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Words of wisdom from “JohnnyPumphandle“:

It is no longer ‘Our‘ Legal system. The legal system no longer represents Truth and Justice, Fairness, Equity or Principle. Ask any lawyer.

Today’s legal system is a big (BIG) business that involves a myriad of professionals and nonprofessionals that are strictly in it for the money. The outcome of a legal issue has little bearing on righteous justice, but is strongly influenced by our laws, some of which conflict. The outcome of a legal issue is also influenced by the players in a case and their relationships which corrupt the legal system even more. Yet, no matter how poorly these players perform, they cannot lose. Only you have something at stake.

The Family Court provides the greatest latitude for Corruption – case decisions can be made ex parte, the courts are given extreme latitude, perjury is not recognized or enforced, psychological opinion is highly regarded, facts are often suppressed, sealed testimony is common, gag orders and cleared courtrooms prevail, etc.

Unfortunately, bias does exist in our legal system. And it cannot be swayed by you (unless you know someone). Statistically, depending on the locality, the bias can be documented in every direction – some 180 degrees apart. The losers are the litigants.The winners are the professionals that control what goes on but are unaffected by the outcome. The fact that you may have evidence, truth, and right on your side means that you have half a chance of winning in court.

As distasteful as it may be, working out a settlement is the best solution for a family that is breaking up. The Court must become involved to rule on Divorce and Custody, but the family will be far better off if an agreement can be reached before involving the law. Even in cases where there is violent disagreement at the beginning, compromise must eventually be reached. Attorneys will be more interested in your family’s money than helping you reach an agreement. If each side of the family has an attorney, then the attorneys will be able to ‘protect your interest’ by fostering disagreement.

There are a number of written guides available at Libraries and Bookstores that provide an outline for reaching an equitable family agreement. (Here’s one).

Family Court Cannot Punish the Guilty

The Family Court is not a forum for exposing wrongdoing! If you suspect that a family member has committed a crime, take your evidence to the police. You will have a much better chance of success in prosecuting the wrongdoer. If the police fail to act, it is because the case cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt – which has been constitutionally established. Trying to punish a spouse or other family member in Family Court is a complete crapshoot. The Family Court Legal System is rigged and the outcome of a case is totally political. The courts have absolute immunity regardless of whether or not ‘justice’ has been rendered or corruption has been uncovered and brought to light. This example shows that other judges may decide to punish a wayward judge but emphatically make the point that all judges are above the law.

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(see the rest at the link.  I believe author is Marv Bryer, who discovered L.A. County slush fund through audits, IRS, etc.  )

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February 17, 2010 at 1:19 pm

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