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“My police intuition was kicking in, but I’d say it was more of a mother’s intuition.”

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God bless Officer Allison Jacobs, UCB Special Events Coordinator Lisa Campbell, and others like them,

whatever their position in life may be.


LOOK at the amount of detail Officer Allison Jacobs and UC Berkeley Special Events coordinator Lisa Campbell noted that led to the freedom of kidnap victim Jacyee Dugard, and the two children she bore during her 18 year captivity!


This entry was posted on Monday, August 31st, 2009 (A blog on employee background checks?)

by Jason Morris

policeofficersLast week we wrote about the breaking news thatJaycee Lee Dugard was found.  After the story broke, details began to surface about how this story unfolded. It appears that the talent and intuition of two female officers led this incredible rescue of Jaycee Lee Dugard and her two daughters, Starlite and Angel.  After being suspicious the two female officers, Ally Jacobs and Lisa Campbell decided to run a background check on Phillip Garrido and his wife Nancy Garrido.  Obviously a far reach the type of background check used to screen employees but an obvious statement on the power of information!


How Jaycee Lee Dugard was found: U.C. Berkeley Police describe Dugard’s children Starlite and Angel

While America rejoices at the return of Jaycee Lee Dugard and her two daughters, and awaits a glimpse of Jaycee today, or even to see a current photo or picture of Jaycee Dugard, one thing is certain. Jaycee Lee Dugard would not have been found was it not for the heroic bravery of two female officers working for the University of Berkeley California Police Department: U.C. Berkeley police officer Alison Jacobs and U.C. Berkeley police official Lisa Campbell.

On Wednesday, August 26, 2009 both Phillip Garrido and his wife, Nancy Garrido were arrested and the true identity of Jaycee Lee Dugard was revealed. However, it was only due to the quick actions by Officers Allison (Ally) Jacobs and Lisa Campbell that the perpetrators were apprehended. Call it female intuition or maybe even a woman’s instinct, but both women state that when they saw the trio, Phillip Garrido and his two daughters, Starlite and Angel Dugard, something didn’t seem right.

Lisa Campbell states, “He had two little girls with him and they didn’t look right. Monday, August 24, 2009, Phillip Garrido had visited Lisa Campbell in her office, approaching her for approval for a crusade he had planned. The event was to promote his group “God’s Desire,” and he told Campbell that the event would be huge and that the government would be involved. (!!)  

Observing Phillip Garrido and his two daughters, Starlite and Angel, she found him to be erratic and the girls sullen and submissive. Acting on bravery, intuition, and insight

{{{ACTING on bravery, intuition and insight…..}}}{{She did not just “go with the flow”}}


Lisa Campbell scheduled a second appointment with Phillip Garrido. She had scheduled for him to return to her office on Tuesday, August 25, 2009 at 2:00 p.m. She took his name and before he would return the next day, Officer Ally Jacobs had run a background check.

The background revealed that Phillip Garrido was a registered sex offender and on federal parole for the 1976 kidnapping and rape of a woman in Reno, Nevada. The rape occurred while Garrido was 25 years old. He approached a casino worker who was in her vehicle and asked her for a ride. She obliged and he duct taped her,

{{The first thing such a person does is to obtain control of the situation, obviously}}

drove her to a storage unit, and began to sexually rape and abuse her. A police officer working the area noticed the vehicle and suspected something amiss was happening. When he approached the door to the storage unit and knocked, he heard the woman screaming.

{{had not THIS officer also noticed something and called for backup, acting on it, Garrido might never have been arrested, and who knows what might have become of his older victim.   also, LADIES — DO NOT PICK UP HITCH-HIKERS!  ! !!}}


Garrido had been sentenced to 50 years in federal prison for kidnapping and 5 years to life for rape. He made parole on August 26, 1988. Ironically, he was arrested on August 26, 2009 exactly 21 years later. It is also worth noting that he was on parole for 3 years at the time of Jaycee Lee Dugard’s kidnapping. With the background check information revealing the character of Phillip Garrido, Officer Ally Jacobs decided she would sit in the meeting when Garrido returned the next day.

Officer Jacobs described the appearance of Starliet and Angel as being pale, almost gray. She stated that they looked as if they had not had much exposure to the sun. She described the fifteen year old girl as standing in a peculiar position, stiff and with both hands on the front of her legs. She was looking up. Officer Jacobs said the 11 year old girl was staring at her with pale, bright blue eyes. Though they didn’t look malnourished she remarked on the younger girl’s look in her eyes. “It was like she was looking into my soul,” Officer Jacobs said. Officer Jacobs also stated that it felt like Little House on the Prairies meets cults with kids. She began to operate on both her police training and mother’s intuition; she says she started thinking like a concerned mom.


We not only HAVE these Mom’s feelings, we allow ourselves to acknowledge and act on them.

I want to insert a comment, and it will sound bitter, but it’s the bitter truth.  IN a DIFFERENT situation, women, mothers, that do this are told to have their head examined, go to therapy, they are exaggerating, they are imagining things, they are just trying to get even with their divorcing spouse.  What venue do you think THAT is?

I have seen my just-stolen daughters, illegally, in several different venues, and no one noticed anything “amiss.”  I would like some day to look every one of those “I didn’t notice anything amiss” people in the eye some day, personally.  What’s the matter with them?  Some had less excuse than others for failing to stop a kidnapping (child-stealing being the official term) in progress?  And our courts forbid parents to do something about this, while failing to themselves ??    ???  The next time I saw my kids I didn’t recognize their manner, either, they were changed girls.


She began to operate on both her police training and mother’s intuition; she says she started thinking like a concerned mom…

he two female officers began to ask the girls leading questions. They wanted to gain more information without alarming Phillip Garrido. Some of the questions included what grade they were in; their names, how old they were, and they asked the younger girl how she came about having a bump near her eye. The officers stated that their answers seemed rehearsed and that the girls mumbled when stating their names. During this time, Phillip Garrido was offering incriminating and startling information about himself.

Garrido was speaking incoherently and in an unorganized manner.

This is discernible in our case transcripts, it’s intended to derail and distract the conversation.  I watched a (female) judge fall for this.  It had also worked in front of other (male) officers, repeatedly.

He spoke about a book he had written “Origin of Schizophrenia Revealed.” He went on to discuss his previous kidnapping and rape convictions

now that the information about them was uncovered.  Kind of reminds you of the Hans Reiser case.  After he was convicted, THEN he admitted the crime (murdering his wife on an exchange of the children).

and then stated that he was doing God’s Work.

 but he’s a good boy now.  Similar pattern in our court transcript, and I won’t cite it here.

After this ‘divine’ announcement, he grabbed hold of his 15 year old daughter and announced that they didn’t know any curse or swear words. The officers observed the girls’ body language when Phillip Garrido grabbed hold of them and felt they looked as if they were fearful of their father, their body language became stiffened at his touch.

Officer Jacobs had no basis in which she could make an arrest but

but, but, she didn’t blow it off and wash her hands of the situation, “my hands are tied” either, like officers did, repeatedly in our case, even when they weren’t.

when Phillip Garrido left, she made a phone call to his parole officer. She and the parole officer spoke on the phone

She followed up with another professional in the case.  Our case?  They wouldn’t touch it when other professionals were involved.  I don’t believe the other professionals even bothered to read the case file when it had a recent, RECENT child-stealing on it.  

Wednesday, August 26, 2009. She explained the situation and encounter that she had with Garrido, Starlet, and Angel and recommended that his parole officer check in on him. She was quite surprised when Phillip Garrido’s parole officer informed her that Phillip Garrido had no children.

{{What’s a kidnapper rapist doing with kids, anyhow?  “Hey, Dad, how was work today — got any new ones?? We want a day off!”}}

Later that day, when Officer Jacobs was driving home from work she heard the news that Phillip Garrido and his wife had been arrested. It was the next day that Jaycee Lee Dugard’s return became public headline news






Brentwood gives hero’s welcome to woman who helped break Dugard kidnapping case

Posted: 09/08/2009 08:58:12 PM PDT

By Paul Burgarino 
Contra Costa Times


Allison Jacobs tried not to cry when she was honored by her community Tuesday night.

But with an overflow City Hall crowd of friends, family and Brentwood residents applauding her, she eventually caved.

“I’m completely humbled and honored for what I feel was me just doing my job,” Jacobs said after receiving a proclamation along with a Key to the City — the second one ever presented by Brentwood.

It was a big night for the 33-year-old UC Berkeley police officer, who is credited with setting in motion the events that led to the discovery of kidnap victim Jaycee Dugard 18 years after she was abducted, and to the arrest of Dugard’s captors, Phillip and Nancy Garrido.

Brentwood Mayor Bob Taylor said the Garrido case “hit America, it really hit America.” Despite being in a war and other economic strife, “you don’t mess with our kids.”

“I think what Allison did is kind of something very remarkable,” Taylor said.

Jacobs received several standing ovations from the packed crowd at the City Council chamber. She broke into smile a couple of times when catching a glance from her family.

The City Hall ceremony came after members of the local Warrior’s Watch Riders and American Legion Post 202 greeted Jacobs with a motorcade escort through town. Fran Curtis, president of the American Legion riders, said the group decided to honor Jacobs for her valor.

“It’s pretty trippy that she was involved in this case that got worldwide attention and she lives in this community. We wanted to recognize her for the good she did,” he said.

In addition to the city proclamation, Jacobs also was recognized by Congress. Exodie Roe, a field representative with U.S. Rep. Jerry McNerney, read aloud a statement that the Pleasanton Democrat had entered in the House record.

“Had it not been for Officer Jacobs’ outstanding performance of her duties, the abuse of Jaycee and her daughters would have continued indefinitely,” McNerney’s statement read.



Two weeks ago, Jacobs and UC Berkeley special events manager Lisa Campbell encountered Phillip Garrido, who lived in unincorporated Antioch but grew up in Brentwood, when he walked into the campus police station to discuss a permit for an event on campus called “God’s Desire.”

With information supplied by Garrido, Jacobs looked up his criminal history and found he was on federal parole for kidnapping and rape. Thinking something wasn’t right, she called his parole officer.


{{SHE LOOKED UP HIS CRIMINAL HISTORY.  Finding he was a former kidnapper and rapists, paroled for it, She then called his parole officer.}}

Skillset:  Follow-up.  She did a criminal background check, NOTICING it, followed up.  Then she kept on NOTICING.


Especially disconcerting was the appearance of Garrido’s daughters, ages 15 and 11, the next day. Authorities say Garrido fathered the children with Dugard.

My police intuition was kicking in, but I would say it’s more of a mother’s intuition,” Jacobs recently told CNN’s Anderson Cooper of her meeting with Garrido.

“They were so robotic and not like girls of 11 and 15,” Jacobs said at an Aug. 28 news conference. “If it wasn’t for them, I would have just talked to him and that would have been it.”

Jacobs said the parole officer was at first skeptical when she told her that Garrido had two children. But she got a call back two days later.


“He was talking real fast about a kidnapping 20 years ago, the FBI and what a good job I did,” Jacobs said at the news conference. “I couldn’t believe this was something so huge.”


THIS IS ONLY one of multiple papers’ special sections, it’s become a public speciality, practically; the graphics, photos, testimony, and number of people that did NOT:

  • Do a criminal background check.
  • Follow through.
  • etc.

This includes law enforcement.

Is large.  Many of them state now they had an odd feeling about something.  Others, in shock, say they did not .  But it took ONE woman in uniform with an officer’s instinct — and face this, it also took Phillip Garrido’s zeal to promote his religious “stuff,” and his thought that bringing “Allissa” (a.k.a. kidnapped Jaycee) along would somehow justify him, plus the girls also coming along to the campus as well.  Clearly he thought of them as supportive and a credit to what he was doing on campus in some way. 



Reach Paul Burgarino at 925-779-7164.

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September 9, 2009 at 11:29 am

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