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Let’s Just Ban Divorce. Or Marriage?

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Let’s take this to the logical conclusion:

Movement under way in California to ban divorce

By Judy Lin Associated Press Posted: 11/30/2009 02:54:14 PM PST Updated: 11/30/2009 05:35:30 PM PST SACRAMENTO —

Till death do us part? The vow would really hold true in California if a Sacramento Web designer gets his way.

In a movement that seems ripped from the pages of writers for cable’s Comedy Central, John Marcotte wants to put a measure on the ballot next year to ban divorce in California.

The effort is meant to be a satirical statement after California voters outlawed gay marriage in 2008, largely on the argument that a ban is needed to protect the sanctity of traditional marriage. If that’s the case, then Marcotte reasons voters should have no problem banning divorce.

“Since California has decided to protect traditional marriage, I think it would be hypocritical of us not to sacrifice some of our own rights to protect traditional marriage even more,” the 38-year-old married father of two said.

. . . 

No other state bans divorce, and only a few countries, including the Philippines and Malta, do. The Roman Catholic Church also prohibits divorce but allows annulments. The California proposal would amend the state constitution to eliminate the ability of married couples to get divorced while allowing married couples to seek annulments.

Person ally, I’m thinking women ought to hold a boycott on childbearing til we get this family courts thing straightened out. 

Never in my life did I expect to spend the latter portion of my life in this type of trauma / drama, diverting energies from productive activities to defensive activities, and taking increased hits the stronger one shows up in court.  What a Catch-22!   How dare any organization, agency, or arm of the state, county or federal government WASTE a decade or so of any parent’s life.  In particular mothers have to juggle work, job, parenthood — those things are not flippant responsibilities! 

How are we supposed to teach our youngsters right from wrong if the institutions they inhabit can’t figure it out?  Or, alternatively, how are we supposed to teach them to respect others and credit the process of resolving differences, when (once divorce actually starts), the entire “due process” is farmed out to professionals who don’t observe it?  Or even respect it?

Prentice said proponents of traditional marriage only seek to strengthen the one man-one woman union.

Nationwide, about half of all marriages end in divorce.

Not surprisingly, Marcotte’s campaign to make divorce in California illegal has divided those involved in last year’s campaign for and against Proposition 8.

Marcotte, who is Catholic and voted against Proposition 8, views himself as an accidental activist. A registered Democrat, he led a “ban divorce” rally recently at the state Capitol to launch his effort and was pleasantly surprised by the turnout. About 50 people showed up, some holding signs that read, “You too can vote to take away civil rights from someone.”

Well, this one was just comic relief, I hope.  It’s California, trendsetter to the nation….


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December 1, 2009 at 7:13 pm

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