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Rhetorical Questions about the Rhetoric

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This was originally my long intro to the Boyhood project post.  Then I had mercy on the readers, and split the post in two, saving my sarcasm (and the graphics) for this one, and splitting off the more sensible discussion to the previous post (“Suicide, Incarceration — a guy thing..”)

I have long felt that some of the difficulties the US Lower, and Disappearing Middle Class is experiencing today were intentional and pre-programmed.  I have long felt that the monopoly on public education had more causes than even the jobs bank it obviously is.  The dysfunction is necessary to the employee  / consumer / militaristic economy.  If I had to choose between causes, in my 50s plus (without further specifying!), I have debated with friends whether to go after the family law system dysfunction, or the educational system dysfunction.

Again, the word “DYS”function depends on one’s point of view.  If that point of view is of having assets sufficient to generate wealth for onesself and one’s offspring (or sufficient to TEACH them how to do this), the “Dys” seems quite optional.   

Anyhow I hope today’s post is a break from boredom, and taking ourselves too seriously in the supposed matter of He vs. She.



Aren’t you BORED with all the postings about the domestic violence homicide/suicide/familycide statistics, and people who blame it on women (including some of the women killed) for leaving their men to start with?  (Same rationale would complain about runaway slaves over a century ago…)  Aren’t you BORED with all the pro and con drivel about Parental Alienation (It’s junk science.  It’s God’s truth. It’s abuse of children.  It’s used to counter valid accusations of child abuse, etc.)

Aren’t even some of you bored with the “promoting responsible fatherhood” news articles (timed to Mother’s Day) reporting it as if it just sprang up unaided from the grassroots folk, or full-grown from the reporter’s sudden discovery of these issues, naked like Venus from a seashell, or for that matter, Athena, fully armed, from Zeus’s head?  **

Zeus Giving Birth to Athena

How many of you do not really buy the concept that feminism did the same, fully grown out and supposedly unaided, from women’s own heads?  

Not even “Eve” (for you fundamentalist Bible-thumpers, if not readers) just sprang out of Adam’s side,  but was surgically (and  while Adam was unconscious, in a deep sleep) extracted by God for companionship, not for being treated and trained like a dog….



 (Although by the time of this version, ca. 1493 century,  before she was fully born, it appears she was getting lectured….).  By the time of, say, the Civil War, USA, the desired shape, state, and color of the future “Mrs. Adam” was at least per Steinhardt, pale, naked, innocent, inactive).

Anyone who has been around competent dogtrainers realizes that abuse is not part of this, and that using a single woman individually for a punching bag, or ALL women verbally, for a rhetorical punching bag, and justifying it on some lofty ideal makes  — or should! — a public laughingstock.  

Kind of like many women have their wombs surgically extracted, for profit, often for frivolous reasons, called “hysterectomies,” and they we are protrayed as “hysterical.”  Kind of like children are often surgically extracted from stable households, also for pay and on frivolous causes.  Doing this,  reporting this, and analyzing this is BIG business:  in fact, is driving institutes, centers, and majors in reputable universities around the USA.  (But, not the topic of this post). 

No, the births of most ideas, & doctrines take time and don’t just drop onto the scene fully-formed!  Feminism, like “responsible fatherhood,” has identifiable benchmarks, history, and spokespersons.  


Aren’t you BORED with the:  All divorced or unmarried single mothers receiving welfare or protesting abuse are:  lying about the abuse;feminazi lesbians intent on destroying, God, country, and the family; and  while we’re at it, so is VAWA. Are you bored with hearing how women (unless we are married, staying at home with 2.5 children and not on welfare) are all out to soak their exes and are gold-digging bitches who should’ve remembered their place in society, and in general, poor men?  {{Ignoring who went to the factories while men went to war in the early 1900s}} Or that we’re having babies to get child support or welfare?  Or that if one woman was caught making up a rape or child abuse report, or abusing a child, therefore we ALL are and should be suspect if we do?

Are you bored yet, with the prolonged conflict, artificially generated, between the government-sponsored Healthy Marriage, Family, Fatherhood rah-rah in the court systems (and associated realms), and the sensitivity-training in the (almost bankrupt, and non-literacy producing) public schools, as to LGBT, how innocuous Islam is and awful right-wing Christianity is (In reality, the latter is drawing closer to the former when it comes to women).

Are there others around who have questioned, like me, whether the REAL “divide and conquer” Family Law policies may not actually be Men vs. Women, but Haves vs. Have-nots?  The students with the material studied (i.e, populaces), And have noticed the uncomfortable resemblance between social and behavior sciences (including at times their history) and eugenics, and other atrocities that supposedly the World Wars I & II addressed and are skeptical that our “new, improved” system of compulsory education {design dating back to the Industrial Age, and formatted after Prussian military regime, with a mixture of anti-Catholicism for good measure} will teach children fair-mindedness, and good human values, and is NOT a replication of indoctrination systems from other, prior, totalitarian regimes?



In my personal life, other than the DV, the frightening aspects, the chaotic and backwards financial policy of my years of abuse, the OTHER times I was determined to get out was when being subjected to yet another (long) lecture on:

  • Men rule, because of their Y chromosome (anatomical reference deleted)
  • Women should shut up, because they aren’t smart enough to have input into “the big picture.”
  • It’s been this way since Eve, which you are (when I wasn’t , alternately, “Satan”)

I didn’t put it on my TRO, but death of psyche by conversational boredom was also a hazard of not leaving that situation.  No matter, the other valid reasons (including weapons, and use of them, etc.) were on there.  

Face to face with this behavior, or publically exposed through the airwaves, it’s not funny.  It results in real blood and death.  There are similarities between this rhetoric and propaganda preceding genocides, or attempted genocides, in recent centuries.  Step ONE is to objectify and dehumanize the targets, and blaming them for society’s woes.  The next step is purging.  After a while, one becomes sensitive to the pre-purge talk.  People become aligned with group identities, losing their own in the crowd and gangs.  

Anything that can draw us/you/them all out into humanity, which includes dialogue, embrace, empathy and accountability (ability to sometimes be part of a community, but to have a separate identity from this as well) will help reduce, I believe, the damages.  

I used to function in the expressive arts (particularly music).  


In the next post, I speak back to some more NON-sense, drum-beating, war-talk on feminism.    

  • For example, overlooking the topic of PTSD in returning war veterans, instead blaming women for trying to protect themselves from it, and their kids, in returning traumatized men.
  • For example, linguistic confusion with the concepts in the “Declaration of Independence” (let alone Constitution & Bill of Rights) with a concept so vague and all-encompassing as “Patriarchy.”  Fools! — King George was “patronizing” (a.k.a. “using!”) the colonies, a.k.a. he was pimping/exploiting them.
  • As to “Feminazi” (an attempt to associate Feminism with Nazi-ism.  In fact, the compass points the exact opposite direction:  Wikepedia, for what it’s worth, has this to say:


Feminazi is a portmanteau of the nouns feminist and Nazi. The on-line version of the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the term as used in a “usually disparaging” manner, to describe “an extreme or militant feminist”.[2]


The term was popularized by conservative talk-show host Rush Limbaugh, who credited his friend Tom Hazlett, a professor of law and economics at George Mason University, with coining the term.[3] Limbaugh originally stated that the word “feminazi” refers to unspecified women whose goal is to allow as many abortions as possible, saying at one point that there were fewer than twenty-five true feminazis in the U.S.[6]

In practice Limbaugh has used the term “feminazi” for much wider contexts. Limbaugh also used the term to refer to members of the National Center for Women and Policing, the Feminist Majority Foundation,

and the National Organization for Women, which has over 500,000 members.[7][8][9] 


Some consider use of the term “feminazi” ironic because feminists and other political dissenters were among the victims of Nazi concentration camps and Nazi work camps.[11]Gloria Steinem said in an interview, “Hitler came to power against the strong feminist movement in Germany, padlocked the family planning clinics, and declared abortion a crime against the state—all views that more closely resemble Rush Limbaugh’s.”[12] Many prominent German feminists like Helene StöckerTrude Weiss-Rosmarin and Clara Zetkin were forced to flee Nazi Germany.

{{Comments:  In the “Non-Sense” counterpart to this post, I highlight the VERY militant talk from the masculinity-mongers.

Other than Helen of Troy’s beauty (and was it really her fault?), I feel it safe to say, women are not launching ships and wars.

Calling feminists militant is sort of the pot calling the kettle black…}}


Seems to me that somewhere in there, freedom of religion was a force in some people brought to the U.S.  Slavery was another.  Fleeing oppression in other countries (or famine) was another.  Now, we are exporting oppression from the USA worldwide, and through a variety of institutions.  One has to ask, why?


Mythology . . Violence. . . 


More on “Athena”:

Source:  http://www.richeast.org/htwm/Athena/athena.html

“The birth of Athena, chief of the three virgin goddesses, can accurately be pictured if you imagine an earthquake measuring 8.6 on the Richter Scale, Hurricane Andrew and an eclipse taking place simultaneously. According to Murray (1895), the goddess of warfare was born from the mighty head of Zeus, with Hephaestos performing the delivery by using his tools to smash Zeus’s head open. Athena was the product of the union brought about when Zeus swallowed his lover, Metis, the goddess of prudence. Zeus was warned by Earth that the son they would have together would prove more powerful than himself and would be murdered by his son just as Zeus had murdered his father, Cronus. Zeus decided that he must prevent this and take action. Casually, he proposed that Metis play a game of changing shapes and when in the shape of a fly, Zeus opened his mouth and swallowed her. For a while after, Metis sat in his head and when it was decided that she was to have a daughter, Metis wove a grand robe. When Zeus started suffering from painful headaches and crying out in agony, Athena was delivered. She was fully armed and grown, sporting her aegis, a protective goatskin that contained magical powers.”

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