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Before cops and man got shot, the ubiquitous “parenting classes . . . . “

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This post makes sense primarily if you read the end of the last post, where David E. Crable, in general hell raiser and felon not being treated like one, eventually shot a responding deputy, who then managed to kill Mr. Crable, but ONLY Mr. Crable, thanks to Mr. Crable’s 16 year old daughter, who pro-actively rushed him and grabbed his gun.

WITHOUT a bullet proof vest or training in these situations.  But clearly wi th some prior experience of his danger, and I’d say her “lethality assessment” skills were just fine.

The excellent reporting by Anne Caroline Drake obviously grabbed my attention, and I read some more links, and found out that a superior court judge assigned this man some PARENTING CLASSES & PROBATION before he’d finished his rampages.

So, I looked up “Pierce County Parenting Classes.”  WHere t here’s smoke, t here’s fire, right?

In case you wonder why judges think (apparently) that parenting classes are going to stop bullets, or knives, or violence — perhaps there is a financial connection, eh?  Whether or not, I found this, which we by now should all know is a booming business:

Ari Novick, PhD.

He hails from Southern California, and unlike a lot of families dealing with domestic violence, runs apparently a thriving business, with clientele from the courts, and other places…


Ari J. Novick, Ph.D, is a practicing licensed psychotherapist, anger management and parent educator in Southern California. He can be reached at (949) 715-2694, on the web at www.ajnovickgroup.com or by email: ari@ajnovickgroup.com. Dr. Novick’s is an approved provider of the Orange County Probation Department for both Parenting and Anger Management. He is also an adjunct professor of psychology for Pepperdine University’s Graduate School of Education and Psychology.

Parenting Classes for Washington

Online Parent Class is one of the leading providers for taking a quality, trusted and approved parenting or co-parenting class. We are an ideal resource for court, legal, social service, probation or personal growth needs. All participants of our online parenting classes will have access to an instant “proof of enrollment” form once signed up. You will also receive an official “certificate of completion” when you finish the class. All certificates are mailed free of charge, expedited shipping is available. Why spend time away from family and work commitments? Take your parenting class from an industry leader. Click here to Register.While we have participants taking our program throughout many counties and cities in the state of Washington. Some of the most common areas include: Brellingham, Cashmere, Eatonville, federal way, Kirkland, Lacey, Lake Stevens, lynnwood, milton, Mountlake Terrace, north bend, Olympia, Orting, Othello, Port Orchard, Port Townsend, Puyallup, Renton, Sea Tac, Seattle, Sequim, Snohomish, Spanaway, Spokane Valley, vancouver and yelm


Not only is this class getting apparently business from the court, but they also pay a referral fee.  The sticker on the logo says “Court Acceptance Guaranteed.”

Partnership Opportunities

Any business or individual can raise their revenue by becoming our affiliate. Each time you refers a student to this website, and the customer completes our the course, your affiliate account is credited for the amount of the referral. For our online parenting courses, the commission rate is $45 per referral. In addition, the customer you refer will automatically receive a $5 discount. The more customers you refer, the more you will make.

How it works

This process is very simple. We provide banners and links that are placed on your website. Customers directed to our website from an affiliate’s site that completes our course will be counted as an affiliate sign up.

You can also provide your affiliate code to any potential customer. They can type this affiliate code in during the registration process and they will also count as your referral customer.

There is no cost or other obligations for becomming an affiliate. We do screen affiliates to make sure that they are relevant to our products.

Other Parenting Class Locations

Now do you have a concept of what I’m talking about when I talk about the BUSINESS of the family law system?  Most people where domestic violence is a factor have at least some relatives, intimate partners, or children involved.  not all, but a good percentage. 

Those that do, this is what you really need, not weapons or survival training.

I think perhaps we ought to take some common sense lessons from our teenagers, they seem to have more sense in a crisis….

Again, here was the story which led me to this:

Two Pierce County deputies shot; one critical

Suspect also killed; had history of domestic issues

(yeah, “issues” all right…)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009
Last updated 5:36 p.m. PT



scene of a shooting that involved two Pierce County Sheriff’s deputies, Monday, Dec. 21, 2009, near Eatonville. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

Two Pierce County Sheriff’s deputies were “basically ambushed” Monday night when responding to a domestic violence call near Eatonville, a spokesman said.

The shooting was the third within two months in which police officers in the Seattle-Tacoma metroplitan area were targeted by gunmen.

    Pierce County
  David Edward Crable

The suspected shooter, identified as David Edward Crable, 35, was shot and killed during the incident, which happened shortly after 9 p.m

. . .

Troyer said Crable had lost some sort of custodial right in seeing his daughter, because he had assaulted her in the past.

The deputies were let inside the residence by Crable’s brother but were unaware that Crable was hiding upstairs, Troyer said. Investigators said Crable, who had had some clothing in a bag, fired several rounds.

“It happened in a matter of seconds,” Troyer said. He said Mundell fired at the suspect after being hit multiple times, and that investigators were still piecing together the chronology. He also said domestic violence calls are the most dangerous kind of call.

OFFICERS KNOW THIS !! !!!  WHY DON’T, apparently, JUDGES??

“You have three people shot,” he said. “It’s a horrific scene.”

The shooting was the latest in a spate of officer shootings since Oct. 31, in which at least eight deputies or officers have been shot in Western Washington. Police say all attacks were apparent ambushes. At least five have been fatal.

“She said (Crable) was holding a knife and pointed it at her several times, though she was not scared by it,” Pierce County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Brian Wasankari wrote in charging documents. “She said the defendant then escorted her to her room, slapping the back of her head several times.”

When Crable and his daughter got to her room, the girl allegedly told police he “shoved her into the corner, grabbed the back of her head and shoved her face up against the wall, causing her chin to get cut.”

A deputy who responded noticed the girl had an abrasion on her chin.

Crable’s younger brother, 32, had come to the house and confronted him, “but (Crable) grabbed him by the throat and pushed him out of the house,” according to charging documents.

The brother told police that while he was sitting in his vehicle, Crable walked out of the house with a knife and slashed the tires.

. . .

He received two 365-day sentences. All but two days, for which he was granted time-served credit, were suspended on the conditions that Crable pay restitution, show law-abiding behavior and take parenting classes.

Crable was also ordered to have no hostile contact with his brother or teenage daughter.

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March 1, 2010 at 1:13 pm

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