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A Change of Pace…

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This rarely happens, but I have just been unable to wrangle alien computers into actually saving my blogs.  I am so tired of this topic, and missing my children, and the total roller-coaster of dealing with dishonest people who expect to be taken at face value, year after year.

I never expected not to get free from that situation.  With all the professionals squawking at each other, the people in the field just don’t have proper input.

I have a good post coming up about two major “stakeholders,” and a common heritage.

However, it’s too sloppy to post. (It was up briefly, last 24 hours). 

Here are some older sites or books worth reviewing:



Explains difference between family and criminal law, and why we need to continue making our own organizations.

I get so tired of identities and labels being shoved at (mothers, in particular) from different sources.  How’s about a little privacy?  How are people who have no connection to my life, and haven’t witnessed it, going to define it?

I get so tired of the various linguistic “hood-lums.”  Fatherhood, Motherhood, Neighborhood. 

Here’s one book I found helpful:

Front Cover

Book overview

In this practical follow up to Refusing to be a Man, John Stoltenberg uses a combination of case studies, autobiography, checklists and discussion points, to speak directly to men about how the social construction of manhood operates in everyday relationships and to show how these same dynamics drive the behaviour of gangs, race-hate groups, and international imperialism. Readers will find here new perspectives on intimacy, gender, and violence and be pushed to re-examine their ideas of manhood and gender identity generally. Stoltenberg’s new introduction sets the book in academic context, summarising the game theory of gender which underlies all his work.
Limited preview – Edition: 2 – 1999 – 314 pages – Social Science


He talks about how one cannot have BOTH “manhood” AND “justice.”  That sounds strange, but it’s expressed well in the book, which has these contents:


This is from 1993….

=======Chapter 4.  “How do we know what manhood really is?”



Which talks about giving others a voice. 

Street Spirit is a publication of the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) that reports extensively on homelessness, poverty, economic inequality, welfare issues, human rights issues and the struggle for social justice. For the past 10 years, Street Spirit has been dedicated to empowering poor and homeless people and giving a voice to the voiceless, at a time when the voices of the poor are virtually locked out of the mainstream media.

American Friends Service Committee shoulders the entire printing costs of more than $3,000 per month to give our homeless vendors a positive alternative to panhandling, and to give our readers a progressive alternative to the corporate-controlled mainstream media. Help us remain an independent voice for justice! Please donate or subscribe to Street Spirit.

Street Spirit features investigative reporting about an alarming new wave of civil rights abuses and police harassment targeted at homeless people. Our articles document the struggle for dignity and human rights by low-income psychiatric inmates, street youth, homeless women, welfare recipients, and poor seniors facing eviction. Street Spirit reports with a truly populist perspective from the shelters, back alleys, soup kitchen lines and slum hotels where mainstream reporters rarely or never visit – speaking truth to power and breaking the corporate media’s “vow of silence” about the growing disgrace of ever-widening poverty in the richest nation on earth.

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March 4, 2010 at 2:54 pm

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