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Where is the promised HELP from DV funds?

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Just a few quick pastes here:


The INTRO to this document tells some of how the government switched into the Designer Family Business.  It also names names and programs in a nice glitzy format, with Anecdotal Evidence that all this stuff is really — trust us, folks — helping lots of folks.

Tucked in the prose is a reference to how an organization James Bell Associates hand-picked WHICH Healthy Marriage/Fatherhoodl grantees had what it ? called “Promising Practices.”

Who the hell is “James Bell Associates” you may ask?

They are an organization, reminds me of Center for Policy Research, MDRC (mentioned also in this report) and others who are the “delivery vehicle” of government.  

Like others (and possibly modeled after others?), these corporations are paid to demonstrate, evaluate, recommend, and report on various federal programs.  As such, they are closer to that federal stream than the average citizen (or mother attempting to leave an abusive relationship) is ever likely to get.  For example — and I only have 3 minutes left, so here’s a sample of the fields covered:

Service Collaboration, Coordination & Integration

Over the past several years, JBA has implemented nearly two-dozen projects that have addressed the methods for engaging multiple agencies in coordinated and productive planning activities, the nature and extent of efforts to blend funding streams, and the barriers and facilitating factors for integrating and co-locating services. Specifically, these studies have examined: integrated mental health and substance abuse services to improve HIV treatment adherence, health outcomes, and the overall costs of HIV treatment; strategies for improving the flow of juvenile cases across the child protection, law enforcement, and court systems; cross-agency collaboration to increase the timeliness, availability, and accessibility of substance abuse prevention and treatment services for families; and cooperative efforts in local communities to implement services and supports under the Promoting Safe and Stable Families (PSSF) Program.

Click on the following links to learn more about JBA’s projects in this area:


 Meanwhile, look up program 93.591 description under federalgrantswire.com and see if you can find some accountability under there…

This is why I sometimes wonder if Due Process and Accountability to individuals stands a chance of a snowball in hell.  As the family courts farm out decision making to paraprofessionals, and so forth — it’d take a research expert to figure out where one’s rights went. . . . . .

And the process is snowballing. . . . .  Technology is paramount.  Like Marshall MacLuhan said long ago, “The Medium is the Massage” and he was right.

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January 13, 2010 at 3:55 pm

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