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What Color is Your Paradigm?

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When people are trying to force a paradigm down your throat, please regurgitate and activate the conceptual skills.

I was struck by the “14 points to slavery” I found in a recent re-read of an older book called “None Dare Call It Conspiracy.”

Point #7 is:

“Compulsory psychological treatment for nongovernment wokers or public school children.”

Another, #3,

Detention of individuals without judicial process.

Another, #14,

“Any attempt to make a new major law by executive decree (that is, actually put into effect, not merely authorized as by existing executive orders).”

I think we are starting to look at the structure behind the family courts, and had better start thinking in larger terms than men vs. women (as legitimate as these issues still are), but in federal co-opting of roles that were intentially diluted and dispersed in our Constitution (USA).

I think some of the people BEST qualified to tell us how to resist going into slavery are some of those who have gotten out of it.

Domestic violence is a FORM of this, as is child abuse.  And yet everyone is doing the talking for the victims, and their voices are silenced as those on the grants dole do the talking.  This has to stop.

Just thinking aloud, more to come.

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April 19, 2010 at 3:59 pm

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  1. […] it out I came across an article on LetsGetHonest which  speaks of victims speaking for themselves.  Thats statement is right on the […]

    {{LetsGetHonest reply: … Well, that’s quite a graphic blog you have here: http://amiavictim.wordpress.com/2010/04/20/a-real-nice-guy/
    I noticed this question: (end of your post) — and it’s a good one – – who to blame for your (former) torturing of a handicapped kid: your former childhood abuse, or are you just a rotten bad apple using that as an excuse….

    (Excerpt, here:)

    “I promised I would stop but the next time I saw him, I promptly continued the torture exactly where I left off. I can remember that kid being in tears and I wouldn’t let up on him. I victimized that kid. I find it strange that for all the things that happened to me when I was a child, I had no empathy for him.

    I didn’t have to do that to him. I chose to be an asshole; I was fully aware of how it affected him.

    Now many years later I feel regret and shame about that choice. I have a handicapped child of my own and I think about how I would feel if some rotten little asshole treated my son that same way.

    Its things like this event that which make me wonder would I have turned out the way I did if I wasn’t abused or am I just a rotten bad apple who used child abuse as an excuse to be an asshole.”

    (End excerpt:)

    Well, WHO YOU ARE is a religious / spiritual question, and is more within your determination than you realize: you choose how to frame your own past actions and whether to live in the past, or combine that awareness into a better, let’s hope, future.

    Another book I (as a woman) found helpful was “The End of Manhood.” If you read his intro (or was it epilogue — forget which), he talks about his prior bad treatment of his own sister. In short, the concept of “Manhood” as “Dominance” and where you are on the ladder is a flawed concept. YET, there’s validity to striving for excellence, and mastering self, or skills.

    As religions of several faiths are sources of some of the worst child abuse (let alone rape, pillage, war, crusades, murders, including honor killings) around, let me recommend reading some non-religious Viktor Frankl: “Man’s Search for Meaning” or “The Doctor of the Soul.” After his experiences in concentration camps, he came to the conclusion that we STILL have moral choice.

    My personal take is that those who don’t face their personal, internal “demons” (I put the word in quotes for the agnostic/atheists among readers), will externalize it and demonize the “others” in their lives. As people tend to resist being tortured, mocked, hurt, and abused, the tendency throughout society is to pick on someone who can’t fight back, and won’t physically hurt or otherwise destroy you. Jesus (who himself got crucified, let’s remember) talked about the chief characteristic of the “Gentiles” was that they LOOOVED to exercise authority over one another.

    In the ensuing millennia (about 2), all kinds of groups in his name have figured out other ways to exercise similarly abusive control over those who can’t fight back. In short, it’s about power.

    I find your blog too graphic, although the concept of NOT sugar coating it and sanitizing it is valid. The thing is, most of us can’t stomach the truth, and pay others to keep it from us. Then when that truth hits YOU, the “wall of silence” is going to isolate you. It’s just society quarantining itself, until the whole thing implodes.

    {{End LetsGetHonest in-line comment reply}}.

    PS. I noted your copyright notice. I’m not quite sure how this interacts with WordPress, and would like to comment that while your thoughts are definitely your own, I doubt I’ll be spreading them around. Some of us still deal with PTSD enough in our own cases. Please note my disclaimer at bottom right of blogroll — this is public use. Also, I note that you link to plenty of other blogs yourself….Like Anne Caroline Drake, one of my favorite commentators… Ah, well, on with life…

  2. I linked to this article. It is so true we do need victims to speak for themselves! Thanks for pointing that out.


    April 19, 2010 at 5:54 pm

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