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you want to understand the family law system?  I know I write too much, don’t spellcheck (or the post won’t even get posted) and put up a LOT of information to process.

Let’s keep it simple:

Memorize the Overview to this site. 

I couldn’t have said it much better. ..

You may notice this isn’t the slickest looking site, but let’s go for the content.  Some slick looks come from Technical Assistance Grants from DOJ (or HHS) or OVW, and may be responsible in part for why bus services, library services, arts in the schools, and a few other social services at the bottom end are being cut.  This ain’t likely to help marriages much….

I am still looking for a way up and out that does NOT involve joining one of these professions:

Dedicated to Exposing Illegal and Immoral Practices in The Courts

… Particularly the Family Law System which includes the Courts, Attorneys, Family Services, Psychologists and Therapists,Visitation Monitors, Ad-Litems, Social Workers, Child Protection Agencies and all of the agencies that support these so-called professionals.

Collusion among individuals within the family law system takes place to extract assets from troubled parents. The system is designed to increase the wealth of the family law professionals at the expense and heartbreak of families. Corrupt practices abound. This website is dedicated to exposing the corruption in detail. Areas where corruption exists are identified below.

It’s a little hard to keep up continuity in some of our exposes — after all, we’re not situated close to the spigot, which appears to be taxpayer funded governmental departments!



Written by Let's Get Honest|She Looks It Up

March 15, 2010 at 12:32 pm

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  1. Family law courts definitely increase the wealth of family law officials. This is so unfortunate, but a reality for society today. Hopefully a change can be made and soon…

    {Let’s Get Honest — you are a dating site advertising on my site, and not exactly a critical (or involved, at least here) thinker: what is what is, and let’s hope that (without taking a look at causes & effect, or addressing causes) that some unidentified someone, somewhere, at some point in time, will “hopefully” make — well, let’s rephrase that to passive and REALLY eliminate the concept of responsibility — “hopefully a change can be made and soon….” . . . . . by WHOM, my friend??}


    March 16, 2010 at 5:56 pm

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