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Archive for March 17th, 2010

Hearsay in Kidnapping played up by the Press

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I have blogged on child-stealing, because I’ve already experienced the police enabling the father of my children to take the law (and our kids) into his own hands, in violation of a standing custody order. 

I’ve blogged on the laws which exist to prevent this happening.

I’ve YET to blog on exactly HOW the family court venue (already a place where batterers are able to hide with impunity, and continue destabilizing a family unit based on hearsay being taken as the truth, and so forth) downgrades what the law calls a crime into a non-crime.

I have come to the conclusion that these laws, which I thought were written, and APPEAR to be written with a note to protective parents — found in the language of the code, at least in my state — are actually written for fathers.

There have been front-page news on bereft fathers telling the press — mournfully and with convincing emotion — that their exes were fabricating allegations of abuse, and were just sore losers in the custody venue.

This is now a new class of behavior and reporting, and citizens need to WATCH this type of reporting.  Those who are examining the case files MIGHT find something different.

Police are not the only agencies qualified to determine whether child abuse (or DV for that matter) has or has not occurred.  Psychological assessments do not tell whether or not certain acts have happened; fact-finding does.  Whether or not fact-finding ever takes place, or even an appearance of it, IS a factor in whether facts were ever FOUND.

I’m only giving two more links — from Washington State.  No, I have not read the articles, but you can, now that I’m posting them.  Then, if you are so minded, you could at least probably read the record of court actions, and/or some of the players (professionals) involved in the case.

It is of supreme importance if we are going to live even a nominally law-abiding society, that the courts are credible when orders are made (i.e., due process, no gender bias, no conflict of interest for monetary reasons or professional referral reasons.  I just about eliminated the family law profession in this statement… and when you add in the finances at stake in these cases — i.e., child support, etc.  — there are a mixture of possible motives for any custody action.

But a paper printing a father’s quote assessing his ex’s REASONS for steailng the children, when there are issues of molestation is suspect.  When are these papers going to go into the jails and get her side of the story and print a QUOTE?  Along with a history of the case actions?  Now THAT would be reporting.  It’s what some of the bloggers on my roll ( to the right) often do, and share with each other, and it is sure informative.

One case, two links:



Again, HEARSAY should be balanced when reported on….

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March 17, 2010 at 2:37 pm

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