added, and then Organic stuff higher-priced than non-organic. 

So if a white male who may feel disenfranchised in some manner engages in the same behavior, and gets a female to help him, is it really that outrageous?  This is the new “normal,” only a little more extreme.

Parents accused of holding son prisoner in home

Reading the entire article below, reported facts are: a newly-remarried FATHER and his new wife imprisoned and tortured a 10 year old boy.  

His former (male) roommate now being interviewed,  Mr. “Fulks,” claims he was aware of the previous abuse by father BEFORE he remarried, but like the current public school the boy was enrolled in, didn’t intervene, or (it seems) report.

The boy, who was found sleeping in the master bathroom sink cabinet, told investigators he had been living in the locked bedroom with limited provisions since December, according to an arrest report.

Sheriff Bill Cameron said detectives were able to verify that the boy attended a local elementary school through May. School officials could not be reached for comment (link to this, 2nd link below):

Perhaps Folks like FULKS should be prosecuted.  On the other hand, if they called CPS, what would happen?

Our society doesn’t like mother who will actually FIGHT to protect their children’s safety.  We get thrown in jail if we attempt to solve the situation by LEAVING, if that leaving is declared illegal somewhere.  Judges are not negligent to reach overseas in the effort to put kids back with their fathers.

Here’s one what obviously WAS put back with his father.  The news article doesn’t even bother to mention notification of the BIOLOGICAL mother, who (if she’s still alive), her son, that she gave birth to, was being tortured.

The inability of human beings to act above the level of animals is PROBABLY a factor of the society we’ve built, and the false religions along with this.

ONE of these religions (and what religions DO, FYI, is shed blood, and sacrifice humans.  Some are more overt about it than others, say ancient Aztecs, but it’s all there for easy viewing if one takes a look). ….ONE of these religions is the religion of Fatherhood.

Another thing some religions do worldwide is impoverish others, while building some of the world’s most amazing architecture, music, literature, and in general, splendid (royalty-quality) eduring monuments to what humanity can do. 

THIS kid’s life was impoverished.  He was for DAMN sure innocent, and he was NOT homeschooled, either.  DID anyone in the school NOTICE anything?  Report anything?  DO anything?

This suffering is invisible out in the open, but we have just turned our backs on it, not knowing what to do.  Perhaps this superstructure needs to be re-metabolized into smaller units, in which people will UNDERSTAND they are accountable to each other on an individual level, and will suffer, on an individual level, if they permit other adults to abuse children, or with them, women.

FYI, the Civil Rights model of nonviolent disobedience (economic strikes, walkouts, sit-ins, and so forth) HELPED, I believe, and is a good model for what women might continue to do.  We’d (I’m obviously a woman) better do this before a world is created in which, from birth, we have no un monitored contact with ANY infants we have created, while those who structured this world, including the associated women, hire slaves and wetnurses and tutors and such so that THEIR offspring might grow up, also isolated, but privileged, and not realize what their society is doing to the rest  of the world.

In order to do this, a lot of church-boycotting might need to happen.  AND, folks, we need not just more WOMEN in Congress, but more WOMEN who are not overprivileged or (sorry, Mrs. Lockyer-Davis, but your example comes to mind) 3rd wives of rich white successful men.  We COULD make a significant difference.

Parents accused of holding son prisoner in home

Posted: Jun 21, 2010 5:46 AM CDT Updated: June 21, 2010 06:46 AM EDT PORT CHARLOTTE:

The parents of a 10-year-old boy who was reported missing in Charlotte County Saturday are facing child abuse charges after deputies say the child was tortured and held prisoner in his bedroom for six months.

Thomas Anthony Boone, 38, and Kimberly Sue Boone, 39, both of 754 Seabold Ave., Port Charlotte, are each charged with three counts of Aggravated Child Abuse, according to the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office. Authorities began looking for the boy around 11 a.m. Saturday after Thomas called the Sherrif’s Office to report the child missing. After a five-hour search involving deputies, K9 units and a Sheriff’s Office helicopter, a Crime Scene technician found the child sleeping inside a cabinet under a master bathroom sink, according to a Sheriff’s Office report. The boy told investigators he came out of his room looking for food and then hid from his parents. Deputies said he appeared scared, malnourished and tired. According to the report, authorities found deplorable conditions inside his bedroom. “It was bare with no rug on the floor, no toys in the room, no clothing or lights. The only thing in the room was a box spring and mattress that smelled of urine,” the report said. Detectives said there were several areas on the floor where they could see human feces and puddles of urine. “The door handle to the boys room was reversed, and the lock was facing into the hallway; a latch to secure the door was on the hallway side of the door,” the report said. The boy told detectives since December 2009 he had been locked in his room most of the time, and was only allowed a small drink of water and peanut butter sandwiches. “[The boy] was only allowed to come out when he went to school or the family went away,” the report said. “The child was locked in his bedroom and due to this, urinated and defecated on the floor in his room and bed. The child was made to sleep in the urine soaked bed and as a punishment had his face rubbed in the urine and feces.”

The boy also said he was very afraid of his step mother, Kimberly, who married his father last year, according to the report.

Dan Fulks used to live with Thomas Boone. He says he was nearly sick when he heard the allegations against his former roommate. “I think it’s disgusting that some one would do that to their kid,” said Fulks. Fulks said when they all lived together in Cape Coral, Boone rarely fed his son or allowed him out of his room. Fulks also said the boy was never allowed to roam freely around the house or play outside.


Once found, the child was taken to Peace River Regional Medical Center and released after getting a shower and food. Deputies said he then met with detectives, the CCSO Forensic Child Interviewer, and representatives of the Department of Children & Families. After the interview DCF took the boy into custody, the report said. Thomas and Kimberly Boone were arrested and taken to the Charlotte County Jail. Both posted $15,000 bonds and were released. __._,_.___


2nd article:

Boy will remain in custody of state as home is sought


Published: Wednesday, June 23, 2010 at 1:00 a.m.
Last Modified: Wednesday, June 23, 2010 at 12:47 a.m.


Published: Wednesday, June 23, 2010 at 1:00 a.m.
Last Modified: Wednesday, June 23, 2010 at 12:47 a.m.

PUNTA GORDA – The 10-year-old boy who was reportedly locked in his bedroom and forced to sleep in his own bodily waste will remain in protective custody, a judge ordered Tuesday.


This woman, unwisely, took up with Mr. Boone and has been married to him less than a year ago.  Like his former roommate FULKS (and the not too observant school officials who couldn’t be reached yet), she appears to be both perpetrator and enabler. 

But why is HER picture on the top?  (hmm???)

Judge Peter Bell granted a petition allowing the Department of Children and Families to maintain oversight of the child until a suitable home is found.

The boy’s father, Thomas Anthony Boone, sat silently in the courtroom as his attorney accepted the order and waived his client’s right to a trial on the matter.

Boone, 38, and his wife, Kimberly Sue Boone, 39, were charged Sunday with three counts of aggravated child abuse after an investigation concluded the Port Charlotte couple “willfully abused, tortured” and “caged” the boy inside his room.

Authorities said they uncovered the “deplorable” living conditions Saturday while searching for the boy, who had been reported missing after he slipped out of his room and hid from his parents.

A one- year old marriage does not a “PARENT” make.  This woman was a stepmom.

Detectives searched the home in the 700 block of Seabold Avenue and found that the child’s bedroom had no furniture aside from a soiled box spring mattress. The bare concrete floor was also covered in urine and feces, the Sheriff’s Office reported.

The boy, who was found sleeping in the master bathroom sink cabinet, told investigators he had been living in the locked bedroom with limited provisions since December, according to an arrest report.

Sheriff Bill Cameron said detectives were able to verify that the boy attended a local elementary school through May. School officials could not be reached for comment.

A DCF spokeswoman said the agency had investigated an abuse complaint at the home earlier this year, but she would not discuss the case, citing confidentiality laws.

The agency will recommend placing the boy with his grandmother, as investigators were unable to locate the biological mother.

QUESTION:  WHICH grandmother — HIS mother, or HERS?  We need to take some serious looks at whether a mother who raised someone who ends up torturing his own son is a fit mother, or grandmother.  Sorry, folks, but these reporters need to tell us.

Are future efforts to LOCATE the biological mother intended?  Does Mr. Boone, released on bond, have any concept of where she was?  Because SOMEHOW, he got custody of this child (WHEN?).     Is she alive?  Does her wish to know about the welfare of her son count?  Is she a “Ms. Boone” or did she ever marry the father? 

Thomas and Kimberly Boone, who also attended Tuesday’s hearing, were released from the Charlotte County jail on $15,000 bail. Per court order, neither can not have contact with the boy. They declined comment Tuesday.

A review hearing is set for Thursday morning.

 Well, being the decent, law-abiding citizens they have to date proved to be, I’m sure they won’t try to contact the boy. 

DCFS will surely help them, and a foster care home will be better.  You can guarantee it, right? 

Here’s a MOTHER & STEPFATHER CASE (2002, Indiana)

Parents Accused Of Locking Boy In Room With Cat Feces

Mother Denies Neglect

UPDATED: 10:20 am PDT October 2, 2002

(And the stepdad didn’t?  His interview doesn’t show).

They were called “parents’ and got $3,000 bond….

Here’s another one, this time Father:

Court Documents: Fort Wayne Dad Locks Son In Feces-Covered Basement For Months

By Laura Donaldson

Story Published: Apr 7, 2010 at 1:43 PM EDT

Story Updated: Apr 9, 2010 at 4:10 PM EDT

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Indiana’s NewsCenter) – A Fort Wayne man is behind bars after police say he locked his son in a feces-covered basement while vacationing in Florida.

Court documents show 38-year-old Eric Urbano locked his emotionally challenged son in the basement of a home in the 1400 block of Spy Run Avenue from October to March.

Police responded to a call about a fight on March 6th, and followed what neighbors say is a 10-year old boy home and found him living alone in horrendous conditions.

According to court documents, the boy told police his father locks him in the basement every night. He says he would also be locked up if he ate too much. The boy says he would sometimes escape to use the bathroom at a local fast food restaurant and try to get food there.

“We’ve never seen anything like this in this area,” Department of Child Services Communications Director Ann Houseworth said.

Court documents reveal that the boy was sleeping on an air mattress surrounded by feces. But the boy says once his mattress popped he slept on the deflated plastic and bundled his jacket for a pillow.

Court documents show the boy’s mother, who lives in Arizona, told police her son has Tourette’s Syndrome, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and Bi-Polar disorder. She says she hasn’t spoken with her son in six months.

“Hasn’t spoken with her son in six months” could be for a variety of reasons, none of which the reporters dug out in this story. 

Neighbors say they were happy to see the family move into the neighborhood in October, but are shocked to learn the disturbing details.

“Last time we saw he was playing outside with his dogs in October,” a neighbor who didn’t want to be identified said. “And he seemed happy then. No bruises or anything like that. There were no warning signs. That’s horrible. That kind of sickens me that we didn’t see anything.”

Another neighbor said he returned one of Urbano’s five dogs to the house a few months ago. He says he was very friendly at the time.

“The guy was so oh thank you, oh thank you, for finding my dog,” Jeffery Schweyer said. “He was so nice that day. That’s why I can’t believe all this is happening, because he was so polite.”

Court documents show the boy told his teacher about his living conditions. The teacher then reportedly notified the Department of Child Services. But no word when this happened or what DCS did about the situation. . . .

WELL< at least the “Department of Child and Family Services” will rescue these poor children, so we don’t have to worry about what’s going on “behind closed doors” in our neighborhoods any more….

Boy in Chains Escapes from California Couple

He Had Been Missing Since 2007 from a Foster Home

Published December 02, 2008 by:

Gary Davis

MercuryNews.com is carrying a story about a boy who has escaped from an apparent captive situation. The article, ” Tracy couple arrested after teen with chain on foot says he escaped torture,” reports that the

// <![CDATA[
// //


 16-year-old boy has been missing from a foster home since 2007. He was apparently picked up by the Tracy, California, couple.

Neither the boy nor the couple’s names have been released.

The teenager entered a gymnasium wearing only flesh-colored boxer shorts and he was carrying a chain that was padlocked to his ankle, according to the Mercury News.

He had the earmarks of abuse. He had burns and cuts on his back and he was emaciated. Also he was covered with soot, blood, urine and feces.

Another report from ABC7 says the boy is 17. It further updates the story by giving the couple’s names and ages.

When the boy entered the gym he exclaimed “Hide me, hide me, they’re coming to get me!” Staff members gave him water and a banana which he downed quickly.

The Tracy couple has been identified as Michael Schumacher, 34 and his wife Kelly Schumacher, 30.

A neighbor across the street indicated that the boy was always doing chores and was always dirty. The Schumacher’s indicated they were caring for him as a favor to a friend.

The neighbor, Mike Portillo, indicated that his daughters played with daughters of the Schumacher’s and they told him the boy slept in the laundry room on a towel. The girls also told them Mrs. Schumacher once made him eat a dead fly.

This problem started when the boy ran away from the foster home by his own admission.

{{And WHY might he have run away from a foster home??}}

So far the Schumacher’s have been taken into custody; the teenager has been sent to the hospital and the Schumacher’s daughters are in a foster home.


Google the Pierre Larsen case in Wisconsin.  He caught his foster Dad’s hidden camera in the bathroom, reported it, was ignored, ran away a few times.  Finally FOSTER Dad was caught….

In another case I almost posted yesterday, a man who ended up killing (himself also) had gotten a restraining order after placing a gun to the mother’s head unless she agreed to reconcile. I’m GOING to post, because that one (in Texas) was another avoidable catastrophe.  I didn’t post, because considering these things make me, too, want to gag, like Mr. Fulks, above.

Also provoking the “gag” reaction, news like this below — that the wheels of the engine of society are going to, like the giant lawnmower that it has become, continue chewing up things in its path, until, God knows how many generations in the future (hopefully before the Doomsday scenario that the world’s major monotheistic religions seem to believe is the natural conclusion of the human race) we will get this “fatherhood” thing right.


Anyone interested in stopping this, and reverting to a more humane lifestyle?  You will have to re-examine the school system, work system, and nonprofit status of religious organziations, as well as probably the MONETARY system.  We are talking, life without slaves.  You willing to change that, those who haven’t taken up a side on this yet?

  • About Us
    The 2010 Indiana Fatherhood Summit is an initiative of the Indiana Parent Information Resource Center (PIRC) in conjunction with a number of local and statewide organizations working to improve the role of fathers address the issues mentioned above. These organizations include the Lumina Foundation, Kid’s Voice of Indiana, All-Pro Dads, the Indiana Family Institute, Ball State University, IUPUI, Indiana Family Institute, Dad’s Inc., the Circle City Fatherhood Coalition, Indydads.com, and the Marion County Commission on Youth. Contributing partners include the Indiana Department of Child Services, Indiana Youth Soccer, La Plaza, the Indiana PTA, The Villages, Prevent Child Abuse Indiana, Head Start of Indiana, the YMCA of Greater Indianapolis, the National Fatherhood Initiative, 100 Black Men, and the Indiana Commission on the Social Status of Black Males. The event is also sponsored by Estridge Homes, the Indiana Fever, WIBC, ESPN1070, and Dads Root Beer.
    The purpose of the Summit is multi-fold:
  • To increase the public awareness of the importance of fathers in the positive development of their children
    To increase the ability of fathers to be effective parents through education and bonding opportunities.
    To facilitate cooperation between the many local and statewide organizations working to assist fathers

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My Beef with God . . . .

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I thought I’d leave this personal, to defuse the situation a bit.

This is half in jest.  The God question is not too “moot” for me at this point, and like my tastes in other things in life, I like to keep my options open.

I was just walking down the street, my usual Christian feminist/libertarian/ increasingly alienated (from my kids and the systems I used to NOT question) self, and in the course of thinking about “God,” took some moments to think about the Genesis thing. 

I mean, the world is created, then Adam, after naming all the animals, comes up lonely.  In other words, sheep are not good enough company.   (Good planning, God …  )   God, in his great wisdom, anesthetizes Adam (after originally breathing into his nostrils the breath of life and forming him from the earth), and takes out a rib surgically.

That’s beginning to sound like the male obstetrician’s pipe dream — no conscious protests from the human being carrying the fetus, just put to sleep and cut out.

Eve comes out like an adult, presumably, and her job (so far) is to wait til politely til Adam names her, which he does, naturally referencing her relationship to himself (and not, for example, physical characteristics, which we can presume at that time still differed from his significantly).

Still sounding pretty male, right?  She has no role in life without him.

He gets the original marching orders about Don’t Eat of THAT tree, although all the other stuff is good.  She was supposedly to receive them from him.

Again, that sounds pretty male to me also, totally current with church as I have known it at the turn of the century…

Eve actually takes in sensory input and engages in conversation with someone besides Adam (and, presumably, the Lord), who is characterized as the serpent, who, naturally (being “bad”) tempts her. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Here’s the initial version:

 Animals first, then people….. 

24 And God said, Let the earth bring forth the living creature after its kind, cattle, and creeping thing, and beast of the earth after its kind: and it was so. 25 And God made the beast of the earth after its kind, and the cattle after their kind, and every thing that creepeth upon the ground after its kind: and God saw that it was good.

26 And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. 27 And God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. 28 And God blessed them: and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it; and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.


And then the “bad-girl” version…

15 And the LORD God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it. 16 And the LORD God commanded the man, saying, Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat: 17 but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.

(Seeking knowledge apart from God is bad, disobeying God is bad…)

Echoed also in later book-burnings and even in Ecclesiastes Ch. 12, which says the whole duty of man is to fear God and keep his commandments.

18 And the LORD God said, (“oops, I forgot something!”) It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him. 19 And out of the ground the LORD God formed every beast of the field, and every fowl of the air; and brought them unto the man to see what he would call them: and whatsoever the man called every living creature, that was the name thereof.  

{{Sounds like this account may not be strictly chronological}}

20 And the man gave names to all cattle, and to the fowl of the air, and to every beast of the field; but for man there was not found an help meet for him. 21 And the LORD God caused a deep sleep to fall upon the man, and he slept; and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof: 22 and the rib, which the LORD God had taken from the man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man.

23 And the man said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man.

24 Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh. 25 And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.

HEY!  What about the woman?  She doesn’t exist without a man? 

You got it … (See my last posts)….  Back to the future for us ….



Now Genesis 3

1 Now the serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made.

A serpent in real life is cold-blooded, and some are poisonous, some are not.  They don’t operate in packs, like dogs, and are not most typically known as prey, like other things that hang out in groups. …  They are sneaky..  and seductive, in fact Proverbs even compares a man seducing a woman to a serpent on a rock….

Proverbs 30:19 the way of an eagle in the sky, the way of a snake

The way of an eagle in the sky, The way of a serpent on a rock, The way of a ship
in the middle of the sea, And the way of a man with a maid.
//bible.cc/proverbs/30-19.htm – 16k


The book “The Chalice and the Blade” discusses the need to eradicate and discredit the serpent image (and females in general) as bad, because prior mythology was matrilinear, and it was thought that life proceeded from the female.

For the uninitiated, fatherhood is a relatively new concept in human history — the relationship of intercourse to childbirth wasn’t always known.  It was thought women had some special life-giving power in their blood, within them (i.e., menstrual blood).  Hence the many blood-rites and sacrificial rites, that carry over into the Bible also (“the life is in the blood”) and with it a helluva a lot of mutilation, worse than circumcision, in attempt to replenish that blood.

It’s commonly accepted (one would think) that Catholicism, is hated by Protestantism in principle because of its compromise with paganism / mythology, particularly with the Mother of God imagery.  Well, I must say that a celibate priesthood (and consequences of this on children) and encouraging fertility for the rest of the lay people sure speaks to the practicality of that. 

The book “CRONE, Women of Age, Wisdom and Power” talks about these collective unconscious myths in a more honest way than I’ve heard in a long time…    It really forces one to look at the consequences of a “dominator” system (with appropriate bloodshed, wars, and more and more advanced ways of destroying the “Other” in the world) and the role of caricaturing & disenfranchising older, independent women as “witches.”  And the historical impact of this, called “war.”

And (the author) accurately, from what I have deduced about the stupidity of trying to “negotiate” with abusers of any sort, says:

“The real solution to this problem is not to assume the protective coloring of sweet-little-old-ladyism in the hope of escaping notice.  Not being sadistic as a rule, women often fail to understand the basic fact about sadistic behavior:  It is not allayed but stimulated by the appearance of vulernability in the prospective victim.  It would be better for old women to assert their right to judge, to be bolder in questioning male authority, to demand the respect due them as mothers and as decent caring citizens.  Younger women should also uphold the ideals of feminine authority, so their own later cronehood will not be blighted by fear or contempt. . . .   men are the real killers in human society …  “

This is not possible to condense into a single post, but as a degreed and I thought liberal woman balancing these things with my own experience, and no discredit meant to “the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,” I have to think about this — perhaps there was more than one reason that Lord got crucified. . . . .

He didn’t reproduce. 

He criticized the power structure without breaking civil or religious law.

He treated women throughout his short life as the people they were, and (according to the gospels) in the resurrection also.  He intervened not in just a domestic violence situation, but an attempted sharia-type stoning for supposed adultery (John, chapter 8).  In many of these incidents, he was an ananachronism, and his own disciples’ surprise was noted also. 

He was taken in violation of civil and religious standards, if I remember that right.

The apostle Paul, as bad a “rap” as he has (for those who don’t read all he wrote) is credited with this amazing statement — never mentioned by the father in MY religious, Bible-toting, marriage:

for in Christ Jesus you are all sons of God, through faith. 27For as many of you as were baptized into Christ have put on Christ. 28There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slaveg nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus. 29And if you are Christ’s, then you are Abraham’s offspring, heirs according to promise.  (Galatians 3)

The word “Christ” refers to the anointing, it’s a spiritual (not “genital or hormonal!”) quality…

Some of this is discussed in “The Chalice and the Blade” (The Other Half of History:  Part II). 

I think when the lights starting going on in my thinking (again, I am always collating learning, experience, thought, reflection on these earth-shaking matters), when in chapter 6, the Orestes myth was explained (same book, chapter 6) as an intentional BURYING of the powerful image of how Queen Clytemnestra, in revenge for her king Agamemnon’s trick of sacrificing their daughter Iphigenia (to help fate in re: Troy), as revenge for shedding of blood.

Then Orestes, her son, ends up killing her new consort, and his mother the queen.  Then, in the trial, he is exonerated, as 12 Athenians, presided over by the goddess Athena (remember?  Sprang fully-clothed from a male god’s head.  Sound familiar, as in Genesis, a rib from Adam?) (well, except for the clothing…)  ((If you are going to really defeat female gods, you need to win over a female god to do it.  This plays out in family law situations more than one might first imagine. . . . . ))

The “Furies” were symbolically driven underground, which is where to this day, female outrage at male violence — even against one’s offspring — is being put.

This often-performed play illustrated publically that men’s crimes against women, even to killing of a daughter, were to be forgotten, on the basis that a mother and child are not REALLY related.  Women are now incubators for sperm, a concept carried forth in Mary, the mother of Jesus. …


There’s a lot more in these short books, including the agrarian vs. nomadic myths (in the beginning of Genesis, Cain’s offerings from the fields are rejected, but Abel’s blood sacrifice is not.  Cain, jealous, kills Abel.  In the latter New Testament, they are still pissed off at him, and he is an archetype of evil.

When societies, through their mythology/theology, profile and personify the face of evil, attaching it to a gender, race, or religion, there’s going to be war.  And if I as a Christian American woman can face, after years of DV and figuring out (the hard way) that this legal system wasn’t intended for WOMEN any more than it was originally intended for BLACKS (or any other oppressed populations), nor were any of the monotheistic religions:  In other words, if I can face my own personal blind spots, I believe some of the rest of us can also, and should.

Unless you LIKE the Doomsday version of the world (linear, ending with a BIG BOOM!) (and blood up to a horse’s bridle, AND, it all being blamed on the whore of Babylon.  Other whores in the Bible, figuratively, include disobedient tribes –even when those tribes were clearly patriarchal!) I’d recommend taking a closer look. 

War, after all, is what men do while women give birth, raise kids, and learn things like nursing, and administrative support to male-run businesses, in general.  I’m talking, in the wide sweep of history, OK?

About this paganism stuff — Jews, Muslims and Christians are ideologically opposed to each other when they aren’t busy making world peace.  But one thing they can ALL agree on is the subordinate place of women.

How much, really, of the principle book of these 3 monotheistic religion, deals with hate, and distinguishing the Us’es from the Thems? ???


I can’t think of a single adult woman who appreciates having been used to produce children, then cast out.  The last time I met such a person, and she was upset about it too (she wasn’t able to reproduce, and so had been replaced within 8 months of a long marriage), was last week.

Men’s archetypal fears relate to things from childhood — abandonment, rejection,  and criticism, and being told “no” to their self-centric worldviews.

We have to face the archetypal fears in a more coherent way, and suppressing them, or blaming them on others just ain’t working.

I am not recommending going back to tribalism (although this seems like it’s already in place), nor do these books.  But I do say that it’s hard to self-correct a system which is a “dominator” system, endlessly splitting off and chewing off its extremities.


Here’s ONE symbol:

which represents a flexible edge, and ongoing balance, and fluidity, more representative of life, than death.  We are, after all, mostly water inside.


See full size image

This is a symbol of death, and splits the world up into 4 quarters.  For example, Male/Female, Haves/Havenots, Christian/Pagan (i.e., everyone not Christian), pick one.  Either way, it’s bloodshed and death, and supposedly, through that, life.

LIFE in this world (biologically) comes out of a woman who generally has menses, blood flow, and birth is accompanied with blood.  Men just can’t DO that, but the one thing they COULD do in imitation  of it was bleed, and make others bleed as well.  This does not bring forth life, but death.

Combination symbols presided in some places, for instance, Celtic ones:

Which combined some of the circular themes, a holdover from earlier traditions.

Besides, Jesus didn’t die on the image above, it was a STAKE, something the Assyrians were pretty good at doing in warfare, as were the Romans, for an object lesson in what happens to those who don’t fall in line.

Assyrian Empire (1400-1200 BC)

467 × 354 – 55k – jpg

People were impaled . . . . It was a power structure.

THIS symbol:

Crescent Moon & Star Symbol

Is acknowledged HERE to be a pagan symbol later adopted through the Ottoman empire (note:  “empire”), but often rejected by Muslims.

The crescent moon and star symbol actually pre-dates Islam by several thousand years. Information on the origins of the symbol are difficult to ascertain, but most sources agree that these ancient celestial symbols were in use by the peoples of Central Asia and Siberia in their worship of sun, moon, and sky gods. There are also reports that the crescent moon and star were used to represent the Carthaginian goddess Tanit or the Greek goddess Diana.

The city of Byzantium (later known as Constantinople and Istanbul) adopted the crescent moon as its symbol. According to some reports, they chose it in honor of the goddess Diana. Others indicate that it dates back to a battle in which the Romans defeated the Goths on the first day of a lunar month. In any event, the crescent moon was featured on the city’s flag even before the birth of Christ.

The early Muslim community did not really have a symbol. During the time of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), Islamic armies and caravans flew simple solid-colored flags (generally black, green, or white) for identification purposes. In later generations, the Muslim leaders continued to use a simple black, white, or green flag with no markings, writing, or symbolism on it.

It wasn’t until the Ottoman Empire that the crescent moon and star became affiliated with the Muslim world. When the Turks conquered Constantinople (Istanbul) in 1453, they adopted the city’s existing flag and symbol. Legend holds that the founder of the Ottoman Empire, Osman, had a dream in which the crescent moon stretched from one end of the earth to the other. Taking this as a good omen, he chose to keep the crescent and make it the symbol of his dynasty. There is speculation that the five points on the star represent the five pillars of Islam, but this is pure conjecture. The five points were not standard on the Ottoman flags, and as you will see on the following page, it is still not standard on flags used in the Muslim world today.

For hundreds of years, the Ottoman Empire ruled over the Muslim world. After centuries of battle with Christian Europe, it is understandable how the symbols of this empire became linked in people’s minds with the faith of Islam as a whole.

Based on this history, many Muslims reject using the crescent moon as a symbol of Islam. The faith of Islam has historically had no symbol, and many refuse to accept what is essentially an ancient pagan icon. It is certainly not in uniform use among Muslims.

More put-down of paganism is to be found in the Bible in Acts 7, when the first martyr Stephen, was giving his pre-stoning castigation of Israel’s idolatry ….

Acts 7

This Moses whom they refused, saying, Who made thee a ruler and a judge? the same did God send to be a ruler and a deliverer by the hand of the angel which appeared to him in the bush. 36He brought them out, after that he had shewed wonders and signs in the land of Egypt, and in the Red sea, and in the wilderness forty years. 37This is that Moses, which said unto the children of Israel, A prophet shall the Lord your God raise up unto you of your brethren, like unto me; him shall ye hear. 38This is he, that was in the church in the wilderness with the angel which spake to him in the mount Sina, and with our fathers: who received the lively oracles to give unto us: 39To whom our fathers would not obey, but thrust him from them, and in their hearts turned back again into Egypt, 40Saying unto Aaron, Make us gods to go before us: for as for this Moses, which brought us out of the land of Egypt, we wot not what is become of him. 41And they made a calf in those days, and offered sacrifice unto the idol, and rejoiced in the works of their own hands. 42Then God turned, and gave them up to worship the host of heaven; as it is written in the book of the prophets, O ye house of Israel, have ye offered to me slain beasts and sacrifices by the space of forty years in the wilderness? 43Yea, ye took up the tabernacle of Moloch, and the star of your god Remphan, figures which ye made to worship them: and I will carry you away beyond Babylon


(Stephen is preparing them to understand that Jesus was the prophet that Moses spoke of).

WHILE WE’RE ON “MOSES,” obviously quite a leader, right?  … 

He would’ve been killed, as the practice was infanticide at the time, except his parents did some civil disobedience, and Pharaoh’s DAUGHTER (remember, women are vicious, too, right?) had mercy on that abandoned baby, and had him fetched out of the river.  But being a well to do, well, royalty, she hired someone else to nurse him.  As the story goes, he was breastfed by his own mother. …  

Fat chance that would’ve happened in our day if those two had split up.  It was Moses’ MOTHER’s smarts that kept him alive, and got her back to be nourished by her.  Hmm….

Well, obviously this is not one of my more cogent posts, BUT, I think we have to look at some of these images, and the concept of WHOSE god is the RIGHT God?

Throughout history, while men have been warring over this, women have continued to produce cannon fodder, help with the cannons (“Rosie the Riveter, in the U.S., right?”) and in general patch things up before, during and afterwards.

How about a little civil disobedience on some of these activities?  I think the men might figure it out sooner or later. 

Coming soon:  When God, Jesus & Paul wanted to speak about their nurturing, caring, sacrificial, and stedfast devotion sides, the images they chose are of nursing mothers, a mother hen, and a women in childbirth.

What we also need to let back into our collective mythology is the image of the FIERCE mother, like “a bear robbed of her whelps” of proverbs.

These are sayings describing ways of interacting with the world.

Or you could go for the warehoused, alienated incubator babies and the “pit of despair” mothers model, if you prefer!

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Trying Too Hard on page A1: An SF Bay Area paper highlights a Calculating (mother &) Killer on Father’s Day

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Yeah, Contra Costa Times has gotten a lot of mileage out of Melissa Huckaby, on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day both.  If you have a real bad female, drag her photographically out for an object lesson.

I’ve followed this case, and without pronouncing on the validity of the charges, I HAVE noticed just TOO many anomalies and weird stuff surrounding the finding of Sandra Cantu’s killer.

In the same county, a good long time let Jaycee Dugard suffer in an Antioch backyard, with the Berkeley cop that found her coming not from this county, but from neighboring Alameda County.  And the cop that noticed Jaycee’s two daughters were acting strangely and DID something about it was female.

Let me explain, in the short time I have to post today:

Here’s Contra Costa Times Lead story in the Sunday Print magazine:

(this source is AP, and is posted several places on-line, one of which I have picked here):

Girl’s Murderer: Cold, Calculating

Melissa Huckaby stuck to claim of innocence as evidence mounted

(AP) – Sunday school teacher Melissa Huckaby placed the lifeless body of 8-year-old Sandra Cantu into a suitcase with a care that investigators say indicated a “calm, calculating mind at work.” This and other macabre pieces of information were revealed in more than 1,800 pages released yesterday, shedding new light on Huckaby, a depressed woman with a penchant for cutting herself, in the murder of her daughter’s playmate last year.

What kind of people are cutting themselves?  Maybe check http://www.acestudy.org again.  This is possibly a symptom of “Adverse Childhood Events” including possible sexual abuse or domestic violence.  That’s no excuse for taking it out on innocents, but being female she is cold and calculating and great press for this time of year.

I’m maybe going to take some more heat for bringing this up, but here were some comments I’d shared back in July 2009, when the relatives began fighting over custody of her daughter ….These comments are my simply questioning details that caught my attention:

I’m not sure Huckaby’s own relatives are so innocent in the matter.  Also, there’s a gag order, even her own defense attorney  had trouble getting to look at the evidence (the little gir’s body), proclamations were issued by the prosecutor before the report was in, etc.  Finally, I just got busy with life

Something NEVER smelled right about the Huckaby conviction. Her ex husband had DV against him, yet gets full custody. I am wondering whether the abuse (if not murder) related to her (Huckaby’s) older relatives. Church of God connection (if I recall it right) in the Lawless family. Perhaps the girl is better off with her father than grandparents, but they jumped on this too fast. An eager (YOUNG) newspaper reporter in this area (Tracy, was it?) tipped off police somehow.There is a lead that was not followed up on — a beige truck seen by a nearby resident near the irrigation ditch.

For all the murderers and family annihilators that do NOT get the death penalties, this one just seems odd.

(above comments were in response to THIS story:

Melissa Huckaby’s ex granted custody of daughter – By Mike Martinez
San Joaquin Herald

After a contentious exchange of court filings, full custody of Melissa Huckaby’s 5-year-old daughter was granted to the child’s father, John Huckaby, 25, following a hearing Monday in Orange County Superior Court.

And here’s some more, which was posted around April 2009 about, statistically, how “odd” this was:

For 8-year-olds, overwhelmingly abductors are
male. In homicide cases, they are overwhelmingly
male. Our assumption in these kinds of cases is
you’re looking for a man,” said Ernie Allen, president
of the National Center for Missing and Exploited
Children. “A lot of the typical profiles that you use in
these cases may not apply here. This may be
something else.”

The why, how, and even where of Sandra’s killing
remain hidden from view, although prosecutors
revealed Monday that they are considering rape and
molestation charges against Huckaby, the 28-year-
old Sunday school teacher arrested early Saturday
on suspicion of murder. Sandra often played with
Huckaby’s 5-year-old daughter.
Little reliable research exists on women who
molest children, and none that specifically identifies
women who molest girls, experts say. A decade-old
federally funded study reported that about one in
every 50 sex offenders overall is a woman. Another
study suggests that women commit 1 percent to 3
percent of all violent sex offenses against children.
“You’re speaking about a phenomenon that’s an
anomaly. You have very little data because they’re so
infrequent,” said L.C. Miccio-Fonseca, a San Diego
clinical psychologist and researcher who focuses on
sexually abusive people. “This is a relatively young
woman. This woman’s history, what she’s been into
“… we don’t know anything.”
Also rare, for children Sandra’s age, is murder.
According to the youth homicide report, the murder
rate for children ages 6 to 11 — fewer than one in
100,000 — is the lowest of any segment of the Full coverage: If the discovery of 8-year-old Sandra Cantu’s body
in a suitcase last week and the weekend arrest of
neighbor Melissa Huckaby seemed doubly stunning,
there is good reason, experts in child killings say.
 Not only are children Sandra’s age among the least
likely murder victims, but their killers are rarely
women, research shows. Women are responsible for
43 percent of homicides of children 12 and
younger, but three-quarters of their victims are
younger than 6 and most often are infants,
according to a 2001 federal Department of Justice

I wrote, at the time, “The press has pulled out all the stops on this one.  Something does not smell right to me.
I’ll also look for the article that tells something about this young woman. “


MEANWHILE, IN SAN FRANCISCO PROPER, JAXON VAN DER BEKEN HAS HIS USUAL DETAILED REPORTING.  THESE LYING POLICE WERE NOT ‘COLD & CALCULATING” BUT RATHER “Tainted,” indicating that the routine character is honest, and they were passively (the word “tainted” is passive, right?) polluted by something in their environment.

But Melissa Huckaby (DV victim) was NOT.  SHE was cold and calculating.  Well, women can be. 

It just caught my attention, though.  Because some police DO lie…  PEOPLE lie. 

SFPD / What to do with tainted officers?

Jun 20, 2010 This story is exclusive to the Sunday Chronicle and will not appear on SFGate.com until 4:00 AM on Tuesday, June 22.
http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/c/a/2010/06/20/&#8230;12 hours ago

Well, guess on-line readers will have to wait til Father’s Day has finished for THIS year to read about it.  It’s talking about those caught lying, but plea-bargained or otherwise not fully disciplined.  To me, LYING is a prime character indicator, and should be treated sternly.
(Of course, this may put some professions out of a business…)
That’s all I have time for today, back later…
I have a gut feeling that Melissa Huckaby may be a lynching, needed more for society than for Sandra Cantu’s parents….  But, I have been known to be wrong….

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Lethal Trinity of Hoodlums: Fatherhood, Motherhood, White-hooded White Men in the American MidWest

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Custodial Dads & Stepmoms, Divorcing Dads, Foster Dads (married or single) and Absent Moms…  Not good for kids.  Sorry, folks, it ain’t.

I’ve been thinking about this one for a while.  I’m going to pick on Indiana, as it has a prominent Fatherhood promoter in legislator Evan Bayh, and recent trouble with another Dad that won custody, 5 year old girl died, and he and STEPMOM tried to blame it (unsuccessfully) on the REAL (biological) mother, who is now down a child, just months after losing custody of (her).

In this one, the mandated reporters who had a chance to, DIDN’T, and the first who did report, just went along with blaming the real Mom

New details emerge in death of 5-year-old girl at hands of custodial dad, step mom

(Muncie, Indiana)


The general public still thinks that mothers don’t lose custody unless they’re nuts or sluts. But this article tells you the truth: the protective mother lost custody because she COULD NOT AFFORD AN ATTORNEY. She was outgunned by a lawyered-up Daddy who could buy what he wanted. Which was basically a 5-year-old girl he could rape, torture, and systematically starve. Everybody happy now? In addition to CPS getting dragged through the wringer (again), are we going to see the names of the custody evaluators, judges, and other court officials who rubberstamped this custody arrangement? Don’t hold your breath. Even if a few CPS or medical workers get reprimanded or lose their jobs, the court people will stay golden. One of the few exceptions is Judge Robert Lemkau who got voted out of office after he gave a crazy violent father visitation of an infant, an infant who was murdered less than two weeks later. The public has got to start holding the courts responsible for these gross miscarriages of justice.


New details emerge in death of Muncie 5-year-old
During a six-month period last fall and winter, more than a half dozen health care workers treated or observed serious problems with five year-old Lauren McConniel. It wasn’t until about a week before she died on March 9th from severe malnutrition, that her injuries were reported to . . .


Indianapolis Stranger-rape, neighbors didn’t respond quickly to the commotion, child witness (NOT a father, but I guarantee you, a male….)

Child watches helplessly as man rapes mother Police said an Indianapolis woman was raped early Wednesday morning on the near north side, with her son in the same room.

Police are searching for a rapist who attacked a woman inside her home. They say the victim’s young child became a witness to the crime. It is a crime unsettling to even the most veteran of officers.”It is rather disturbing on a number of levels,” said IMPD Sgt. Linda Jackson.

Early Wednesday morning in the 1000 block of West 33rd, police say a young mother was raped in front of her own son.

“I heard him screaming,” said one neighbor.

Neighbors say they heard some type of commotion, but thought nothing of it, until now.

Well, maybe it’s time for neighbors to start figuring out FAST what’s happening when you hear a commotion next door, and some systems to respond if it does.   This MIGHT help with domestic violence cases also …  Maybe neighbors need to know our neighbors better than we thought we did.   That is NOT going to happen without some radical restructuring of basic institutions.  I’m not talking about the CONstitution, but practices. 

Pretending that Dads as a group or Moms as a group are all nice is just stupid. We’s a gonna have to give up some of our precious myths and figure out a workable philosophy, better than , “the experts — that I’m paying with my taxes — have it under control.”  NO suburb or city is an island, especially for females.

“It’s just sad ’cause she ain’t even been there a week. She ain’t even been there a good week,” said neighbor Lisa Coleman.

“To know that it’s right across the street – could’ve been us – ’cause we were sitting here watching TV. This window was open,” said neighbor Carmella Johnson.

In fact, the victim told police the suspect likely gained entrance through an open bedroom window. She was with her child on the couch in the living room when she says a masked man came in with a knife and threatened to cut her if she didn’t take her clothes off. As the rape occurred, police say, the suspect yelled at her son to shut up.

“During the course of the crime the suspect yelled at the child to be quiet to quit crying, when obviously the child was upset. There was something really bad going on in the house,” said Sgt. Jackson.

“I can’t imagine,” said Coleman.

On a street full of young children, it’s enough to startle already anxious neighbors who are currently reconsidering their decision to live here.

We all want “SAFE” places for us and our kids to live, and for the Police to all make it better and be fast enough, smart enough, honest enough, and in short able to protect us, along with other authorities we pay for this purpose.

The victim told police the suspect took her cell phone as he left. She waited 24 hours to report the crime to police. The suspect’s description is vague, as he was wearing a mask.

Go back,  another century, and ….. it’s not Fatherhood, it’s MOTHERhood

Here’s MOTHERHOOD WORSHIP with the HOODED WHITE GUYS, same state (and supported by religious women, also….)

  • Lies Across America: What Our Historic Sites Get Wrong – Google Books Result

    James W. Loewen – 2007 – History – 464 pages
    The Indiana Klan stressed law enforcement, motherhood, virtue, patriotism, In that year’s Democratic National Convention, the Ku Klux
  • (This is accessible to view by Googlebooks and shows that a large resurgence of this clan, pre-civil rights of the 1960s, happened in INDIANA.  It’s worth a read.  They had got the press, the governor, and were aiming for U.S. President, as I recall, and they emphasized MOTHERHOOD.  How ironic, the pendulum has swung the otherway; same state (and possibly same practices), now it’s “Fatherhood.”  In Indiana and, thanks to the internet and increasing centralization in the U.S., and a less and less diverse U.S. Congress (it’s EXPENSIVE to get elected), nationwide.

    I’m going to digress here, because the link to the “less and less diverse” article pictures Roland Burris, well-known in FATHERHOOD circles:

    Senate likely to be less diverse after elections

    By Deanna Bellandi, Associated Press Writer Fri Feb 5

    CHICAGO – That historically all-white club known as the U.S. Senate is likely to lose what little diversity it has after November’s elections.

    Two white men will be competing for President Barack Obama’s former seat in Illinois, now held by Roland Burris, the chamber’s lone African-American. Appointed by the scandal-tainted former governor, Burris won’t be seeking a full term.

    In contests in Florida, Texas and North Carolina, black candidates face daunting challenges to joining the august body, from difficulty raising cash to lack of name recognition to formidable rivals.

    Blacks comprise 12.2 percent of the nation’s population, but you wouldn’t know it in the 100-member Senate. Come next year, the total number could add up to zero.

    “It certainly is not a desirable state of affairs,” said David Bositis, a senior political analyst with the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies.

    Bositis noted that blacks don’t make up the majority population in any state and in states where there are large numbers of blacks, as in the South, there are racial divisions that make getting elected difficult.

    Florida is more likely to produce the next Hispanic senator than it is the next black senator…

    Notice that this article is only talking about the ‘diversity’ of skin color, not the ‘diversity’ of political thought.

    In truth, if the Republicans take away more seats from the Democrat super-majority, the Congress will be certainly be more diverse.

    But of course in the minds of the Associated Press, the color of one’s skin is far more important than the content of their character.

    {{Guess that was not a pro-Burriss based on his politics site.  However, he’s no less “fatherhood” than white guys….}}

    Here’s to “Roland Burris fatherhood” google search:

  • U.S. Senator Roland Burris to Appear on a Special Father’s Day

    US Senator Roland Burris to Appear on a Special Father’s Day Edition of Chicago Attorney Jeffery Leving’s ‘Fathers’ Rights Legal Show’ on June 20th.
  • Attorney Jeffery Leving to Interview U.S. Senator Roland Burris on

    United States Senator Roland Burris (D-IL) will join Mr. Leving on his “Fathers’ Rights Obama’s proposed $500 million budget for Responsible
  • Fathers Rights: Jeffery M Leving-Leading Family Law & Divorce

    U.S. Senator Roland Burris to Appear on(etc., etc.)
    NOW, this is back about a CENTURY (almost) and talking about another kind of HOODlum (Pictured below, and self-described on the infamous site, below).  Look at how it was sold — temperance, and motherhood.


    This exact figure was found in the book, “Inside Ku Klux Klan” by Paul Gillette ….. Women of the Klan in many Indiana counties met with township trustees to While girls were learning the virtues and tasks of motherhood and moral …. This meant stressing the virtues of Christian fundamentalism and temperance. …
    God,” I hate to quote this, or even VISIT this site — but notice — described (in this “KKK” site) as historically just nice, law-abiding, religious folk contributing to charitable, children’s oriented, and church/school folks.  And that’s men & women BOTH…..

    The following was taken from, “Hoods: The Story of the Ku Klux Klan”, by Robert Ingalls.

    In Portland, Or., in the early 1920’s, the Ku Klux Klan pledged $50,000 to a children’s home and held a Christmas party featuring Kris Kringle. The Klan also organized a Klan Kommunity Kit to compete with the Community Chest, church visits became a kind of ritual. Typically, a small group of Klansmen would march down the aisle, hand the minister an offering of money, and silently depart. (page 39)

    Protestant ministers quickly found that the Klan’s emphasis on religion helped swell church attendance. (page 41)

    Similarly, the emphasis on DOMINATING women and keeping them in their “proper” roles is helping swell church tithes to this day, 2010…. 

    Most Klansmen were law abiding, church going family men. Klansmen also hoped to eliminate vice and corruption through the ballot box. One Klansman declared, “Everybody knows that politicians nowadays cater to all kinds of elements, mostly selfish, some corrupt, and some definitely anti-American. They cater to the vice vote and even to the violently criminal vote. What the Klan intends to do is make them pay some attention to the decent God fearing, law abiding vote.” (pages 42-43)

                                        wpe20615.gif (130773 bytes) Mr. Smith goes to Washington.

    During the 1920’s, the Klan was subjected not only to verbal abuse but also to physical assault in some areas. Bootleggers, for example, did not take kindly to the Klan’s attempts to enforce prohibition. When New Jersey’s Klan declared war on local bootleggers, the rum runners formed a defense council and publicly threatened to “Shoot to kill” anyone other then a policeman who interfered with their illegal traffic in liquor. (page 68)

    The following was taken from, “Hooded Americanism, the History of the Ku Klux Klan”, by David M. Chalmers.

    In Minneapolis, the Klan presented bibles to Methodist Churches and stressed “positive Protestantism”. (page 151)

    In Indiana the Klan gathered contributions to build a new hospital. (page 165




      We (see blogroll to right) have blogged on this before.  See Wikipedia for Son (Evan) and Father (Birch):

    Evan Bayh – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  • Birch Evans “EvanBayh III (pronounced /ˈbaɪ/, bye; born December 26, 1955) is an American Democratic politician who has served as the junior U.S. Senator
    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evan_Bayh17 hours agoCachedSimilar
  • Birch Bayh – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Children, Evan Bayh (born 1955), Christopher Bayh (born 1982) He is the father of former Indiana governor and current U.S. Senator Evan Bayh.

    And see “MamaLiberty”‘s Sept. 2009 weblog for commentary on this:



    This is from the Indiana Mothers For Custodial Justice, covering the recently introduced Fatherhood Initiative Bill:

    Evan Bayh is Not His Father’s Son

    I heard this comment in a meeting yesterday, and how true it is. ” Evan Bayh is not his father’s son.”

    In Birch Bayh’s eyes, women should be given the same chances that men have.  Women deserved equality and this was evident in his legislation.

    ‘Father’ Of Title IX Honored

    By Richard Veilleux

    Former U.S. Sen. Birch Bayh of Indiana, considered the “father” of Title IX, the landmark federal legislation created more than 30 years ago that greatly expanded educational and athletics opportunities for girls and women, was honored during half-time of the women’s basketball game between UConn and Rutgers on Martin Luther King Day.

    . . .

    Sen. Bayh also played a leadership role in many other areas and in framing two Constitutional amendments: the 26th Amendment, which lowered the legal voting age to 18, and the Equal Rights Amendment, a proposed Constitutional amendment guaranteeing equal rights to women, which has been ratified by 35 states, including Connecticut.

    AND, now, the son….

    na in the U.S. Senate from 1963 to 1981.But for Evan Bayh, the apple has fallen far from the tree…he supports fatherhood (not parenthood)…this being sent out in preparation of the reintroduction of a Fatherhood Initiative Bill into the U.S. Senate: 

    Senator Bayh sent out this wonderful message for fathers on Father’s Day to the Hoosiers he represents. He missed sending out a message for mothers…tells you a lot, doesn’t it. He is up for re-election next year….Hoosiers mothers, are you paying attention?  


    Watch out for these bill just introduced: S. 1309, introduced by Sen. Evan Bayh, (D-IN) and two co-sponsors.H.R. 2979, introduced by Rep. Danny K. Davis (IL-7) and 27 co-sponsors.President Obama told Senator Bayh last year he would sign the bill when he gets it. 

    The 2006 attempt at this bill (with U.S. Senator Barack Obama as one of the two co-sponsors) died:  

    The list below shows legislation in this and previous sessions of Congress that had the same title as this bill. Often bills are incorporated into other omnibus bills, and you may be able to track the status of provisions of this bill by looking for an omnibus bill below. Note that bills may have multiple titles.

    This one needs to die too. 


    Is it fair for our government tax dollars to go help take children from mothers, to help fund a custody battle in court (among other ‘fatherly’ support things), help that is only available to fathers? These funds pay for dads to do this. All dads are not good (see Dastardly Dads).  

    Abusive custodial fathers are constantly in the news, such as today [SEPT. 2009] :  New Mexico Custodial Father Murdered Allegedly By 10 Year Old Son Who Couldn’t Take Anymore Abuse and Jon Pomeroy, Father of Seattle-area Girl, Pleads Guilty to Starving Her.  Why should we help abusers take children from their moms?  The American Judge’s Association knows this is a problem, why do you want to fund abusers to take custody of the children?

    Yes, Evan, your dad took time to be with you. He didn’t seek to take your mother out of your life though, did he? Yes, this apple has fallen very far from the tree. 



    Possibly related posts: (automatically generated) 


    THESE ARE SIMPLY HOODLUMS.  From the One-God, Family, Tradition.
    Watch the dichotomy between “faith” and “practice” as in, “fatherhood practitioners.”  Usually, it ends up hurting what they are supposedly protecting:  women & children.
    For another take on this, I do recommend (and am re-reading) a “Civil Rights” era book by a man  who had to reconcile his faith with practice.
    LET JUSTICE ROLL DOWN — John Perkins.  Set in Mississippi & California mostly, and the narrative (with details, names, dates, places, as well as commentary) and issues he deals with speak volumes to an evangelically-minded (segregated still, and as to male/female also) society. 
    If we cannot go back a half century, a century, a few decades, and read what was written THEN (and also examine organizations, legislation, initiatives, and nonprofits started THEN), we cannot possibly understand what’s going on now.  How can you understand “cause” if living in the eternal “now” of profiling by gender, race, religion, or class?
    Nor can all of these be wiped out by simply declaring they are irrelevant.  They aren’t.  It’s the blending and balancing of priorities that counts.

    Written by Let's Get Honest|She Looks It Up

    June 19, 2010 at 2:58 pm

    Afghanistan // Egypt — The Art of Suppression (2 from MidEast Forum/Pajamas Media)

    with 2 comments


    Middle East Forum

    My connection with this is (obviously) through the writings of Dr. Phyllis Chesler, but the relationship of suppression of women to suppression of the “wrong” religion (according to who’s in power) is universally important.

    Here’s the “about” page on “meforum However my main hope in posting these two articles is that visitors to THIS blog about familycourtmatters will consider these topics. 

    I consider the family law system symbolically an “archipelago,” and I also see it as Sharia in the making.  Most men are not really ready for women to be free from their domination throughout society.  The risks that we might just :

    1.  Say No and stop providing services, including supporting oppressive systems, breeding more young, nubile females to satisfy infantile fantasies, and stop rebuilding what wars have destroyed, AND (as to middle aged males), after by doing this, have restored some possible equilibrium,

    2.  Seek mates closer to our own age, and stop standing by while our neighbor females lose their lives, and children, through a court system, because we have been socially groomed that, by paying taxes (i.e., being employees, not employERs), someone else is responsible for it.

    3.  In general set higher standards of behavior for interaction with us and our kids.

    To be fair, though this is “MEFORUM” opening description:

    The Middle East Forum, a Philadelphia-based think tank, works to define and promote American interests in the Middle East and protect the Constitutional order from Middle Eastern threats. It does this in three main ways:

    Now about 2006, and how Phyllis almost got stuck overseas, and came back more feminist than before.  Many parallels exist with USA (from where I, obviously, blog)…


    /// My life was akin to that of an upper class Afghan woman. My experience was similar to—but hardly as constrained as—that which an increasing number of Arab and Muslim women face today.

    In this first decade of the twenty-first century, women living in Islamic societies are being forced back into time, re-veiled, more closely monitored, and more savagely punished than they were in the 1960s.

    That said, I had never expected my freedom and privacy to be so curtailed. In Afghanistan, a few hundred wealthy families lived by European standards. Everyone else lived in a premodern style. And that’s the way the king, his government, and the mullahs wanted it to remain. Western diplomats did not peg their foreign policies to how Afghanistan treated its women.

    Even before multicultural relativism kicked in, Western diplomats did not believe in “interfering.”

    My comment:  This attitude prevails in the family-worshipping environment of white (and black, and other colors, from what I can tell) Protestant non-mainstream AND mainstream churches.  At least that has been my consistent experience over more than a decade, both married with violence, and single supposedly without it….

    I am now (of recently) re-evaluating this concept of the ramifications Monotheism (as well as Atheism) according to its practice.  If you think THAT ain’t challenging …  it is ….. But an honest person will do this.  More in other posts.


    The Afghanistan I knew was a prison, a feudal monarchy, and rank with fear, paranoia, and slavery. Individual Afghans were charming, funny, humane, tender, enchantingly courteous, and sometimes breathtakingly honest. Yet, their country was a bastion of illiteracy, poverty, and preventable disease. Women were subjected to domestic and psychological misery in the form of arranged marriages, polygamy, forced pregnancies, the chadari, domestic slavery and, of course, purdah (seclusion of women).

    Women led indoor lives and socialized only with other women. If they needed to see a doctor, their husband consulted one for them in their place. Most women were barely educated. In Kabul, I met other foreign wives who loved having servants but whose own freedom had been constrained. Some European wives, who had come in the late 1940s and early 1950s had converted to Islam and wore The Thing, as we called the cloaking chadari.

    Each had been warned, as had I, that whatever they did would become known, that there were eyes everywhere, and that their actions could endanger their families and themselves. Afghans mistrusted foreign wives.

    I have a post, a while back, including the “Seven-lesson Schoolteacher” (from “Dumbing Us Down” by John Taylor Gatto (1990), a homeschool favorite.  ONE of the lessons is, “there is no privacy.”  This concept is echoed in the Decalaration of Independence of the United States, as follows:

    The Declaration of Independence: A Transcription


    IN CONGRESS, July 4, 1776.

    The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America,

    When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

    [[As contrasted to “no-fault divorce.”  hmmm..]]

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, —That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

    [[Again, read this with the concept of men governing women within their marriages, and society — and think about it!]]

    Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.–

     And some of them are listed in this document:

     The history of the present King of Great Britain is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States…

    • He has made Judges dependent on his Will alone, for the tenure of their offices, and the amount and payment of their salaries.  {{or custody dependent on the will of a capricious judge..}}
    • He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harrass our people, and eat out their substance.

    These are the court paraprofessionals I keep blogging about….

    • He has kept among us, in times of peace, Standing Armies without the Consent of our legislatures.
    • He has affected to render the Military independent of and superior to the Civil power.
    • He has combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our constitution, and unacknowledged by our laws; giving his Assent to their Acts of pretended Legislation
    • For taking away our Charters, abolishing our most valuable Laws, and altering fundamentally the Forms of our Governments:

    The family courts exist in ORDER to do this; it is therapeutic jurisprudence, and mediation, evaluation, supervised visitation IN ORDER to produce a desired outcome, which I have been posting about (see also NAFCJ.net).  When you have the words “required outcome” in a court case, as opposed to “required PROCESS,” you no longer have justice.  Period. 

    Back to Phyllis’ Feminism formed, or re-inforced, in Afghanistan

    Once, I saw an Afghan husband fly into a rage when his foreign wife not only wore a Western swimsuit to a swimming party—but actually plunged into the pool. The men expected to be the only ones who would swim; their wives were meant to chat and sip drinks. The concept of privacy is a Western one. When I would leave the common sitting room in order to read quietly in my own bedroom, all the women and children would follow me. They’d ask: “Are you unhappy?” No one spent any time alone. To do so was an insult to the family. The idea that a woman might be an avid reader of books and a thinker was too foreign to comprehend. Like everyone else, Ali was under permanent surveillance. His career and livelihood depended upon being an obedient Afghan son and subject. How he treated me was crucial. He had to prove that his relationship to women was every bit as Afghan as any other man’s; perhaps more so, since he had arranged his own marriage to a foreigner. ///

    In Western terms, he had to prove his “masculinity.”

    NOTE:  I haven’t fully processed this next  article but (as typically) put it out here for public consumption and digestion.  I do note that in our area (which has a prospering MidEastern population from a number of countries) I recently met a (professor/doctor) man, a Christian, who said that the U.S. has strongly underestimated the danger of Islam, and spoke of how Egypt (from where he was) persecutes Christians.  I remembered “Now They Call Me Infidel” for sure. 

    (2) of (3)


    Regarding “Not Without My Daughters” (Beth Mamoody), Yes, there was protest about this version of events; even Wikipedia acknowledges.  Here’s a link from the “Iran Times,” last August stating so:

    ‘Not Without My Daughter’ dad dies

    0 Comments | Iran Times International (Washington, DC), August 28, 2009
    Bozorg Mahmoody, the medical doctor who became internationally famous, even infamous, as the man described as a wife-beater in the book and film “Not Without My Daughter,” died Saturday. He was 70 years old.
    The state news agency quoted his nephew, Majid Ghodsi, as reporting Mahmoody died in a Tehran hospital of kidney problems and other complications.

    Ghodsi said, “He thought of his daughter until the end and passed away without seeing Mahtob.”

    Mahtob, who will turn 30 next month, has said publicly that she refused to have anything to do with her father and has lived for years in an undisclosed city in North America under an assumed name so that he could not find her.
    The book, written by Mahtob’s mother, Betty Mahmoody, and especially the 1991 movie adaptation, starring Sally Field as Betty and Alfred Molina as Bozorg, enflamed the Iranian-American community for depicting Iranians and Iranian culture negatively.

    Betty Mahmoody responded that the heroes of the story were the Iranians who went to great lengths to help Betty and Mahtob flee Iran in 1986. Bozorg had refused to allow his wife to leave the country with their daughter, hence the title of the book and film.

    Bozorg Mahmoody fought back in 2003 by cooperating in a French-German film financed by Finnish television that gave his side of the story.

    Bozorg Mahmoody was defiant that his ex-wife invented much of the story and in the process defamed him and prevented him and his daughter from having a normal father-child relationship. And because of her book and the Hollywood film it spawned, he said he was “a victim of international politics.”


    Wife-beaters are always “victims” …  Even the CONCEPT that a man might beat his wife for religious, or other reasons, is a vicious feminist lie striking at the heart of the family, which of course is with Apple Pie, what America is really about, as well as most religions . . . .

    The MSM news are NOT majority feminist owned.  Nor are the churches, nor is Washington.  There is plenty of fatherhood & marriage funding making the rounds, still.  The richest church around (Roman Catholic, Vatican) has a real love/hate relationship with females, while promoting the breeding of more church members to dedicate their lives and services (and tithes, including help settling abuse complaints) to this organization.  It’s not owned by feminazis.  Nor are the Mormons, nor are other major churches that consider the family more important than individual rights.

    And the news I’m reading, as hard as it tries to “equalize” the situation, still reports rapes, beatings, murders, etc. by women attempting to leave men as primarily BY men.  Maybe they did it for “real” good reasons, but the facts are, if the papers are not outright lying when they say what’s on the police blotter, there’s a lot of violence going around. … 

    I think it’s time we searched for a BALANCED set of social paradigms, and seek to limit the power of government in our lives.  I do understand, from one perspective, how the feds have to step in at times and have in the past.  However, the creators of the poverty and the creators of the DOMINATE mentality should not be entirely trusted to set the social standards of an entire nation.  And for this — face it — until CONGRESS is more diverse, which takes independent money most of us don’t have — we are going to have to think more cooperative locally. 

    Someday the middle-class will figure out what’s going on at the top and at the bottom of society, and I hope that there will be a track record of some truths (I don’t say ALL truth, which is an egotisticals tatement, but SOME relevant truths) to the cause and effect of all this — well, for an analogy to BP fiasco — spillage and spouting out of what’s in the innards of the earth into the more visible and more sensitive ecology of the ocean (of humanity….).  We are up to our necks in it. 

    Don’t blame the oil! ……

    And one response to PRESSURE is PRESSING BACK.  And the natural Re-action to PRESSING BACK AGAINST PRESSURE.

    Adding the weight of “God” (and being His (or Her, or Their) “sole interpreter” in this is simply not really playing fair. 

    East Bay Roundup 6/12/2010 — Death by Dumbbell, Murder-Suicide, Married Father caught in sex sting, and Ex-Boyfriend imprisons his girl…

    with one comment


    Yeah, I need to work on these titles…..

    I was struck recently — especially in light of upcoming “Father’s Day” — of how the crime page of a Bay Area News Group paper reports crimes committed by men, and how the police handled them. 

    In reading order, they are, and with their given headlines:

    • Pittsburg ~ Mechanic tied up, Robbed (3 men tied up a mechanic at a motorcycle shop and robbed him).
    • Antioch ~ Couple Identified in Murder-Suicide (note — Antioch was where the Garrido couple, living in his mother’s home, falsely imprisoned, raped, impregnated, and used the services of a kidnapped 11 year old, Jaycee Dugard.  It’s a major scandal that hasn’t finished playing out yet, I believe).

    Victims in Antioch murder-suicide identified

    Robert Salonga, Contra Costa Times, Posted: 06/11/2010 08:14:21 AM PDT.

    — The Contra Costa Coroner’s Office has released the names of the husband and wife who died in an apparent murder-suicide early Thursday morning.Police believe that Robert Ellingson, 45, shot and killed his wife, 45-year-old Linda Ellingson, then shot himself. The couple was found in the master bedroom of their home in the 1700 block of Mt. Hamilton Drive.

    Their two children, a 13-year-old son and 9-year-old daughter, were not at home at the time of the shootings. Linda Ellingson’s death marked the city’s sixth homicide of the year.

    . . .

    Police got a call about 4:20 a.m. Thursday from someone saying that Robert Ellingson had called him and said he had shot his wife and was going to kill himself. Shortly after, police got a call from Robert Ellingson himself saying the same thing.

    Investigators now believe that Ellingson shot himself shortly after the phone call. But when they went to the home in response to a resident’s report of hearing gunfire, it was uncertain whether there was still a threat.

    Over the next several hours, police cordoned off the neighborhood and a SWAT team was summoned. [[THEY WERE ALREADY DEAD]].  Two nearby elementary schools were briefly locked down. Friends and relatives of the Ellingsons gathered at the scene and were interviewed by police for information about them.

    At 11 a.m., police entered the home and found the deceased couple. Investigators said that they had been experiencing marital and financial difficulties prior to their deaths.

    [[CORRECTION:  Before he shot her…This title is more accurate]]

    Antioch man kills wife, self

    June 12, 2010|By Henry K. Lee, Chronicle Staff Writer 

    [[another article reveals the woman was a freelance court reporter.]]

    Here’s another one that came up, but this “Antioch” was apparently in Tennessee.  This one sounded predictable and avoidable, and children witnessed it.  TAKE A LOOK — because in MARCH, he’d already threatened to kill her (with gun to head) if she left the marriage, which apparently then resulted in a piece of paper saying, “sir, don’t!” and after violating THAT (a real danger sign, in the context….), he was arrested and then out on $31,000 bail.  GUESS the Jail was full?

    • Danville ~ Drug, Weapons Bust:  (This involved one 22 yr old woman, but they were after a “Brandon Gunn” age 20 on probation, so the whole home got booked.  Of note:  They were accumulating both drugs,, firearms, AND 2 bulletproof vests.  In other words, in accoutrements, they were challenging what police bring into a situation.  The count was “being a felon in possession of a bulletproof vest”.  There was a 32 yr old man, a 30 yr old man, a 20 yr old man and a 22 yr old woman involved.  Note:  Danville IS rich, basically white yuppie suburbia, good school system, although it’s had its problems around drug usage…)
    • Walnut Creek ~ Arrest Accompanies Swat Response:  (Here, an apparently single woman, and no kids mentioned, went to the police dept. at 11pm to report that she’d been sexually assaulted and held against her will by her ex-boyfriend, a 26 yr old resident.  They interviewed her overnight, got a search warrant, and showed up 7am Friday with the SWAT time, and several personnel, closing off the area, because it was thought he might have a weapon.  In this case, within 3 hours they contacted the man, and he surrendered peacefully within 20 minutes and was arrested & scheduled for booking into jail.  Which goes to show you the young man knew better than to challenge that amount of paraphernalia — although he did feel entitled to sexual services against her will from a female.  There were no kids at stake in this matter, and it didn’t, that I know of, make the TV news. 

    I also want to point out that the POLICE know not to take chances with such situations against violent young men.  But they expect MOTHERS to handle ex-abusers repeatedly, without bulletproof vests, weaponry (and CERTAINLY without permission to use weapons for self defense) the fathers of their children who present much greater risk when challenged.  We have to mediate with them, have exchanges of our children often without supervision or safety, and in general “work it out” ourselves.  This woman was able to go on down to the police dept. and present her case.  We can’t always do that, with kids, and without cars….

    • PLEASANTON — mAN SENTENCED IN ONLINE Sex Sting  (the only point I wish to make here is that this father’s children were NOT waking up in a “fatherless home” and presumably even though their father was seeking sex with a minor (and committing adultery, if he’d gotten it, as well as crimes) the real threat to our society is female-headed homes, as to our values and the values of our children…)  Thankfully, this 44 yr old married man was caught and convicted.

    And, the article that prompted this:

    “Dumbell Death goes to jury”

  • Jury gets case against Hercules man charged with killing wife

    Jun 11, 2010 MARTINEZ — A Contra Costa jury is deliberating whether a Hercules man who beat his wife to death with a 5-pound dumbbell last year should be
  • My friends, her mistake?  She insulted his manhood.  Is there any activity a woman CAN take which does NOT insult certain people’s manhood?

  • Dumbbell attack teacher Peter Harvey cleared of attempted murder

    Peter Harvey, 50, battered the 14-year-old student with a dumbbell while pupil with a dumbbell walked free yesterday when a ‘common sense’ jury acquitted him in minutes. ….. Teacher fell to her death from bridge after drink binge
  • Teacher who attacked pupil with dumbbell should never have been

    Apr 30, 2010 Well, the jury in this case did. Whether they should have or not. …. of your own or anothers safety – does go well beyond what I think is reasonable. …. OJ should be on death row, isn’t, and thus cheated justice.
  • As usual, it pulls up another.  I am out of time, hence commentary later.


    She insulted his manhood, and was killed for it.  She had sexual infidelity — less acceptable for women, apparently…

    There’s a lot to learn in these two incidents (teacher & husband, dumbell attacks).

    Written by Let's Get Honest|She Looks It Up

    June 14, 2010 at 12:14 pm

    Social Services or Simply Serving Up Socialism?

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    {{post began in late May…}}

    I’m almost off the deep end after having made the rounds of all the potential “services” available to help with — well, what exactly WERE they supposed to help with?

    I looked at yet another set of conferences (and the backgrounds of the speakers). 


    FAMILY COURT SERVICES (serving up WHAT to WHOM?)….


    and for that matter,


    Adding to the dissociation, neither the word “Sunday” nor “Saturday” (above) derive from the Judaeo-Christian writings, which forbade worship of the heavens (or creation) and simply numbered the days, rather than naming them, except for specified feast days.  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, SABBATH.

    Changing that 7th day to “Sunday” was a power play not even shrouded in history, but clearly documented — and part of our ADHD landscape today.  The days of the week are named after what this tradition called “Pagan” gods, and not even consistently so.  Some are named after planets, some are gods (Norse, if I have it right). 

    Then we name the months also — some of them after divinities (January, March) some after emperors (August) and some after numbers (like September — which means Seven — but in OUR mixed up calendar, it’s actually the 9th month).  No wonder the year starts with the god with two faces, Janus. 


    BUT — back to the idea of “SERVICE”

    Just who is being served?  And what?

    What’s on the plate, and who’s paying the piper?

    The more I actually THINK about this, examine, and reflect (things low-income single mothers, let alone litigants are NOT supposed to do; they are supposed to leave the evaluation up to those hired to do so, i.e., the “evaluators” and other “experts,” few of who — as I keep saying — have experienced what we are going through (including at the hands of the courts), and not enough of them having actually even experienced giving birth and functionin as a MOTHER, and then suddenly having motherhood ripped out from underneath them…. That is not typically the job route to becoming a judge….    But, if you are a 2nd (or in the case of Ms. Nadia Lockyer, I heard, THIRD) wife, then it’s probably a different scenario.  She moved up real quickly through the ranks, having a child the same year she married, and within 4 years (who’s raising HER child?) becoming head of the Alameda County Family Justice Center — something she surely knows a lot about, having actually raised a family (??? ??? ????)

    There is a slippery road of Slipshod language sliding downhill FAST to what I basically call SLAVERY.

    14 steps to slavery listed

    in the back of the NDCC book.  “NDCC” stands for “None Dare Call It Conspiracy.”

    One dare not call a conspiracy a conspiracy because of the namecalling, slander, shunning campaign likely to follow.

    Why can’t one use the word “conspiracy” if one exists, or is thought to exist?  We have a Department of Homeland Security whose very job is to STOP “conspiracies” to overthrow it.

    Suppose people notice a conspiracy to overthrow civil rights, or a particular group of people, which shows indicators of heading towards a partial genocide by (name your profile) — we are NOT supposed to talk about it?  Will that DHS come after us if we do?

    I’m going to talk about it, because I know what I have personally experienced, I know my experience is NOT unique, and I’ve been around enough to know which topics are censored (never brought up) by which types of conferences, even when the conference APPEARS to have (on the face of it) diversity of viewpoints represented. 

    The diversity is superficial, as in the case of the VAWA groups collaborating with the Fatherhood Groups (1994 VAWA and 1994 NFI are clear enough indicators) and NONE Of them are really talking about the Fatherhood movement actually being a religion [these adherents are so upset with feminists because feminism challenges the male-dominated Judaeo-Christian religion], about misappropriations of federal grants, nor are they talking about government sanctioned child-trafficking, which is just about what’s taking place these days.

    [[I’ll paste top of that link at the bottom of this post…]]

    Here are 14 indicators, per Gary Allen, (link below) and he wrote this in 1970.  He claimed that several were already in effect at the time:

    1. Restrictions on taking money out of the country and on the establishment or retention of a foreign bank account by an American citizen.
    2. Abolition of private ownership of hand guns.
    3. Detention of individuals without judicial process.
    4. Requirements that private financial transactions be keyed to social security numbers or other government identification so taht government records of these transactions can be kept and fed into a computer.
    5. Use of compulsory education laws to forbid attendance at presently existing private schools.
    6. Compulsory non-military service.
    7. Compulsory psychological tratment for non-government workers or public school children.  {{Note: Mandatory Parenting Classes??}}
    8. An official declaration that anti-communist organizations are subversive and subsequent legal action taken to suppress them.
    9. Laws limiting the number of people allowed to meet in a private home.  {{No religion in unidentified HOMES unauthorized by the state, or commerce, either}}
    10. Any significant change in passport regulations to make passports more difficult to obtain or use.
    11. Wage and price controls, especially in a non-wartime situation.
    12. Any kind of compulsory registration with the government of where individuals work.
    13. Any attempt to make a new major law by executive decree (that is, actually put into effect, not mereley authorized as by existing executive orders).   {{the due process violations in the courts are outrageous, unless one’s “dues” are paid to this system in the form of either money, personal connections with decisionmakers  — i.e., unless a conflict of interest status exists, or of simply forking over the kids.  Or one’s time until one does…}}


    I SHUDDER as I realize how many of the above are taking place through the family law system, and have become accepted, and commonplace, by society  {A few bracketed above in italics are mine, not Mr. Allen’s}.  I was deeply affected by the one regarding education when private education is possible.  It’s easier to make orders like this to divorcing or separated parents (given the threat of removing custody to the other parent if compliance is not quick) than a united pair.  I most definitely had fewer rights separated than married, and remember, my marriage standard was the religious version of domestic violence.

    Here’s where it goes when the Religious Police hold sway, or could go.  THis time, a man was caught, but typically it leans hard on women:


    Is this where we want to head?

    We DO realize, right? that psychology & psychiatry is basically a religion substitute, and shares many of the same qualities, stating norms and deviance from them as mental illness sometimes requiring medication …..

    And  Wade Horn and other religious folk are fundamental architects of many HHS programs.

    We’d better face these issues nationally!

    We’re on it, and far down this road.  I can’t take on the nonprofits and the foundations behind them without reliable housing, food, and transportation, let alone identifiable FUTURE.  At this point, I can’t even write a well-reviewed post. 

    But one thing I CAN do is walk into a room, or a venue, and pick up on the linguistic ambience.  This comes perhaps from my former profession (teaching, musicianship) in combination with the years of living with a spouse who was overt about controlling everything. 

    You want to “explicate” domestic violence?  I have it in a simple motto, and no conferences need be run on the finer points of it:  It’s slavery. 

    It’s this attitude:

    I am God and you are Dog. 

    Our relationship is called obedience training.  Run, sit down, BEG (boy do we know about that one!), roll over, jump through hoops (Note:  CPS is good at this training aspect, as are custody evaluators, mediators, and others.  “If you are a GOOD Mommy or Daddy Doggy, you may get to see your puppies again.  You want to growl back?  Give me your offspring, bitch!”). 

    Alternate description:

    “MY standards for you and NO standards for me.”

    Domestic violence is, in essence, the double standard, the crazymaking that there is some “reason” to what is known as simply tyranny, in other contexts.

    Read the “14 steps to slavery” in the back of this book.  We’re in it.  And while reading, ignore any onlookers who start the namecalling — you’re a Tea Party member, you’re a fundie, you’re paranoid.

    NO, I’m awake.  Grrrrowllll



    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – Quick View
    at their disposal to fire the barrages at None Dare Call It Conspiracy. …… This book: None Dare Call It Conspiracy. In writing this book we have tried


    The Great Income Tax Hoax

    Welcome to the Net-based copy of 16 chapters of Irwin Schiff’s masterpiece on the US “Income Tax”! Laws are the whitewash that governments use to disguise the ugly fact that they steal money from productive people, then use it to control how they live their lives.

    Being merely one-sided contracts, [tax, presumably] laws have no moral validity whatsoever; but eight generations of government schooling have conned Americans into supposing that they are magic, to be held in respect and awe.

    Accordingly, if there is a tax law, most people tend to obey it. In this masterpiece, perhaps the most important book he ever wrote, Irwin Schiff shows that there is no such thing; how even that veneer of respectability falls off the “income tax” when its origins are systematically probed



    (The sites spelling and formatting is a LITTLE better than mine…)


    San Diego is the largest Family and Juvenile system in the world. It is also the Largest child trafficking Supplier in the world. One of the largest child trafficking receivers is the Baptist Church.   Just like the Catholics have had their little dirty secrets the Baptist have  theirs.  I have no Fear to state what I just stated. I dare anyone to file a civil suit against me. I would love for this to go to court, because I can prove every word I say. 

    In 1993 I ran away from home, as a young teenager I was preyed apon. I was first took in by some guys from Pakistan. I then ended up in the Hands a human trafficker that supplied people to a Juvenile Judge Dan Camp Of Carroll County, Ga and his mafia.  I lived 15 years in the underworld, what start out as willing, quickly turn into held hostage.  In the mist of my 17 year ordeal. I saw and witness things America, along with the world should be intrested in. Does American care about justice any more?  Does American even care the Government  is trafficking there own children?  Time will tell. As the percentage of victims rises you will hear more and more stories like the Ninjas that killed the adoptive parents of 12 special need children, Holly Collins, and Baby Gabriel. The number of websites like this one are also popping up every where, exposing these crimes against Humanity. What will Americans do? Will they demand Justice or will they just sit by and let our children be walked out the door by CPS and police to be trafficked by the Baptist or any others ? Well I sure the Hell won’t!!! It is time to EXPOSE! EXPOSE EXPOSE!!!! and DEMAND THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT TO STOP THIS NOW! BECAUSE OUR CHILDREN ARE OUR FUTURE!

    Here are some of the links at the top of the page.  The average person does not have the time or stomach to process all of this:

    Child Trafficking

    4 Minute (post) and 4 Recommended Books

    leave a comment »


    1.  The Bible.  I still think Jesus was ahead of his time, when it comes to women.  That doesn’t characterize the institutions that followed up ….  for sure…

    2.  A recent find:  “The Chalice & The Blade.”  Riveting.

    It talks about dominator vs. partnership and uses archeology, art, and a LOT more.  Hmmmm…… Are you afraid to be female?  Talks about the Minoan culture …. 

    Ever thought about the difference between “linking and ranking?”  Or about this theme?

    “Knowledge is bad, birth is dirty, death is holy.”

    I thought not.

    3.  Let Justice Roll Down by John Perkins. 

    We need this one to integrate religion with justice, again.

    4.  Books by Irwin Schiff, to reclaim our time & $$.

    All of these are OLD books. 

    That’s my 4!

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