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War comes home: Waterboarding a 4 yr old

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Do you think it was a MOTHER or a FATHER that did this?

Was there an enabling 2nd woman around at the time?

As I say, there is approximately one a week coming to the press.

How cast iron is your stomach? Because if you can’t stomach what’s happening to this society and why, there may come a time when the blinkers must come off, and concerns worse than foreclosure, or inflation, become paramount in one’s life..


This reference comes from a newspaper via Michael Moore website, and from this site referenced below. I hope you will take some time to read her comments 9n this case on the Michael Moore site (linked on the title to this article, below).

February 8th, 2010 2:54 PM

U.S. soldier Joshua Tabor waterboards his daughter, 4, because she couldn’t recite alphabet: police

By Brian Kates / New York Daily News

A GI waterboarded his 4-year-old daughter in their suburban Tacoma, Wash., home because she couldn’t recite the alphabet, police reported.

Joshua Tabor, 27, allegedly admitted to police he used the torture technique because his daughter was terrified of water and he was furious she didn’t know her ABCs.

Tabor was arrested Sunday and charged with assault of a child.

Tabor, a soldier at the Lewis-McChord base in Tacoma, Wash., told police he held the little girl’s head backward in a sink of water, Yelm Police Chief Todd Stancil told the the local newspaper, the Nisqually Valley News.

Stancil said Tabor had admitted to using this means of punishment three to four times.

Police found the little girl locked in a bathroom with bruises on her back and scratch marks on her neck and throat.

Asked how she got the bruises, the girl is said to have replied, “Daddy did it.”

Police did not release Tabor’s rank or the nature of his military service. His base is home to units that have served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The girl, who was not identified, had been in Tabor’s court-ordered custody for about a month and a half.

After his arrest, she was placed in the care of Child Protective services, Stancil said. She had moved to Yelm from Montana where she lived with her grandparents. Her mother lives in Kansas.

Cops arrested Tabor after neighborhood residents reported him walking around his neighborhood drunk, wearing a Kevlar Army helmet and threatening to break windows.

Tabor’s girlfriend told police that Tabor has an anger problem and beats his daughter, Stancil said.

Tabor reportedly said his girlfriend helped hold the girl down in the water. She had not been charged.

The couple has a 2-month-old child together, Stancil said



I’ve been speaking about this sad profit-making practice for few years now. [1], [2], [3] My latest speeches are posted at:


[1] Dr. Sidiakina, N.A. (2010) STOP Family Courts’ Torture And Abuse of Protective Parents And Self-Represented Parties:

[2] Dr. Sidiakina, N.A. (2009) Family Courts’ Reliance on Parental Alienation Syndrome Theory Turns Normal Children Into Mental Retards:

[3] Dr. Sidiakina, N.A. (2009) The Family Courts’ System in California Turns Children into Slaves:

ANYONE want to track that case? Why did the mother of this 4 year old move to Kansas (or him to Washington)? When, where and why was this little girl in Montana, with “grandparents.”

For the uninformed, “grandparents” in custody battles, particularly any ones that involved domestic violence or child abuse, or allegations of it, come in TWO brands:

1. His (in which case, what kind of sense does it make putting a kid in the custody of the parents who raised a man that has been abusive? Or woman?)

2. Hers (another factor to consider is that SOME families respond to the breakup of their child’s relationship, or marriage, differently than others. Some families support their biological (adult) child, others turn on them. This becomes interesting when one figures that one generation of poor boundaries, and lack of understanding that it’s wrong to hit may produce an adult woman who doesn’t have the greatest boundaries in marriage. Or, other scenarios may include a young adult child needing so desperately to get away from an abusive (or simply emotionally bloodless/cold) family of origin she mistakes lust for love. Or doesn’t mistake it, but simply takes the closest apparent exit.

I don’t know about this case. I’m just providing the links.

Do you (“Gentle readers”) Understand the power of multiplication? Any good business person, network marketer, or affiliate of any product, should understand the principle.

Well, guess where these incidents are ‘bred’? The Family Courts ARE the incubators for sure. They are a hotbed of profit — for some. Not the four year olds, of course…
LOOK: A need is a market niche. If problems were simply solved in the most direct, honest, and sensible way, there goes a business opportunity, and it would have to knock on other doors.

What better constant stream of cash than a SYSTEM which generates problems? And when people are MANDATED to go through it, basically, unless their marriages are intact (and 1 out of 2, approximately, in the US aren’t), there’s practically No Exit.

We have in this one case, apparently a vet applying Boot Camp procedures (and worse) to a kid. Thankfully, this one got caught.
Go figure!

9 Responses

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  1. […] by Let’sGetHonestBlog […]

  2. I guess we can ask, did the military let this “mental deficient” into their ranks or did they make this normal guy in this “mental deficient”. Even Ronald Reagan said that water boarding was torture, but I guess Cheney and his gay daughter are the brain trust on this lie that has been perpetuated onto the American people and signed off by the GOP.


    February 13, 2010 at 11:31 am

  3. […] by Let’sGetHonestBlog […]

  4. dydjfccx, http://www.marketwire.com/press-release/Universal-Coin-Bullion-President-Mike-Fuljenz-Supports-Eddie-Eagle-GunSafe-Education-1260128.htm Mike Fuljenz flies high, tamnvepz , http://www.marketwire.com/press-release/Universal-Coin-Bullion-President-Mike-Fuljenz-Speak-National-Rifle-Association-Annual-1256547.htm Mike Fuljenz knows his stuff, rinrmoyv

    I GOT this, guys (or gals), see other comment.

    I’m allowing (your) blatant self-promotion because the issue of the 2nd Amendment (as well as what Hearne seems onto, the IRS theme) is related to “family court matters” indeed.

    I notice an “APA” affiliation at the bottom of “Subterfuge publishing” site. If this relates to American Psychological Association (does it?) google my site for “warren farrell,” we’re onto him…and his ties with this organization…..


    June 9, 2010 at 1:09 pm

  5. nwhonqgm, http://www.marketwire.com/press-release/Universal-Coin-Bullion-President-Mike-Fuljenz-Supports-Eddie-Eagle-GunSafe-Education-1260128.htm Mike Fuljenz knows his stuff, rjlhhdga , http://www.marketwire.com/press-release/Universal-Coin-Bullion-President-Mike-Fuljenz-Speak-National-Rifle-Association-Annual-1256547.htm Mike Fuljenz, keaqmbwv

    {{{Say WHAAAT? And who the heck is Mike Fuljenz, and how does this relate to abuse of a child? ?? Not at all, just more sales.

    Well here’s some Google research, FYI

    “This stuff is straight from a movie,” says Jason Gibson, a Houston-based plaintiffs’ attorney who represents O’Neill and more than 50 other former customers from across the country. Many are 70 to 90 years old, and some suffer from serious health problems such as epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Collectively, they claim to have spent more than $10 million on grossly overvalued coins and allege a laundry list of abuses against the companies, including:

    • using high-pressure sales tactics

    • targeting the elderly

    • selling coins with 100 percent markups as investments

    • using religion to gain trust with customers

    • fabricating stories about the origins of coins

    • misrepresenting the value of coins

    • making unauthorized charges to credit cards

    The lawsuit — one of several currently pending against the companies — represents the latest black eye for an industry that remains unregulated despite its centuries-old association with fraud. There is no governmental agency that oversees the highly speculative rare-coin market.

    {{Governmental agency oversight of almost anything at this point, is an oxymoron, I admit… We need to oversee Government…To do that, we have to get off of some of the timeconsuming addictions that have been sold to us, perhaps like Mike’s salesmen sold to the elderly — for example, seeking justice in the family law system, thinking that “child support” collections is vaguely related to the children AS children [with legitimate financial needs for housing, food, clothing, education, etc.] as opposed to Children as the fruit-of-the-(male)-loins property, forever, no strings attached . . .}}}

    The Federal Trade Commission, which can take action only under truth-in-advertising laws, has not prosecuted a case against a dealer in 15 years.

    The lawsuit has sent shock waves through the coin industry since it specifically targets Michael Fuljenz, a veteran numismatist — or coin expert — and award-winning author and occasional CNBC pundit. Fuljenz, a named defendant, has denied all charges made against the companies, claiming he is the victim of an overzealous attorney.

    But Gibson says when he filed information requests with the FTC and state attorneys general offices throughout the country seeking consumer complaints against coin companies, he discovered a pattern: “All roads led back to Beaumont.”


    Michael Fuljenz trains his salespeople that customers do three things: lie, puke and say no. It means they lie about personal finances, puke excuses and ultimately say no to purchasing rare coins

    {{{LetsGetHonest spits back: ….Gee: Lie about personal finances, puke excuses and ultimately say no.
    Sounds like a lot of governmental entities (and NONPROFITS (another oxymoron) funded by government grants, juiced up via threat from the IRS by poor slob employee taxpayers, and/or private well-meaning citizens, some of them perhaps elderly with Alzheimer’s also and responding to high pressure marketing– or a step above the rest of us poor slob employees because they are tax-exempt — for example, churches and faith-based communities who, while they have a horrific track record towards woman and children, DO pick up SOME of those spit out the bottom end, while causing problems at the higher levels through their refusal to recognize in public that it’s illegal to beat on women, rape, steal, kidnap, or — oh, sorry I forgot I was referring to one of the largest “Christian” organizations around, calling itself “Catholic”}}}. You come up bruised after a round seeking help from one place, and the other one lies, pukes, and says go try somewhere else, you don’t fit our client profile.

    By which time the average human being either forgets who SHE is (or was), or comes to her senses and recognizing her humanity, gets pissed off at the discrepancy between the advertising on the (agency/nonprofit) names — as suggested by their titles — and the product delivered.

    Here’s this Mike’s Zoominfo profile — unlike many, it’s actually claimed by its owner, which tells me something PR-related

    He’s pro-NRA (rifle stuff) which isn’t too surprising, given Texas and the interest in gold per se.

    Which I’m not knocking — hey, we don’t have a “bona fide currency” in the US after all, it’s debt-producing, PERIOD, which began in the 1900s. …

    I looked pipl, but pipl references were mostly PRWeb (called “I paid for my promotions”) and from his own sources.

    Author Mike Fuljenz to Sign Newly Released Book at National Rifle Association Annual Meetings & Exhibit in Charlotte, North Carolina in May

    They now publish books by renowned numismatist and author Mike Fuljenz and political novelist, David J. Hearne.

    Currently Subterfuge Publishing is releasing another book by Mike Fuljenz and plans to have a political thriller by David Hearne out in the fall of 2010.

    Who[s that buddy David J. Hearne?

    This one?

    David wrote the January 1995 “PC’s 20th Anniversary” article for Computer Currents. It was a chronicle of the emergence of the personal computer and the beginning of Microsoft. It discussed MITS, Altair and the exciting beginning of how a small group of engineers opened the door to computing as we know it now.

    David’s article based on his interview of Ted Wait the founder of Gateway 2000 Computers became the January 1992 cover story for Midnight Engineering magazine. It covered how and why Mr. Waitt started and grew this competitive computer manufacturing company to compete successfully against IBM, Apple and Dell. Midnight Engineering is published in Fort Collins, Colorado by William Gates.

    Searching LaForge:

    Product Description
    The bullet riddled campaign bus of senator Katherine Laforge is found on a lonely snow swept road near Charlestown New Hampshire. Who are the assassins behind this deadly attack of a presidential candidate? Who wants her dead? Has her unorthodox quest for peace between Iraq and the USA incensed her foreign policy adversaries to the point of killing her? Could the perpetrators of this attack be any of the thousands of accountants, Lawyers or IRS agents who fear and loathe Katherine’s campaign pledge to replace Income tax with a simple national sales tax? Is her support and policies for the United States to end its reliance on foreign oil, incendiary enough for the billionaire oil cartel to silence her? Is she a victim of an Islamic militant’s reprisal for her outspoken view on their Jihad? Or is this attack simply because Senator Katherine Laforge is now a clear and present danger to the age-old bastion of men at the helm of the United States?
    About the Author
    David Hearne is a former military officer who has been involved in the IT Industry for the last 20 years. His last book was a 500-page book called “Enable Command Performance”. This was an exhaustive and comprehensive reference to the Enable Procedural language, a scintillating read for the Dilbert crowd. He also has written numerous articles on technology and interviewed its luminaries like Ted Wait the founder of Gateway 2000 Computers, Heidi Roizen the founder of T/Maker and a Vice President of Apple Computer. He now lives in Southeast Texas with his wife and daughter.


    OK, now I’m interested. . . . However, obviously this chickie (Me) is just warming up with some searches in the process of approving a comment from a gun-toting (I presume) Texan who’s pretty darn good at PR. I mean in the Zoominfo page, the words “Mike Fuljenz” occur about 6 times in EVERY reference almost.

    Wonder where they stand on the issues I blog about? …. Let me look at “subterfugepublishing.com” (found on the zoominfo link). This is a clue… Send THIS one to Phyllis Chesler ….

    Author David Hearne’s new novel “The Christmas Special” is scheduled for release in the fall. The book is a thought provoking political thriller revolving around a series of Christmas morning terrorist attacks. Beside the death and destruction wrought by these attacks, the selected day of execution could darken the sacred celebration of Christ’s birth for years to come.

    {{Don’t stress about that, Mr. Hearne. The reasonably historically literate understand that the December date is a Christo-pagan compromise (similar to a lot of our USA churches to date); He (Christ) was more likely born in September, probably around 4 A.D. At least the sheep were in the pastures, not the folds, when those angels appeared. However, as to Saturnalia, hey, party’s on…. So yes, Christmas was real sacred. I haven’t seen my kids for the past several Christmases, thanks to unenforceable court orders…}}

    The spellbinding novel weaves together current events with fiction creating a sobering reality of an event whose actual occurrence is certainly probable.

    David Hearne’s new novel exposes a major terrorist attack scheduled for the morning of Christmas. A 16-year-old Muslim girl named Sheeva, who falls in love with a 19-year-old agnostic American boy, becomes a primary figure in the tumultuous story. Her father, Ali Hasson, is an Afghanistan doctor given political asylum in America because of the assistance he provided US forces during the onset of the war. Unknown to most, however, is the fact that Ali is a closet Islamic terrorist leader intent on orchestrating an attack on America more devastating than that of nine eleven. {{“911” — why was this written out differently?}} Their targets are 3 nuclear power plants and numerous hospitals.

    Another dark side of Sheeva’s father is his habitual beating of his daughter because of her westernized behavior and relationship with an unbeliever. After succumbing to numerous beatings, Sheeva runs away from home, but during her escape discovers her father is the leader of a major terrorist plot scheduled to occur on Christmas morning.

    When she and her boyfriend Jason try to alert officials, they are met with the fact that if they admit their relationship, Jason would face being arrested for harboring Sheeva, a runaway, statutory rape, lascivious conduct with a minor and numerous other charges.

    {{NO mention here, naturally, that her father might have been convicted of beating a daughter, causing her to run away . . . . . . after all, she’s his property, East or West. }}

    {{The fictional Sheeva is damn lucky some of her female indoctrinated relatives didn’t catch up with her, she might have been beheaded, shot, or otherwise subjected to an honor killing…}}

    Conviction of these charges, would label Jason as a registered sex offender for the rest of his life. The Romeo and Juliet couple are faced with the moral dilemma of saving thousands of lives, but having their relationship and lives destroyed by this legal quagmire; or stay quiet about her father’s terrorist ambitions, allowing the two of them to stay together and avoid her boyfriend facing charges about their affair. The result of a conviction would have her boyfriend vilified more by the public than terrorist, murderers or kidnappers.

    The reader is thrust into this young couple’s unenviable dilemma of trying to choose between helping to save thousands and going to jail or saying nothing and knowing their silence helped bring on the death of many.
    Last Updated (Monday, 17 May 2010 21:53)

    {{blog author continuing sarcastic commentary…}}}
    Yeah, I do wonder where these authors stand on honor killings, sex with minors and domestic violence.. Necessary evils when it comes to fighting external enemies??. I sense no outrage at the father’s beating of his children in the framing of this, obviously tolerated (or she dare not intervene) by any female around — mother, aunt, grandmother — although he does express regret that such a well-meaning (and having sex with a runaway minor) young, testosterone-ridden male and his girlfriend face with his being stigmatized as — well, what he is — a young man who conducted statutory rape and harboured a runaway.

    Maybe he, too, knew that domestic violence shelters are full, and only temporary solutions. Wonder if the novel discusses that.

    The Islamic beating girls and terrorism is part of a larger dynamic maybe I can address in another post today, which I had intended to.

    I don’t mean to minimize the danger of fundamentalist Islam. Fundamentalist Christianity is beginning to (??) emulate its worst aspects. I’m just giving it a female frame of reference, sirs.

    And the issue of the 2nd Amendment is also a domestic violence issue, and an unalienable right issue, particularly when adult (including adult women) are involved. How many MEN are raped or kidnapped, or both, at gunpoint in peacetime? Yet this is a common news article here in the U.S. …..


    June 9, 2010 at 7:44 pm

  6. Nice review of the Fuljenz scandal in the press. Universal Coin & Bullion is back doing more with their PR to keep that buried. I came in because I thought, what the heck do these guys have to do with waterboarding 4 year olds? Surely the coin company can’t stoop that low . ..


    February 8, 2011 at 11:18 am

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